New Cannon Ideas for v1.3



  • Alex, what have you been smokeing?

    sniper3 and quick4 are close to if not the actual cheapest full upgrade weapons in the game, and have been proven to be the best 2.
  • Omega Cannon
    Fires Whatever Multiple Cannon Types You Have When You Choose It
    Combined Damage/Speed/Power Of All Cannons
  • You don't wanna know. :P
    Besides, for a sniper 3 or quick 4 to be fully useful you need a lot of them, which can cost a lot. The Mega-Fusion would only cost $3000 and you wouldn't need a lot of cannons to make it useful, since there'd be no point...
  • black hole cannon

    speed-always up
    sucks ants into it and they die
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    Dark saint I already made a Black Hole Cannon.

    Alex_M. Dec 29th 2007:
    Gravity Cannon
    Pulls ants towards turret- shots from other cannons pull in too.
    Heavy/Heavy 2/Heavy 3/Gravity
    I dunno where I got this from. :P

    Black Hole Cannon
    Slowly pulls in ants to their death. They can't break free of its grip- only one is allowed at a time.
    DEATH/150/5/2 (pulling speed)
    Heavy/Impact/Impact 2/Black Hole
  • Although the balancing of the weapons is the first priority in my opinion, this is a topic about new additions so here is a few ideas I had.

    I couldn't really think of guns/weapons the game doesn't have that wouldn't be just stupid. But some possible affects which the game doesn't have that could possibly be useful:

    Knockback - The rocket launcher needs this.
    Stun - Maybe for the Electric gun or the Sonic Pulse.
    Complete Movement impairment - . . . Just listing all the ideas I had.

    Here are some of the gun ideas that are kind of stupid.

    Anyone play Starcraft II? (I hope the answer is yes) Remember the Zerg defense tower which launches a spike into the ground to attack its enemies? That would be an intersting gun in this game. It could have a slow rate of fire, nice damage, and great range.

    Something that shoots arrows. The arrows would stick in the ants until death or for a period of time and cause a speed reduction effect. Not as much the ice but something like .1-.2 inches slower if it has an arrow in it.

    A long distance DoT gun.

    A nuke. Something that only shoots maybe once every 4 secs. The projectile then travels off screen then finally lands with a very, very large explosion (maybe with knockback? How about some stun or DoT?).

    A gernade launcher. It would shoot a rolling projectile (low speed and if ant got in the way it would set if off prematurely), do nice damage with AoE.

    A magnifying glass. When an ant got within range, a magnifying glass would pop out of the turret and start to deal damage. The damage dealt would have to follow a non-linear, steep curve.

    A turret that is a shoe. When it ant comes within range it starts to hop to it. . . And. . . What I said they were stupid!

    Bug Spray - Make a cloud over an area which ants will not traverse over for some amount of time.
    Jelly Spill - Causes ants to lose friction over an area (with it the ability to change direction) for some time.
    Sprinkler - Puddles an area which gives ants great fear and if they do travel into it they travel at a very slow speed in random directions.
    Sugar Cube - Places sugar on the map which is the same as Cake to the ants. Except when an Ant does pick it up: they gain speed, health, and the sugar dissapears.
    Arsenic - Places a small pill on the map which is the same as Cake to the ants. Except when an Ant does pick it up: they slow down, take DoT, have an aura that affects nearbye ants as well and the Arsenic dissapears.

    Items would be interesting. New guns would be appropriate only if they weren't closely related to other guns. New effects would be nice. I think knockback would be great for some of the big punch weapons like rocket launchers. But first and foremost I would love to see a rebalancing of at least the monetary side of the game.
  • I wouldn't want to change the fundementals of the game but maybe a gun that has random effects.
    Flame, ice, poison effct 66% chance stop moving 10% move in to weapon fire 3% instant daeth 1% and return cake 1%! Without recovering health agin!
    And a fissur causing weapon that slows, hurts and makes the ant hav a chance to los the cake but still liv.
    And maybe we can hav online play wre we can b the ants vs a human who has the turrets! We can thn buy ant upgrades! Yeah... on second thot that might ruin the game. Keep it th same but still upgrade it plees!

    Maybe we need new turrets?Rite at the start we can choose regular turrets or another type. Agin I don't want to hange the basic phisics of the gam cuz that would ruin it. It's about as good as a game you would play on some console. And on the subjuect of completely changing the game. How bout a HUGE queen ant! And worms that r slow but redirect fire from your gun or spiders thatr fast but can b tripped or loos life when a leg is lost!

    But maybe we sould have a weapons chart and that we should be able to have a quick buy. I'll explain. Sumtimes I forget whre th tesla coil is so maybe w could buy it and them put it on a quick upgrade button. We don't actually use the other #s rite? So we have a 400$ ice ray turret so we out that on this upgrades menu from th little turret as 508$ (thats heavy cannon+impact cannon+icebeam) so we don't waste $ trying t find a good weapon.
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    Love the Arsenic Wheatsolo! But I came up with the Nuke Cannon first. Maybe the Sugar Cube could have a drawback and they lose speed afterwards for an equal amount of time the sugar exists?

    Tornado Cannon
    Sends ants back to the hill.
    Double/Double Quick/Tornado
    How handy this would be unless the ant had cake. Major setback. SUPER HOT TOPIC!
  • Destruction Cannon
    abilities(new):explosion when bullets hit an ant
    explosin range:95
    cannon range:200
    explosion damege:10
    Shots:5 per sec

    Destruction Cannon X
    Similar to Destruction Cannon
    abilities:Poison and toxic explosion when killed ant
    explosion range:100
    explosion damege:20
    Cannon range:250
    Shots:6 shots per sec

    Nearbage Cannon
    Similar to Destruction Cannon X
    Damege:150(each you'll see)
    abillities:shoots out red and white robots insted of bullets, robots have swords,bots are called nearbages
    Cannon range:Unlimited
    speed of cannon and bots:20
    Slashes/launches:9 shots per sec
  • Blizzard cannon
    freezes the enemy to a stop bringing damage along with it.
    damage:2/range:70/frequency:3 per second/1
    upgrade from freeze cannon
    heavy barrier
    shoots bullets heavy cannon bullets in a strait line
    -damage:2/range:90/frequency: 7 per second/speed: 2
    from double heavy cannon
  • minute ant cannon
    creates 1 red ant every minute,
    ants have 40 health, they lose 1 health per second
    they hunt after other ants
    they do 30 damage per attack
    they attack two times per second
    when their hp reaches zero they die
    double ,triple, minute ant cannon

    pirate cannon
    shoots BIG cannon balls
    gains 2 damage per other cannon
    heavy, heavy, heavy, pirate cannon
  • Rejection Cannon
    Rejects ants (knocks them back) Maximum of two allowed at a time- they cannot be placed by the hole within a 180 range from the hole, nor a 125 range of each other. Place near Ice Cannons for maximum effectiveness?
    Double, Double Quick, Rejection

    Shoop Da Woop Cannon
    9001/150/0.05/OVER 9000!
    Quick, Sniper, Laser, Shoop Da Woop
    Everyone should know what SHOOPING DA WOOP IS!
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    spider cannon
    it shoots spiders the spiders eat up to 2-4 ants and some times they eat 5-7 ants.
    speed- 1.6879 per mil. sec.
  • dragon cannon
    shoots 7 fire balls at a time.
    speed-3.14 shots per second.(if it is placed by ice cannon speed is 0.9008 and damage will be 12.)
    there can only be 2 of them.
  • rice cannon
    speed-1.9999 shots sec.
    if hits ant ant is stuck for 13.6 sec.-15.1 sec.
  • trap cannon
    does not shoot ants shoots the ground if an ant steps where it shot the ant loses 23.16 health.
    speed-1 shot per sec.
  • sword cannon
    speed 1-3.12 shots per sec.
  • ultimate cannon
    you must buy at least 2 lasers also.
    if it hits an ant the ant loses 5 pieces of health every sec.
    sometimes the bullet will explode if it explodes the damage will double and the range of the explosion will be 900.
    if cannon is placed inbetween ice and dragon cannon damage will quadruple and ice will soround the U.cannon the range of the ice will be 356 if an ant touches the ice the ant will eather freeze for 1 min. or the ant will lose 2 pieces of health a mil. sec.every min.the U.cannon will make a spider shoots 10 bullets at a time.
    speed-20 bullets per 4 sec.
    range- over unlimeted.
  • rice cannon 2
    0.014 damage
    2.9998 shots per sec.
    cost- 250$
    if hits ant ant is stuck for 26.12 sec.-30.2 sec.
  • big dragon cannon
    shoots 8 fire balls at a time.(huge fire balls)
    if placed next to ice cannon ice cannon will be destroyed and you will not get your money back.
    shoots every 1.5 mil. sec.
  • rice cannon 3
    4.9997 shots per sec.
    if hits ant ant will be stuck for 30.4 sec.-54.3 sec.
  • rice cannon 4
    8.9996 shots per sec.
    if hits ant ant will be stuck for 54.8 sec.-71.16 sec.
  • Fix the ants that hit 0 and dont die, fix the cake dissapearing at the hole as they enter the hole, fix the cake dissapearing if the ant picks up the cake teh same time a kill shot hits it before asking for new weapons.

    How about making the heavy weapons more effective than the sniper weapons as in more dmg output to make them more competitive, or at least a bit quicker. Seems the game only allows for the use of ice, snipers or quicks, the rest of the stuff is only good for level 70 and below.

    No more new guns till the ones we got now are effecitve.
  • ant eater cannon
    if an ant steps in the range of this cannon the cannon will eat the ant and the ant will automaticly die.
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    ultimate cannon 2
    range-over unlimeted
    if you put this cannon inbetween a big dragon cannon and a ice cannon damage will multiply by 6.and a half ice and half fire circle will soround the U.cannon with the range of 433.456, if a ant touches the circle the ant will eather burn freeze for 2 min. or get poisene and die 30 sec.later.bulet could poison if it poisons the ant will lose 6 hp. per sec.bullet could explode if it explodes then damage is x8.every min.the U.cannon makes 4 spider cannons.shoots 12 bulets ar a time.shoots every must buy 4 laser cannons also.if the bullet explodes the explosion range will be 976.7.
  • rice cannon 5 (the last rice cannon)
    speed-16 shots per sec.
    if hits ant ant will be stuck for 2 min. 34 sec.
  • Damage shouldn't have .## values, just keep it as a whole number, otherwise it seems pointless, and difficult to calculate damage.

    Rickroll Cannon
    Rickrolls ants.
    Quick, Rickroll
  • Forcefield Cannon
    The forcefield is guarding its range so it is best to put it near the cake. When ever an ant comes, it will bump into the forcefield and lose 90,000 damage. $290,000. Missle launcher,missle launcher 2, missle launcher 3, missle launcher 4, missle launcher 5, super crazy beetle cannon, super crazy beetle cannon 2, super crazy beetle cannon 3, wild anteaters, wild anteaters 2, stinky feet , stinky feet 2, stomping feet, crushing feet, chocolate,chocolate 2, ant meet and greet-oh no!, 1 gallon of water , 2 gallon of water ,hotel , float and throw,lawn mower, lawn mower 2, lawn mower 3,floating elevator, forcefield cannon. Range:300.Speed:100 shots every 10 seconds.:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-D:-D:-D:-D:-D;-);-);-);-)
  • Middle Finger Cannon
    Offends ants.
    Heavy, Impact, Middle Finger
    Haha this would be so stupidly funny yet awesome!
  • anthole
    one allowed per game
    when an ant walks onto the anthole, its teleported back to the top left hole.
    if an ant with cake walks into the hole, then u lose the cake.

    also thinking of making a sex cannon ;-)

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