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Oddball strategies

edited February 2010 in Antbuster Web Game
Well I've gotten to level 60 with Machine Guns + Ice
Now I've gotten to level 72 with Electric Cannons + Ice
Will Add more as I think of them,feel free to add your own but please don't post without a screenshot to back it up!

Machine Guns + Ice
Electric + Ice


  • Triples + Ice
  • edited February 2010
    Got to level 83 using the electric this time:

    And for any of you scrutinizers out there i took my screenshot a second too late and the turrets started dissapearing,the middle right shock tower and freeze tower were copied and pasted to show where they were before they dissapeared.
  • ;-)try snipers and 2 ice at the cake u will get better results.:-)
  • no pic but if you use fully upgraded ice and shock lv 91 is poss;-)
  • my best game so far, lvl 81.
    my strategy: defense-in-depth with missile launchers and ice cannons placed into the path of the ants.
    i had to shift the ice cannons several times since that clever ai changed its path.
  • Trying the missile strategy now,gonna see how far i can get
  • boomerangs + ice Level 81
    ant.jpg 55.1K
  • i don't even know how i madeit past lvl50 with this! But oddball, is definatly an understatement for the setup of the cannons :)
  • edited August 2010
    This set up worked great till they sent out a formula-1 ant.
    That dude didn't stop for anything.
    This should have got me a bit higher level than 80 but oh well...
  • hmm yes I see...8-)

    What would you recomend, hrmm
  • What do you guys think about 2 Ice and many quick cannons? there's a lot of damage power. they upgrade eachother fast. Seems quick cannons have better effective damage dealing than snipers, for the cost.

    I got to level 86 with quick cannons.
  • ;-)been to 90 with ice and snipers at the cake:-)
  • Dor, check the older postings by myself and england01 The two of us fought for a month over quick vs sniper, he eventually won. (I was backing quicks and a hole defence) I still think hole defence is bettter than cake, but england consistantly gets higher than I do, my games are far more random. as far as I know, we both made level 107+, so it's really a matter of personal choice of hole or cake defence, but he was absolutely right, snipers are the best weapons in the game.

    Per cannon, only a flame thorower or heavy impact cannon can match the damge of a quick. Those two are however terrible choices. The flamers speed up the ants and have pathetic range, the heavy impact cannons cost nearly double what a quick cannon costs to upgrade. Both have shorter ranges...

    Where the problem with quicks lie is in getting the ants in range of them. at best, only half of the cannons will be able to shoot at any given ant cutting the massive damage increase of them over snipers in half. even on hole defence (where you can really cluster the quicks) it's possible only 1/3 of the cannons will have reach. (rougly same damge as snipers) toss in the double the range snipers get, and the damage output of both cannons on a single target ant is roughly equal. When useing quicks, it's commmon for them to stop shooting (no ants in range) while with snipers they are almost always shoting something, so you get to deal with damaged ants carrying cake more often with snipers than you do with quicks, and that's where snipers pull slightly ahead of quicks.
  • edited March 2011
    triple canons are best shoved next to the ant hole
    mainly because you level up so fast
    I got to level 50 in about 3 minutes I guess
    or time just flew by
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