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Antbuster v1.2k - what is new?

edited September 2009 in Antbuster Web Game
can anybody discribe me (here) what's new in the last version 1.2k?


  • :`(ants have more energy:`(
  • there is synergy bonus
  • Ants have the same energy like in 1.2b version ...
  • edited September 2009
    no, they have more. believe us ;-)
  • edited January 2010
    A level 84 ant in 1.2b has 5433 hp
    but now on 1.2k a lvl 84 ant has 7444 hp8-)
  • :-DHigh new to this site just got to level 75.wots the groups about n how do i join 1?
  • edited April 2010
    hi to you jax lv 75 is good start if you want to get higher read the notes in this forum ..when you said wots the groups about there is only one group and thats mine its called no cheats ,its unlike any other group because we dont send cheat scores.if this sounds like you feel free to join and good luck to you jax.GO KILL SOME ANTS;-)
  • when the game ends before you send it type in the groups name. if you dont use cheating the nocheats would like to have you;-)
  • Does the highscores change every time it updates?
  • It updates about once an hour;-)
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