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Weapon Chart - v1.2b

edited November 2007 in Antbuster Web Game
See below the weapon chart for the version 1.2b



  • First class chart - thanks!
  • nice chart... It helped me to level 79! Ker-ching!
  • er... didn't you display that somewhere else? why would you display the same graph twice? Whatever, but thanks a lot! I was wondering about how you got a barrier, and if it could be upgraded. it also help me decide which weapons are best to use
  • same here. the barrier is ace aswell. I used it in my Level 79 game. i had 2 back to back shooting east and west so the ants couldnt go to the cake or to the hole without getting hit
  • sweet chart. really nice, done well.
  • Wow, thanks man ! It really useful ! :-D~
  • i like charts they good for my brain
  • Antbuster graphic weapons chart
  • in photobucket click on enlarge sign twice to get to full weapons cart in above web link

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