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  • i'm not sure but it looks like kori from japan has 33,607 which looks real since i see other realistic score posts under that name.

    that is what i would believe is the highest score so far but i could be wrong. it is quite the score.
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    the short answer is unless its realy high lets say 35000 we can not b 100% that is a cheat ..it would b good if kori would confirm or not to posting a non cheat score .also what set up does she use
  • kori's second highest score is at 24120 so it is quite the jump. it must have been quite the game.

    i know you meant 38500 instead of 3500.
  • yes 24120 is not that hard to do but 33607 is sumit else
  • You are correct England that is a huge difference. :-O
  • I would find it hard to believe that kori`s score is legit, there is so much difference between that and all the other scores for that name. But I will not say it is a definate cheat as there is no real way to tell. Perhaps we should think of the limit Marcel has put in the score posting. Is there a secret canon combination or strategy to get such a high score that none of us have been able to find yet ? I do know this though, as enlandno1 has accused me of many times, just because you cheat does not mean you have to get 38499, once you have really figured out how to cheat you can get any score you want.
  • to pj1114 whats your best legit score i know most other top scores and yes there could b a combo set up it would b vevy good for the game just to know what is the limate for a top no cheat score.lets just say that was 32500 then we would know all other postings above that were cheating perhaps marcel might think it good for the game and just tell us if indeed he knows his self we know the best cheat score to b 38499 last time a looked i was about 190 in the world rankings if we could igore all scores lets say over 32500 then we know where we realy werethat would put me about 20th in the world bit of a difference yes
  • If I remember correctly about 31200 was the highest I ever got without cheating and I only got that high once. it is not in the list any more. if you haven`t notice the general ranking gets updated with time but only part of it. The big scores seem to stay while the lower ones change. It is my opinion as of today that the first 150 of the general ranking are cheats. Going by this that would put us higher in the ranking for sure, but where. Our top scores are gone now we know that, but how many other scores from other people are gone now too ?
  • thanks for your interesting reply 31200 will b a good yard stick can ask out of interest what was you next best score
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    I wuold like to point out Im not saying the other scores in the general ranking are cheats because they beat me, but most of them appeared when some of us were trying to get the highest score. Some of the others just don`t seam to match the playing patterns of the players who made them. Kori is an example of this.
  • yes i c what your saying good point ,for myself i would like to know what the highest score attainable is without cheating i do wonder if marcel knows if he does my view is it would be good for the game
  • Good discussion guys. All valid points. I know for me just getting in the 90's regularly is tough. I don't believe that it matters as you gent's know the real story. you could outdo anybody anytime maybe not every game but for a large percentage of them. :-D :-D
  • gene, you are so right. Level 70 should come regular to a seasoned player. The 80's are tough. The 90's are a battle. The 100's are a challenge. Right now my challenge though is to break 30,000 points (even though I haven't broken 29k yet) I've been trying new set ups. But now the work load is heavier and right before I go on vacation. C'est la vive'
  • Thank's Denius, You know I wish you well on your quest for the 30k as do the others. Make sure you enjoy your vacation as you know how quick they pass.;-);-);-)
  • Englandno1 I know you like to see everything in writing and you want to know how good you are, but I don`t think knowing the highest possile score would be good for this game. To show you what I mean suppose we are told that the highest score is say 32500 like you mentioned. That may be good for knowing if some one got 33000 they cheated but some one who gets 32000 still could have cheated . Then after awhile some one will get that score, and when they do they would probably post how they did it so they could brag. Then any one who reads the forum would know how to get the best score and they would not even have to cheat, so no more competion no more need to play. Player need to believe that they can keep getting a better score if they keep trying or if they find a better setup.
  • would anyone ever find that key to get the perfect score ,and even if they could game is so random could they repeat it .
  • good luck to you denius in your quest to get 30000 iam also trying to get 30000 score i know how just need some happy ants to get it:-)
  • I think some dumb ants would be better ;-) They seem to be getting smarter lately. I also agree on your comment on ramdomness. I've been using the same set up that got me the 104 level game and barely make it into the 90's. Time to tweek things up a bit.
    See you at 30k :-D
  • have you joined our group no cheats yet if not your very welcome to do so and if you need help just ask:-)
  • Great job mgx :-) Level 100 is just around the corner for sure. Keep balsting away.
    0:-) T-minus 11 hours until the last of work until vacation starts.
    If I don't get to log on and play until then, everyone have a great week and remember: K.A.T.N.
    :-D~ Kill Ants, Take Names
  • finally! 102! now will try other canons/combos
  • hi mgx great lv just need to get a few more points to rise even higher:-)
  • hi efitzge welcome to the forum:-)
  • if this stupid -points dont stop ian emailing marcel:-(
  • to the dumb ...... giveing -points i take it that you know marcel can tell what account gave what points to who there are at least 3 ways marcel can ban, ip is one but make know mistake he can stop anyone so get those -points off and stop messing with this forum or you will be permantly gone
  • who is doing all the -points:-(
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    hi gene nice to see you back this is england no 1 and useing my sons account i have been banned a total of 109-points against me this is the reason i emailed marcel about scores over 35000 in the general rankings are cheat scores and should b removed marcel emailed me back and said that he would look into it. that when someone started giveing me -points he could b a cheater i dont really no

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