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problems for marcel

edited February 2009 in Antbuster Web Game
we can use this post to highlight any problems straight to marcel0:-)saveing him a little time.


  • As Axeman pointed out, can not give a point to a post that is already +1, or I would have just given one to englandno1=-)
  • i simply cant give +1 'cos the number of points covers it up .even if it's only on 0:-(
  • edited February 2009
    I just thought of something.

    you can press tab and it will highlight the first link on the page.

    then you can press tab again and again and it will cycle through all of the links on the page.

    so if you can press tab until it hits the up point link then you can press enter and give them that additional point aftet the point box has covered it. i'm gonna give englandno1 a third point to test my theory.

    edit: it worked
  • Just tested it. It's a long way around and sensitive, but it does work.
    Gave mikey2 a point though it was covered. Thanks:-)
  • edited March 2009
  • edited March 2009
  • edited March 2009
  • edited March 2009
    to marcel 0:-)is there a new problem for us updates take a long time ..and some up dates dont up date at all please have a look at this yours respectfully englandno10:-)0:-)0:-)
  • Here in Maine, USA, I've experienced delays from a minute to several minutes. But all of mine have posted. Last night, a score did not show up in "last matches" (probably due to delay) but did show up in my group.
  • a delay is not the worst thing ,but when they are lost something must b wrong
  • Saturday morning in USA, a 26k game did not post. I kept updating for about 15-20 minutes and nothing :`(
  • when these things dont work anyone know why can marcel fix it easy
  • tried to post my score but all i got was erro ao inserir partida no ranking ..other than that just a blank page:-(
  • Whoose Marcel, the creator of the game?
  • englandno1 said in a different topic that I should post this here instead, so here it is

    i have a few ideas for upgrades to the laser, i dont have any idea for numbers but the 2 ideas i have are Electrolaser, and Pulse Beam. I am basing them off of real scientific weapons under development or that have been looked into for possible development.

    If you dont know what an electrolaser is or what a pulsed energy projectile (the thing the pulse beam idea is based on) is you can look them up on wikipedia at this link

    i know its not even close to a fully formed idea but i think the lasers in the game now need some serious adjustment because at the moment they are only sort of useful in the begining of the game, but they stop having any use what so ever around lvl 40

    if anyone thinks these ideas are any good I can try to come up with how they might work
  • to burningsock thankyou
  • It seams some people don`t know the difference between a problem and a suggestion.
  • to pj1114 point is marcel might well look here;-)
  • pj1114 you still crack me up!
  • to marcel are you able to let us upload pictures straight to antbuster please .i feel it would be much more simple that way .And would make your antbuster even better:-)
  • I second englandno1 suggestion for uploading pictures. :-)
  • edited August 2009
    I've noticed the ants move faster when they are moving diagonally. You can really see it if they are slowed down by ice. I'm guessing the reason is because the distance between adjacent squares is always 1.0 (whatever the units are). It should be about 1.4 (square root of 2) for diagonally adjacent squares, and 1.0 for horizontally and vertically adjacent squares.
  • ok, i try it in english. i hope you can understand me ;-)
    1. i figure out that if an ant dead when it hitting the cake, sometimes you lose a cake!
    2. and at some positions, cannons shoot their missiles (i don't mean the missile launcher, but i that what the cannons shoot^^) directly on the ants, but next to the ants. in genearal, in the top left, the cannons shoot right and in bottom right, they shoot left past the ant (i hope its, i can't translate it right, i hope you unterstand what i mean) ;-)
  • edited August 2009
    to 1: i think that it is only like this if the ant is poisened

    i lose my last piece of cake this way and i lost only 1 minute ago or so...:-|
  • hey marcel

    i have a new problem from the new version 1.2k

    when i press the "send*" bottom after the game ends, my score doesn't score and i don't come to "rankings" but the new window come to the game, too :-|
  • to sauron i dout this is your problem but anyway.....the page that are speaking about will take a little time to open so u must wait oryou might try a reboot if they dont help perhaps something in your settings needs changeing i hope this helps:-)
  • hmm, what settings you mean?
    reboot=refresh? (f5 or ctrl+r)

    i want to try it. i hope this helps too^^
  • it doesn't help. maybe i i didn't unterstand you good enough....
  • @ sauron

    ich hatte auch das problem,du mu
  • ah, danke :-(|) werde es ausprobieren, wenn ich das n

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