Shifting Gears- ANCE moving to new group: no cheats



  • well that's a matter of opinion.
  • did you work that out by yourself0:-)
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    no my dad helped me . yes i worked it out by my self.
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    I understand the logic of no cheats, but it`s mostly ance`s players I don`t see new ones. And ance got it`s start by members of this forum which most people don`t even join so they will not understand what is going on. I feel most people play for their country or their one little group of friends. Some just play for themselves. But mostly people are playing just to have fun after all this is just a game and most are not obsessed by it. They don`t really care what team wins or who is playing on what team or even if someone is cheating. They just play the game for fun that`s what it was made for.
  • yes antbuster is a fun game alright .but if you think no one cares that cheats are posting there scores your mistaken
  • Maybe the do maybe they don`t but I doubt they are really obsessed with it like you are !!!!!!
  • you are so obsessed you need to cheat to satisfy your obession to win .......i pity you and people like you0:-)
  • we're all as badly obsessed as each other, it just shows in different ways; in pj1114 he cheats;in englandno1 he is a control freak( or maybe he's just like that anyway and it shows in some other way.); and in me it makes me rebellious.8-)
  • Well you didn`t stay at 7 long your back to 8 ha ha ha
  • It's true that most no cheat players are from ANCE. But I think we attracted a few others. I felt englandno1 idea to list something to non forum players could help the non cheating cause. As for obsessions, everyone has some to one degree or another. Everyone is different and plays for different reasons. Me, I play as a distractions and to get me though the slow times at work. I also like the forum to communication with other players who enjoy playing ants and talking about the game.
    zachb made a good point in his last post.;-)
  • :-D~ Well, back to work and play a non focus game, that should put no cheats back in 7th :-D~
  • what's a non-focus game.
    . ?
  • Focus vs non-focus.
    I play this game while working midnight to 8 am. I do emergency dispatch for fuel oil drivers and heating techs. I also process delivery tickets. Different times during the month, I stuff envelopes with statements and flyers for customer mailing. I also get other "projects" from time to time. The number of games I play depends on my work load and number of calls I get. Some nights ae busy, some nights are dead. A non focus game is one in which I am doing some work that doesn't use the computer and can play at the same time as working. However, I do have to pay attention to some of the things I do and it takes attention away from the game.
    I've had some good set ups going, but didn't see the ant grab the last piece of cake in time to target him :`(
    I have a focus game when there is absolutely no work to do and no calls coming in. Simply, my full attention can be devoted to playing.=-)
    It is statement time now, so I will be able to get in maybe 1-2 non-focus games for the next few days.:-(
    But, I get my work done, my employer is happy and I have the priviledge to use the computer for emails, games and shows.
    After winter is over, I'll be able to focus more :-D
  • no cheats were up to 6th place yesterday this morning they dropped to number eight...if i remember right ance made it to number 6 ........if we want number one spot need to play a little more but am happy we made it thus far0:-)0:-)0:-)
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    It looks to me that people are giving points just because they can, far to many comment are getting points and they really don`t say much to deserve it. Does a comment like zachb`s "what's a non-focus game" really deserve points it`s just a simple question, some of my comments even have points too. I doubt that all these comments really deserve them if we vote on everything just for the sake of doing so or collecting points ( that none of us need or are able to use, all regular members should have the max 25 by now ) then we are turning the concept of community moderation into a big joke. Votes should be reserved to give credit for something really exceptional like mikey2`s explaination on how to vote up or punishment for something really bad, like some of mikeall`s comments. If you just like what someone said, give them a thank you.

    People are also using votes just because they don`t like what someone else said, If you don`t agree with them post a reply, state your opinion, work it out. Just because you don`t agree doen`t mean they don`t have I right to say it, they have a right to their opinion the same as you do, if someones comments are not actually harmful or degrading to the forum or it`s members you should not be trying to take away their ability to use the forum.
  • I agree with pj1114 about dishing out points for not agreeing with someone. However, if one stongly agrees with something, then they can show support by using their points. Their points are theirs to use how they see fit.
    As for the points given for some of the "simple" comments, I think some may have done that in fustration of not being able to reward points because you could not if there was one there already. I did that myself once or twice. I looked for an "empty" comment to reward a point to a person. Now that mikey2 came up with a solution, that type of point posting should go down.
  • Thanks Denius but I still diagree with using points to show support as you say, even if they are yours to use. The point system was made for different reason and points are actually useless, unless you don`t have any cause you were being bad. A thank you is much more rewarding and they show who is supporting you. Thank you has always been been a part of the forum that we should more often. It never hurts to give thanks to show your appreciation.
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