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I think my score disappeared?

edited January 2010 in Antbuster Web Game
Hey all, I've been playing antbuster for a while, but just recently on this site. I've been submitting my scores to no cheats as Casey. last week or so I had one of the top 10 or 15 scores, I think I made it to the low 90's. Now I don't see that score on the list. I don't care about it that much, just wondering why it was gone?


  • hi paca0502:-)let me say first ,thank you for posting all your scores to group no cheats we did make it to 7th place this week but slipped back a little to answer to your first point,all scores are not permanent;-)
  • Why wouldn't it be permanent? The score was legit. Do some scores just randomly get deleted?
  • hi paca0502 there are only 200 spaces per group
  • When you go over 200 the oldest scores are taken off. Does that help?;-)
  • edited January 2010
    HI SHATTER not sure if thats right sorry if iam only get on the board if your score is higher than the lowest score there other wise it dont get on the board.i would say if thats the case then the LOWEST goes off.I ALSO THINK SCORES COULD WELL BE THERE FOR A SET TIME.perhaps 14 days.i posted my 31216 lv 105 yesterday and i will get back here and post again when i know more:-)
  • been playing on this sight from april and i dont know the amount of time but they do have a set time:-)
  • hi everyone in no cheats:-)

    ive reallised that doing a group on my own and getting 2 no1 is pretty much immpossible.
    so ive decided to join no cheats:-D

    hope i can help get 2 no1!;-)
  • This is what I'm interested in.Welcome to contace me.

    Diablo 3 Gold;Guild Wars 2 Gold;WOW Gold;Aion Kinah
  • go no cheats;-)

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