New Cannon Ideas for v1.3



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    nice, idea placing turrets on top of each other would double their effects, or if two ants are in range spit the combined effect and damage 2 ants. Sounds really nice.
    and the raid cannon haha sweet might get ingame advertising so raid might accept the offer of having there product in this game for advertising
  • I like the refund idea.
    Base towers should not have a refund penalty imo, a misplaced tower late in the game is fatal and loosing 50% of 3800 is quite a lot.
    Maybe add a xx seconds after you have upgraded a tower where you can sell it with no penalty.
    Maybe make a one time use no penalty sell button. Or maybe add a several uses based on level. ex. starting with one, getting a new one at level 50 and yet another at 75 and then again at 100 or something.
    I also have thought about the The Ion cannon suggested above, it could be a new level laser cannon in a future version.
    Beam that does massive dmg but also have a massive cool down.
    A funny feature could be to be able to create your own tower, upgrade dmg, range, speed one by one, this should of cause be a total waste of time as it would be a lot more expensive to make a custom cannon rather than a premade one, but people would try to make it work anyway for a long time. :D
    A tower that takes 1/2/5% hp per hit down to a minimum of 20%
    Similar to the laser cannon and then get rid of the laser cannon as it truly is worthless in its current state.
    At first glance this might seem like a totally overpowered cannon, but too many of these and you wont be able to get rid of that last 20% hitponts later on.
    All aura towers have 50 yards range or something and adds the effect to already exciting towers and can only have the effect of one of each tower aura tower.
    Aura tower/Empower: Gains either a fixed or a %based amount of damage.
    Aura tower/Reach: Adds either a fixed amount or a %based amount of range.
    Aura tower/speed: Adds either a fixed amount or a %based amount of speed.
    The cap on poison towers make them very useless in endgame, and it is a pity since it is not only very very expensive but it also poisons the ground so you can not build on it anymore. They simply does not deal enough dmg and the side effects are way too big. The cap should be a % of the ants total hitpoints and not a fixed amount.
    Add new towers and upgrades that are available at level 100.
    Add a bonus level at level ~100 with ants having 1 hitpoint but gives 100 money each or full hitpoints and double money.
    Make a final level or something 200 seems like just about enough time spend in front of the screen :D
    If you tune it so people are able to get to level 180 they have 20 levels to struggle with and someone will with a bit of luck and consistency make it happen anyway.
    Make ants carrying cake give more money and make ants that reach the hole gain an additional level and make you loose money.
    This makes it very beneficial to keep as many pieces of cake for as long as possible.
    Lower the cost of "electric tower I" to 4xx and "electric tower II" to 14xx
    Make it possible to make towers stop shooting ?
    Multiple focus fire X-hairs, made by grouping tower similar to RTS games.
    It annoys the hell out of me that i can not focus on at least two different ants :D
  • [quote]
    Make ants carrying cake give more money and make ants that reach the hole gain an additional level and make you loose money.
    This makes it very beneficial to keep as many pieces of cake for as long as possible.

    Make it possible to make towers stop shooting ?

    Those are the 2 best ideas I've seen (better than any of mine too)
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    i'm not quite sure about ants making you lose money for getting to the hole but gaining a lvl if they do seems fair
    towers stop shooting? what would that coming handy for? Bearing in mind i probally don't know because i haven't got very far
    Multiple X-hairs, i thought of that too, but what one would they fire at if they came in both were in range of one turret? if the Stackable turrets option came in to play i guess it could work. But this could also add some challange as it could be a double edged sword when both are in range and you want one ant dead more than the other.
    (i guess you could just cancel out one target)

    This also isn't exactly a new cannon but it's kind of not fair as poison kills the ground it hits making turrets unable to be palced there. Maybe have them not do damage to the ground benieth them
  • If you build both at the cake and at the hole it can be crucial to focus the right ants at the exact same time.
    The x-hairs could be made as primary/secondary or as i suggested you group up towers something like in RTS games where you use ctrl+1, 2, 3.

    Some times you do not want to kill an ant or make it go too low in order to keep it low when they take the cake and only having ~50% hp when running of with the
    cake, having the ants as low as possible all the time so they don't reach you hole defense with +90% hp. The highest level ant have a habit of running in and out of the towers taking serious amount of damage, it almost seem like it wants to boost it's own level, and if it is the only ant at the hole it is bound to die several times.
    Also sometimes you find yourself in a situation where all the ants are below 100 hp and then they all die almost instantly, then they train from the hole to the cake and back and you have a snowballs chance in hell to stop the cake-ant.

    I don't know the limitations of the flash engine so i don't know if any of these suggestions are even possible to make.
  • haha hope they are possible, at least some. But i understand now, how the ants with low hp would help just about 5mins ago i gto that far XD and yah i also was wondering if it could group cannons to fire. now i understand good ideas
  • Crude, your ideas are well within the limits of flash. It would be nice to have a couple crosshairs you could use. the normal "target this one". a Do not target. a do not target under x% and do not target unless carrying cake.
  • Yah his ideas are, but to make all of these would be outside of the limits. The new question is, do we want all of these new ideas?
    I'd like to see a few of them.
    Maybe the crosshair ideas
    infantry cannons
    But don't pull a pokemon and go way outside reallity with it, too much is bad and sucks the fun right out of stuff
  • lol i thought of this while goofing of with boomerang cannons

    sword cannon
    super short range but huge attack

    axe cannon
    upgrade of the sword cannon cant kill ants just cut down health
    cuts health by half/30/2.1/100
    got the idea from worms
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    wow it sounds powerful but with that range it kind of fails. Maybe it can get a 10+ range synergie for certain cannons placed along with it like swords axes and boomerangs give it the synergie
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    maybe a cap price for cannons like 1.5k sounds resinable for a cap price. Because if you have fully upgraded cannons every where so you have nothing else to upgrade and your just waiting for 3k to buy the next cannon, that wait period will get difficult as the ants will rank up getting about 400+ hp and only 1+ currency.

    Waiting Is LETHAL!
  • Gravity Cannon
    Pulls ants towards turret- shots from other cannons pull in too.
    Heavy/Heavy 2/Heavy 3/Gravity
    I dunno where I got this from. :P

    Black Hole Cannon
    Slowly pulls in ants to their death. They can't break free of its grip- only one is allowed at a time.
    DEATH/150/5/2 (pulling speed)
    Heavy/Impact/Impact 2/Black Hole
  • kaching cannon
    double's the ammount earned from ants killed in its radius
    double /double quick/double quick2/kaching
    thanks for the idea sumi66 even though you didnt know LOL

    and mayby increase the earnings from the later ants?
  • I want to pull any idea I came up with for % based damage attacks from the list (along with anyone elses % based attacks) on the grounds that it will completly ruin the game.

    one of the best parts of ant buster is the linear cash ofset by the exponential hp's of the ants. if we had % damage based weapons, once you reached a critical number of those types of weapons, the game would become insainely easy, and you would no longer have any chance of dying. Damages must all remain a set (or variable) amount, but never exponential.
  • Dominator cannon
    Kills ants in one (Every shot will kill an ant)
    Available levels- 1, 2
    SPS- One shot every 10 seconds
    Can't miss
    Costs- 1500
    How To Get- Heavy, Heavy 2, missile, Dominator cannon
    Full Map Range
    Blast of 25 range (Hits ants with blast on a range of 25)
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    lil i have already made a cannon like this.^^
  • Reflector Cannon
    Redirects missed shots towards an ant within range.
    Damage of shot/200/10/Speed of shot
    Quick/Quick 2/Reflector
    An awesome cannon with an awesome effect. :) I hope this gets included.
  • i beleive for the % cannons it means of their current health so technicaly it wouldnt be able to kill an ant since you cant get half of 1 since the game doesnt seem to include half damage's
  • That may be how other people intended their ideas to work for % health, I meant of the ant's max health-which would have been a stupid idea.
  • yah that would be a stupid idea unless it was like 1 or 2 %
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    Alf, even 1 % that fired 1 time per second is dumb.

    it's within reason to have 12 cannons at the current end game, 2 ice, and 10 other cannons. if those 10 other cannons all were 1% guns, 10 seconds of fire kills an ant of ANY level. what happens if you can collect enough of those guns to kill just 1 ant before it got from the cake (with full health) to the hole?

    the ant's level doesn't matter. so over time, I'd get more 1% guns, and pretty soon, all ants die before even getting to the cake regardless of the ant' s level. it would be a prepetual game.
  • lol i guess but if it was a % gun it should have a rof(rate of fire) of like .2/s which would only make 10% after 20 seconds for one cannon and what ant stays in range for more than 10 seconds and furthermore they would have to have a lame range like 75 and down
  • This qualifies as a hot topic!! The first of its kind here! (I think).

    Time Shifter Cannon
    Makes an ant turn into a larva (less speed and HP).
    Heavy/Impact/Impact 2/Time Shifter
    I guess I'm into sci-fi now... FOR NO APPARENT REASON!!
  • what? sci-fi is awesome there is a reason. It's ability to create a parasetic state of mind which manafests into a mind bug causing you to like it. They even incorparate there sci-fi goodness into real life.
  • I doubt it Sumi- I don't watch much sci-fi. Whatever.
  • the freqency of the watching doesn't matter, It will manafest in your mind like it did to so many of the people around me. most of them nerds. NERDS FOR THE WIN! Yah, i live some where were your either popular or a nerd, the feud has gone on for centuries and we will come out victorious with our theorys and smarts. If the battle gets heated we might stop tutoring.
  • I just like space 'n' crap- I could care less about Captain Kirk or whatever his name is- or that Stargate thingy. Star Wars was OK though.
  • lol a stargate cannon(not totaly sure what it would be called)

    transports ant between the two cannons
    looks sorta like a blackholeish thing that transports them to the hole or where the other cannon is(you can set it)
    0/75/infinite/10(teleport speed)

    would work well on the way to the cake but not on the way back
  • egg

    after 10 lvls it becomes an ant-eater
    moves verry slow
    don't likes cake (only eating ants without cake)

    and yes i know, ant eaters don't have eggs
    but would you like more another ant eater in a nest??
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    Cicuit tower (Electical circuit)
    Every other circuit tower within range(of attack), regardless of level, gains a speed(+1), frequency(+1), and power(+1) boost, but needs charge tower or charged circuit tower within range for it to work
    Normal -> Quick -> Long Range -> Circuit 1 -> Circuit 2
    Long Range -> Charge(2)->Charge(3)->Charge(4)->Charge(5) and so on
    Circuit 1:
    10 power
    2 shot per second
    1 speed (like laser)
    100* range (+10)
    $ 450

    Circuit 2:
    15 power
    2 shots per second
    1 speed (like laser)
    150* range (+10)

    0 power
    500 shots per second(to circuit towers within range)
    200 range
    $350 to get
    $200 for ability to charge another cannon

    only purpose is to power circuit cannons
    Starts out with ability to power 2 cannons, whether charge goes directly to it or through a charged circuit cannon
    charge can only go through 2 cannons before it goes no farther, even if it can charge more; must start at charger again

    (Charge->Circuit-->Circuit Circuit)
    Start Charged Charged Not

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