New Cannon Ideas for v1.3



  • slow-mo cannon

    causes "everything" in range to cut its speed/rof in half
    0/100/continuous/all range
    double/double quick/slow-mo
  • Bubble cannon

    This cannon creates a bubble area always visible. The cannon itself doesn't do anything but as soon as any ant comes into the bubble range, you can click on it and it will stop in it's tracks for a certain amount of time.
  • some of these cannons are way out of whack but some are pretty cool, hope a good ones get published in i.3
  • tremors cannon
    creates a graboid that hunts sound(ant dying or missile blowing up or ant grabbing cake. attacks any ant in between destination and where it started)
    190 dammage and a temporary stop
    double triple tremors

    graboid changes to next stage(forget what its called atm) hunt ants by heat (if they see them or if they are flamed up. if they are iced they are ignored)
    400 damage

    lvl 3
    changes to assblaster(literally thats what they are called)
    they hunt by heat but can travel dirrectly over the turrets
    400 damage
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    Time for some realistic guns......

    Ray Cannon I
    15 Shots per second (Constant beam)
    1 Speed (Like Laser, but other ants can block it)
    2 Damage
    100 Range
    Quick I -> Sniper I -> Ray I
    No Synergies

    Ray Cannon 2
    20 Shots per second (Constant beam)
    1 Speed (Like Laser, but other ants can block it)
    4 Damage
    100 Range*
    Quick I -> Sniper I -> Ray I -> Ray II
    + 5 Range for each additional Ray II

    Mist I
    20 Shots per second (Automatically creates a mist in the range of the cannon)
    No Speed
    1 Damage per second
    110 Range
    Double I -> Triple 1 -> Mist I
    No Synergies. Ants are damaged at a rate of 30 damage per second when in the mist, no effect after they leave

    Mist II
    30 Shots per second (Automatically creates a mist in the range of the cannon)*
    No Speed
    2 Damage per second
    120 Range
    Double I -> Triple 1 -> Mist I ->
    +2 Shots per second for each additional Mist II. Ants are damaged at a rate of 30 damage per second when in the mist, no effect after they leave

    Might need some range and cost adjustments, let me know what you think!
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    -Ant Trap-
    -Deals damage when ant walks over trap-
    -20,20, 2,1-
    Buy cannon and then choose to mkae cannon trap right off the bat. In addition any ant in "the trap" will slow down a bit.
    L1-$200, 20d/.5s, doesn't slow down ant.
    L2-$600, 30d/.5s, slows down ant as much as Ice L1
    L2-$1,000, 50d/.5s slows like Ice L2
    L3-$1,650, 80d/.5s, slows like Ice L2
    Pros- higher lvls can do alot of damage
    Cons- ant actually has to cross space.

    -Grenade Cannon-
    Shoots a grenade at ant which explodes after some delay
    3 Shots/Sec, .5 sec delay after grenade hits ground, speed 5 range 130, 20 Damage
    Heavy1-Heavy2-Grenade1 $650 - Grenade2 $1500
    Grenade two would do 50 damage and would cause ants to fly a "square" from explosion. Maybe to make this not cheap in that you just put alot by hole and keep them boxed up hit ants go on fire so they move faster.
    Pros- Does damage like missles so may do more then 50, may cause ants to fly away from cake... and if spammed you get to have fun watching ants fly around =P
    Cons- Delay makes it hard for a hit, may cause ants to fly towards cake.

    Ability to place a crumb wherever you like- makes ants move towards the crumb same way as they move towards cake. The crumb does not need to be taken back to hole, it's just to briefly get an ant away from w/e. Costs... Maybe like 175, 350, 700, 1400...
    Pros- Can be used in a tight spot to give you some extra seconds with no ants rushing at cake.
    Cons- Only can give a few seconds, and if you are using it like I'm thinking you'd place it away from cake and hill so it'd be un-guarded hence just a quick break.

    -Possible change to Flame cannon-
    Make it so ants on fire take more damage (like poison) but when they hit other hits those ants catch on fire etc...

    All I got for now

    edit: yeah I agree any % damagers wouldn't work. Also any "instantly dead ant" cannons shouldnt be usedsince that's also a % damager. Even if it shot once per ten seconds at higher lvls it'd do 500, 750+ damage per second.
  • Hey Shaggy, both ideas are great; but the rays both seem to be over-powered.
    The first ray does 60 dps while never missing. Fairly over powered compared to the quick III which does 24 dps with same range and 6 speed, only couple hundred more too.
    And the second ray is alot overpowered. Near the later levels a person might have 8-10 of these cannons. That'd be 105-ish dps never miss with 145 range. Not to mention it's fairly cheap.
    Seems like the same problems with mist. Cheap, never misses, and damage goes way up with synergy.
    I mathed around 135dps to every ant inside a 130 range for every tower. That's more dps, and range then Quick IV, and it multi-hits, and it never misses.

    =], sorry if I seemed like a harsh critic.
    I think they'd be great if toned down.
    Ray seems like a uber Laser and Mist sounds like a Uber Poison. Maybe lvl IIIs.
    Thanks for reading.
  • alfalf
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    ball and chain turret
    kinda like the thing from mario that oribits around on its chain
    forces ants away from the turret when hit
    200/120/continualy spins around turret at 7 speed

    heavy, double heavy, ball and chain

    potshot cannon
    works like a missile and quick combined(has blast area but is a bullet)
    38*/110/2 shots per second/8
    blast radius of 1 "square" in each direction
    quick, quick2, quick3, potshot
    gets a damage bonus of 1 per cannon
  • Tank, thanks for your input, I didn't really do the math when i made it, I was being lazy :) I'm going to dub down the cannons now.
  • Time Disruptor
    Slows down ants within range.
    Heavy/Impact/Impact 2/Time/Time Disruptor
    It's all good with time disruption. :)
  • What about a hot key that has cannons shoot at your mouse cursor location so we can manually lead targets early on in the game to get through the booring levels faster?
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    im surprised nobody suggested some kind of permanent wall
    alot of recent TD games make it big because of mazing
    mazing gives the player more control and much more variety to the game itself

    a tower shooting at an ant gets old after a while, no matter what spin you put on it
  • Dominion, I really like that idea. That could really help out the aiming system but at the same time doesn't need to be on.

    Hacked, the fact that you can't maze is what makes this game different. If you don't like it, there are plenty of other TD games out there.
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    I've been watching, and adding to this conversation on the good and bad idea's we've come up with. The more I think about it, the more I think this entire thread was a bad idea. Lots of the ideas seem great at first thought, but the rest of the board is filled with strategy on various teechniques, builds, and pros/cons of different weapons. I don't think we need "new" guns that will only add to the back and forth argueing that goes on here, what we need is a revamp of current guns to change the prices to reflect their usefullness.

    Several guns have great possibilitys, but the build cost puts them complelty out of the running as a viable build for going for 100+ chiefly, impact 3's and electric2's, not because of any flaw in the ranges, or dps, but in the rediculous build cost when compaired to snipers or quicks.

    Maby a few subtle changes to existing guns are in order. reduce the spread on machine guns (maby as a synergy, more guns get more accuracy?) either lower the speed boost for flamers, or add in a after damage burn duration (similar to poison remaining) for flamers. Some way to increase the ranges of ANY gun would be nice (general upgrade tree that applies to everything, but is very expensive to build on-probably not a good idea, but I still want it...) oh, sonic guns seriously are horibly over priced for the damage they do.

    This game is great as is, but there's really only 3 guns that have a real chance for consistant level 95+ games: snipers, long range, and quicks. nothing else has the range, damage, or cost efficiency to pull this off. (yes, I know I'm about the only idiot who thinks long range cannons don't suck, but then I'm consistantly hitting 90+ now with them, so it's just a matter of tweeking the placements of the ice, and learning the right targeting strategys to get them in serious competition with snipers).
  • Dominion, I understand completely what you mean, and agree with everything minus the fact that this thread is a bad idea. This thread is fun, and it's not like any of us actually expect our cannons to be integrated in the game, it's just fun to discuss and trade ideas. And who knows, maybe some will get integrated, and expand the game a bit. You can't say the cannons they have now are completely perfect and none should be added/removed.
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    here are my ideas (doubt they'll get implemented though but who knows?):

    Name: Buff Platform
    Effect: Unlocks different buff cannons (to follow)
    Stats: None
    Cost: $100? (i'm really not that good hen it comes to judging costs)
    Tech Tree: Basic-->Buff

    Name: Power Station
    Effect: Boosts all stats of cannons in range
    Stats: 0/50/not applicable/not applicable
    Cost: 1,500?
    Tech Tree: Buff-->Power Booster

    Name: Power Station L2
    Effect: Same as before except slightly stonger
    Stats:0/75/not applicable/not applicable
    Cost: 1,750?
    Tech Tree: Power Station-->Power Station L2

    Name: Scanner
    Effect: When an ant in range is selected, the path the ant will take is shown (not sure how but that can be worked out)
    Stats: 0/75/not applicable/not applicable
    Cost: $1,000?
    Tech Tree: Buff-->Scanner

    Name: Strategy Center
    Effect: Allows you to target more than one ant at a time
    Stats: 0/150/not applicable/not applicable
    Cost: 1,750?
    Tech Tree: Scanner-->Strategy Center
    Notes: It will have the same affect as scanner as well as the new ability

    Name: GPS Network
    Effect: All shots fired home towards selected ants in range (range of cannon firing is no longer a factor)
    Stats: 0/300/not applicable/not applicable
    Cost: 2,000?
    Tech Tree: Strategy Center-->GPS Network

    Yes, some of these ideas have been mentioned before. Yes, they could use tweaking. Yes, their probably so bad they wont be implimented.

    There. Flamed myself. Now no one else can say anything about my ideas unless it's constructive.
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    ICE LVL3

    Just ice2 with the possiblity of frozen sold*1 instead of just .4inch and .3inch. And possibly slightly bigger bullets?
    You should deside the cost
    Tree>>> base> heavy>> impact>>> ice>>>> ice2>>>>> ice3*2

    *1 frozen solid being you guessed it .0inch*3
    *2>>>>>>fun fun*4
    *3 This would be and instantanious realese to .2inch when the ice stops shooting it. To be fair...
    *4 >>>>>>>TeeHee
  • I agree with dominion on the balance of the games weapons. I never even knew their was a machine gun, flame turret, boomerang (does it serve a purpose other then looking really cool?), barrier down, etc. until a different discussion prompted me to look through it. . . And it pretty much all sucks. Quicks and Snipers. . . Ice. . . And personally I like the poison (only worth it's mettle in a containment situation though). And strangely enough I used long range before I used Snipers and I agree with Dominion that they definetly have some potential. When I first played I had 4 in the middle basically hitting everything on the screen. I do disagree with the method of how to balance them though because even with severly reduced prices per upgrade cost the ramp of the basic turret itself costs so much it hardly matters. . . But maybe it would be enough. You would probably get two more guns out of it.
  • Wheat, Yes, the ramp up will eventually make the upgrade costs on the guns rather unimportant, but you still have to get past the simple math here.

    it's reasonable to have 13 turrets out by end game when useing snipers or quicks.

    2 of those will be ice, so 11 turrets.

    many of the guns that "could" do as well as quicks or snipers cost at least $500 more than quicks or snipers do. That's 5,500 WASTED money. that will buy you a 12th quick or sniper (14th base cannon, plus upgrades) in wasted money.

    Toss in that withthe exception of the impact cannons (800 ish more than quicks) nothing else does as much dps, and they all cost more. (the only thing killing quicks is the low range on quicks).

    a 12th sniper makes the ranges on all snipers something like 205. a 12th quick adds 186dps total to your firepower and you want to ignore this ballanceing issue because if you're building a 20th cannon it won't matter what the upgrade costs are?

    you can't build that many cannons without a game crashing bug, or a hack.
  • Um, about that whole 14th cannon thing....

    It would take 39666 to build the 12th sniper with 2 ice and it would take 39978 to build that with 12 quicks....

    The current record is 36776.... You do the math
  • Shaggy, I never said I placed a 14th quick or sniper, I said the money wasted on inferrior guns that cost more could BUY a 14th quick or sniper.

    I have had 13 quicks out with 2 ice cannons twice, never got the 14th out, never had 13 snipers. To get that many cannons out, you have to evenly kill ants till you die, and not follow the standard practice of picking on one ant after level 80-85 or so. Snipers do NOT do enough damage to be able to evenly kill ants, and building evenly with quicks will make it nearly impossible to get to 100 with quicks because the blocking ants will have far too much health to deal with.
  • I think you mean that you placed 11 quicks and didn't get the 12th out. Either way, it seems luck is an incredibly large factor in getting into the 100s, or something that we have yet to discover here on the forums.
  • and now back to the thread at hand.

    lvl60 cannon
    you get it at level 60, and only one

    unlocks at level 60 and is free
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    Fusion Cannon
    Allows creation of hybrid cannons (eg. Heavy Boomerang) Cannot create "Oxymoron" cannons (eg. Flaming Ice)
    0/not applicable/15 when used/takes 5 seconds to combine
    Heavy, Heavy 2, Fusion
    Oh the possibilities...
  • a fusion cannon would be totally awsome! combining high dps with massive range...oh it would be so nice...
  • imagine sonic quicks XD or maybe icequicks ooooh ice missiles quick missiles triple missile tripple ice poison ice poson missiles machinegun missiles flaming mmissiles doublequick missiles

    monkey turret
    throws explosive bananas
    50*like missiles/130/2/2*like missiles
  • edited February 2008
    The Monkey Turret should fire monkeys. XD

    Fusion Cannon 2
    Allows all types of hybrid cannons, including "Oxymoron" cannons
    0/not applicable/10 when used/takes 3 seconds to combine
    Heavy, Heavy 2, Fusion, Fusion 2
    It unlocks all combos, including "Oxymoron" cannons! I'm not sure whether or not this would be worth it, but every great cannon needs an upgrade.

    Tri-Fusion Cannon
    Allows creation of hybrid cannons using 3 cannons instead of two.
    0/not applicable/20 when used/takes 5 seconds to combine
    Heavy, Heavy 2, Fusion, Tri-Fusion
    Unlocks 3-way combos (except "Oxymoron" cannons). It's possible to mix the Ice effect, high dps, and massive range into one cannon!

    Mega-Fusion Cannon
    Allows creation of hybrid cannons using a limit of 5 cannons, including "Oxymorons!"
    0/not applicable/20 when used/takes 5 seconds to combine
    Heavy, Heavy 2, Fusion, Tri-Fusion, Mega-Fusion
    Unlocks ALL POSSIBLE COMBOS using any number of cannons! It's the perfect Fusion Cannon! Mix the Ice effect, high dps, massive range, and poison to make the PIMS Cannon! (Poisonous Icy Missile Sniper)
  • frostbite cannon
    cuts speed by 20% and does damage while affected

    tesla coil
    does continuous damage to ants in range.
    150*per second/125/continuous/like laser
    quick/long range/electric/tesla
    5 dps synergy
  • The Mega-Fusion would be perfect, but really expensive- as is any useful cannon.

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