New Cannon Ideas for v1.3



  • ????? ??????
    Shoots Borat at the ants.
    35/125/5/1* (+1 for every ????? ?????? in play)
    Double, Triple, Triple 2, Borat
    High five!
  • kitten cannon
    shoots cats that attack the ants in their path
    no idea where to put this on the tree, it really doesn't fit, but its funny
    oh yeah
  • bubble cannon L1
    slows down ants like ice cannon, except they get a lot of damage after the bubble pops ;-)

    bubble cannon L2
    carries ants slowly in opposite direction, takes twice as long to pop
  • new warheads for missles.


    cost would be say 50 each time you change it, same as changeing direction of the barriers.

    napalm does full missle 2 fire damage, but in a very large aoe. (more ants take damage, but they get a boost in speed and they actually take on a dot while hot)

    Ice does half damge of a normal shot, but slows ants same as a hit from ice2 cannon.

    Poison does half damage of normal, but adds poison dot same as poison 2 tower.
  • New lasers for laser cannons.
    Laser/Laser 2 (Stun/Flash Freeze/Confusion)
    Stun: Instantly stops the ant for 5 seconds. Another hit from the laser while frozen does not increase freeze time.
    Flash Freeze: 75% damage of a normal Laser 2, this laser instantly brings an ant's speed down to 0.3 inch/sec. (22.5dmg)
    Confusion: 60% damage of a normal Laser 2, this laser disorients their sense of direction for 5 seconds. Another hit from this laser while confused does not increase confusion time. (18dmg)
  • Y'know, a lot of these turrets would be ridiculously overpowered in the game. I think a lot of people here just really really want to kill more ants. Most of them are pretty fun ideas though, so the same turret with seriously toned down numbers might be worthwhile in some cases.

    Totally agree with Dominion about the need to tone down the costs on some of the turrets out there. There are far too many turrets in this game that would make for awesome strategies, but fall short due to cost. Or speeding up the ants too much to be anywhere near worthwhile. Or a terrible spread of shots. Most of it's just tweaking of numbers, though, and that really should be priority next version.

    Anyway, I had a few fun ideas of my own.

    Trap Door (intended to be a non-overpowered instant kill turret)

    This will instantly annihilate any ant that walks on a square adjacent to it. It would have a long reload time, based on the HP of the ant that it killed last, while it "digests" that ant. Maybe something like 1 sec/500 HP? (100 HP ant eaten, turret reloads in .2 sec). Maybe an upgrade from Barrier Down, c. $11xx

    Air Freshener

    Range c. 100-120
    This wouldn't actually cause damage, but would disrupt the ant trails within range- the ants would not follow each other within range of this turret. Probably limited effectiveness warrants low cost, so something like $600-900, upgrade from Triple Cannon I.

    Vortex Cannon

    Any ant that walks within c. 50 range is sucked into the cannon and held there, immobile. The ant cannot be shot while being held by the cannon, and the ant keeps cake it had. Only one ant can be held in the cannon at a time. When a second ant comes within c. 120 range of the cannon, the first ant is fired at the second ant, Speed 12. If they hit each other, 10% the average HP of the ants is dealt to each one. If the fired ant misses, it stops at the edge of the turret's range and goes on its way. A new ant may not be sucked in until 1 or 2 seconds after the last ant was fired. Cost $1300, upgrade from Heavy III.


    Okay, this wouldn't be so much a turret as a one-time-use weapon (think ant equivalent of an airstrike). It would be available for something like $300-500, and would be an option open in addition to placing the basic turret. Once bought, it would be saved, and when the "squash" order is given, it will cause c. 5000 damage to the targeted ant, and about 1000 to all other ants within one square. After that, the Shoe has been used, and cannot be used again. On the other hand, you could stockpile as many of them as you wanted.

    Garden Hose

    Another one-time-use weapon, but rather than being used on an ant, it instantly targets the ant hill. Cost c. $1000, available as an alternate option to placing a basic turret (or buying a Shoe :-D). When the "flood" order is given, the garden hose is used to flood the anthill. This fills the hole and causes a waterfall down the side of the hill- any ant on the hill is carried away from the hole at 1 inch/sec. The fountain lasts c. 10 seconds, and after it's finished, the Garden Hose is gone. Again, as with the Shoe, as many uses as necessary could be stockpiled.

    Molasses Cannon

    Range 100
    Shot Power 6
    Speed 4
    2 shots/second
    upgrade from Ice level I, $1304

    Large shot, like the Ice Cannon II. When a glob hits an ant, that ant's speed is permanently decreased by 0.2 inches/second, down to 0.5 inches/second overall. An ant under the influence of both Ice and Molasses can still go 0.3 inches/second.


    An alternate mount from the basic turret. It starts as just a basic turret, with the only difference being that it's mobile. It will move towards the closest ant or the targeted ant at 0.5 inches/second, firing continuously. The cost of a Tank is 50% (?) higher than the cost of a basic turret at that point in the game, but the turret on the tank upgrades just as a turret on the ground would. Upgrades to the Tank costs something like 25% more than upgrades to a turret on the ground.

    And... that's really all I've got for now. Hehehe. This is fun. Hooray Fantasy Antbuster!
  • Could you tell me which website provide free download of v1.3? tks.;-)
  • There's no v1.3 yet, this is just an idea thread.
  • I want for a Boot cannon

    Boot Cannon would deal like... a boot... to strike at ants... in a crushing motion... harming them for their energy point

    it would come after the heavy cannon, but not if you're black

    I also want for a Douche Ray cannon

    Douche Ray cannon would be a ray... like for the laser... but made of water... to pushing ants but not hurting them much

    Douche Ray would come after the heavy cannon if you are black

    Also I want for to have the Slapping cannon

    Slapping cannon would have a swatter... for to strike at ants... they would not like this much!
  • I think there should be a synergy canon.

    Synergy canon
    1*/50*/2* per second/3*
    get heavy canon and then it's the 4th canon

    Also i think there should be a boost canon that just makes all canons in it's range stronger. It should have 150 range.
  • Ricochet Cannon

    This would be an option for the Double Cannon Tree's second upgrade; in addition to the Triple Cannon II and the Poison Spray the Ricochet Cannon would be available.

    Effect: Projectile hits target, splits and ricochets into other ants. The projectiles split twice...ending in four pieces.
    Price: Richochet I = $456 / Ricochet II = $1234
    Freqeuncy: 2* (after the third Ricochet II, frequency increases by .1 for every additional RII cannon)
    Speed: 6
    Range: 110* (this is for the initial projectile, ricochet shots are indefinate)
    Damage: First hit=8pts, next two=4pts, last four=1 each. This doubles after the upgrade(16,8 and 2).
  • edited July 2008
    Blast Cannon
    Increase speed when walk in the same direction, and decrease speed to 0.3 when walk toward
    just like the combination of temporary Ice and Fire

    Mine thrower
    throwing mines in the range by "RANDOM", the mines will explode in 6 sec. or step by ants

    Liquid Gas Blower
    freezing ants
    Map weapon type of Ice Cannon L2
  • edited July 2008
    Magnetic pulse
    Ants get lost and change it's direction (1 change per hit)
    instead of sonic pulse
  • boom cannon
    you can make it immediately after you make the cannon
  • edited January 2009
    poison 3
    affects are same as poison 2 but deals extra 130damage/sec. instead of 85
    damage 3*
    range 130*
    frequency 3*
    speed 3*
    get after poison 2

    ice 3
    freezes ants to .2 inch with only 2 hits
    damage 5*
    range 100*
    frequency 7
    speed 6
    after ice 2

    the Ant seeker
    follows ants like missiles
    damage 100*
    range 135*
    frequency .75
    speed 3
    after missile 2

    range with * +5 / all others with * get +1

    next to build new tower increase all stats of all guns by 3
    cost $600,for each additional tower cost increase of 50%
  • Solar Cannon
    Uses solar rays to roast the ants, gives ants the "fire dot."
    Quick/Quick 2/Solar
    *+5 per Solar Cannon
    Let's hope it's sunny when you play.
  • Then you will fail the game instantly. And so will your spleen. And your screen as well.
  • ha ha they should make it rain in antbuster at random times
  • I like the idea of making an ant drop its cake when you kill it but instead of it going back to the hole it stays on the spot where it died . you could obviously by them back to the plate . it would make the game harder a bit but good fun idea.
  • the rain should make mud and when and steos in it has same effect as ice you also cant build or uprade anything in or within 1 block of mud unless you pay double mud spots would be random and smallish
  • magnifying glass

    traditional ant killing implement .
    point and burn ,use once only,does 50-100 damage
    interesting +classic ant killer
  • kool i like sometimes in summer i do that to ant(injured first) then put piece grass next to and burn it on fire, it smell good
  • to mikall bout the ant burning; i'm not evil i only found out 'cos i see it on tv somtimes

    i think it would be cool if u could get cheap walls and funnel ants through 1 small gap in a line. they trouble is that is vevy unrealistic 'cos ants can climb over walls ( just takes a long time 4 them to get 2 top and
  • shooting ants with tiny ant sized cannons is very unrealistic too.
  • unrealistic but possible just like the wall.:-D
    p.s what IS on your logo
  • zachb-

    short answer... its kain from final fantasy 4 the ds version.

    Like the magnifing glass idea though;-)
  • got my best score with 3 ice towers one at hole 2 at cake 4 snipers at cake and 5 snipers at hole

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