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  • Sabe, de um modo geral eu vejo que os jogadores reclamam por o jogo n
  • i think it would be better if the crossbow bolts carry staight on through all the ant in the way until they get to the edge of their range. not only would it give the cross bow slightly more of a difference from other cannons but would be slightly more realistic.(i dont think an ant would stop a crossbow even if it was tiny.:-(|))
    wish i had more time
  • Zachb, sonic, poison, electric, flamers, boomerangs and lasers all do blow throguh already, though lasers are kind of an odd one-they will only do blowthrough if there's an ant between the cannon and it's target.

    I'd like to see it pin the ant to the ground for say 1/4 sec or so. That could be real usefull.
  • What if...

    Ants all had 100 health all the time, and gained resistances/immunitys to cannon fire over time?

    Say I started out poisoning them all, after a few generations, the poison cannons would do less damage as the ants built up resistances. Same total effect on health with a simple setup like the current sniper/ice one, but a new damage type would be more effective.

    Give the ants different armour values for Fire, Cold, Electric, Kinetic, Poison, Piercing, Bludgeoning, etc... Let them have a max total of say 200%, and each death lowers the resistances of all types of damage that didn't kill them by 1 point and raises the killing type by that amount.

    That would open a whole new line of penetration type upgrades to counter the resistances and practically force the use of multiple cannon types ending the absolute domination of snipers over all other cannons.

    To keep it playable in the early stages, start the ants with no resistanes and let them simply add points per death to the damage type that killed them. Maybe 5% resistance for each new level of ant.

    so starting level 1 ant is 100 health and no resistances. One of the 6 is killed by a heavy cannon (impact) so the level 2 ant that replaces it is 100 health with 5% damage reduction to impact. time goes on and that heavy cannon is pulverizing away, and the ants comeing out are now level 11 with 50% damage reduction to impact. (only damge type available so far) now I build an ice turret that kills one of the level 11 ants, so the new level 12 ant is 49% resistant to impact and 6% resistant to cold. (it gained 5% damage resistace to the type of damage that killed it and lost 1 point form all other types. since impact was the only other type that was a positive number, it lost 1% and went to cold).

    Each of the 6 ants would keep track of their resistances seperately. The repacement for ant 1 would inherrit ant 1's resistance modified by it's death. the other 5 ants would no be affected by ant 1's death.

    Extra starting money would be needed to compensate for the increased health initially of the ants, but that can be figured out very easy. Maybe just start with 1 level 3 cannon and build from there. Not sure on initial ballace.

    Yes, by level 21, and ant can be 100% resistant to a specific damge type. By level 101 they could have 100% to 5 types. Eventually, they will be immune to everything. (penetration synergy lowers ant's resistance by x% so you can kill longer, but even then the ants will get a high enough resist to advoid that...)

    I know it's a radical change form the existing way damage is resisted (simply makeing the ants' health increase exponentially, but then you are planning on a total rewrite for antbuster 2.0)

    And yes, I still feel that ice wasps will be over powered, no I still haven't been able to play with them, but normal wasps can target will outside their area, so guessing ice ones will do the same meaning oyu can have 1 ice tower keeping the ant with the last pice of cake perminantly slowed.
  • to dominion it would take long time to re right program and its way to complex 4 me to give an opinion.i dont think it going to happen.there have already been many things put forward to marcel iam still waiting for him to say anything at all on those :-(

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