My High Score



  • to warnpeace iam happy that your score inproves but trust me snipers and ice are best:-)
  • here is what i'm doing and i'm at level 110 with 7/8 of my cake and they haven't touched it in 65 levels, they havent left the hill in 65 hills. At the beginning of the game squeeze as many turrets around the ant hill as possible. Once its surrounded you upgrade them. Then you put a poison gas in the middle as reinforcement, with missile launchers on the two rear quarters. On the front lines I can fit 5, so 2 ice and 3 snipes. They haven't left the hill in 4 hours, so I think it works. I ignore the cake completely, cause when you're leveling up if they do make it to the cake, just target them out and the way back to the hill and they won't make it through your wall of turrets.

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