please join group toothpaste



  • i see what you're saying england. i'm gonna guess that most people who play antbuster probably have no idea there is even a forum.
    how are they supposed to know that ance stands for no cheaters?

    how would a more self explanatory name sound?
  • how about posting to all none cheaters instead of ance
  • call it the DEcheaters or Non-cheaters
  • englandno1-I think I also tried to be a little subtile. Cheaters by nature want to disrupt the norm. I was split on something subtile or something blaring out for non cheaters. I think if I had the flood lights on in naming a group, then that may have attracted some cheaters to post simply because they could. That level 120 in ANCE still glares at me evey day. I was surprised, though, that it took that long for a cheater to post a score in ANCE. Besides, ance rhymes with ants. I thought it was cute at the time.

    Warfists-Good idea, maybe readvertise with a new thread. Are you in sales? ;-) Pretty good wording.

    mikey2-I think you brought up a very good point. How many people who play reads the forum. Unless they read it, they may even have no idea there are different groups out there other than their default country.

    :-D~ ANCE still in the big 10 :-D~ Let's advertise a bit again :-D~
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    to denius styx i understand what your saying about if it was called somit like no cheaters that would or could mean that some cheaters wood post there just to b a ......but as you rightly point out we have cheaters in ance,even now.all groups have cheaters only one cheater posts then its tarnished......but i dont think the full power of posting to a groupe called something like no cheaters here will b realized unless we change name
  • For now, I think I'll still ride with the ANCE angle and see how it goes with a little more word of mouth. Thanks
  • i wont to try a new groupe .i have named it no cheats.:-)
  • edited February 2009
    :-) I see you "no cheats"

    Tell you what. If you get 3 non, regular forum commenters to post; and no cheaters ;-) , by Monday,
    =-)I'll go for posting there.

    :-D~ BTW- FINALLY HIT LEVEL 100 :-D~ IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D~
  • you must b pleased with that it taken i lot of work well done my best is level 103
  • well done .:-D
    what tactic did u use?:-D
    i was realy chuffed when i first got lvl 100.:-D
    bet u r 2:-D

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