New Cannon Ideas for v1.3



  • ant trapper
    catches and kills ants,attracts ants to it
    first is $30 then increases at the same rate as cannon costs increase
    next to build a new cannon
    only trapps 6 ants then disappears
  • Microwave Cannon
    Focused microwave beam, similar to laser, but constant instead of shot
    40 per sec/100/not applicable/not applicable (infinite like laser)
    quick->sniper->laser 1->microwave
    +5 range each additional cannon

    Bowling Ball Cannon
    Drops a bowling ball (about 2, maybe 3, squares across) at ant. Ball rolls straight, crushing everything in its path.
    heavy->heavy 2->heavy 3->bowling ball
    + .1 freq for each cannon
  • Gatling Gun
    Shoots lots of 1 damage bullets
    -1/100/20 a second/20-
    810 (its a good thing but it only does 1 damage per bullet so upgrades are better)
    double, triple, gatling

    Gatling gun L2
    More damage more bullets
    Same as above just a l2
    +1 per gatling gun l2 on field

    Solid beam
    a beam that goes from the cannon all the way to the edge it hits (shoots a long way and hits all ants in path) shoots like a normal gun with the laser beam effect
    -10/N/A/1/Speed is straight away-

    Solid Beam L2

    changes 15 damage and a extra beam fired at 2nd ant thats closer than the others
    price: 1745

    Lawn Mower Blades

    A tower with a blade spinning around it attacking everything that goes in the spin radius
    -15/30/2 (2 blades spin around oppasite to each other)/ 5-

    Lawn mower l2

    changes 4 blades spinning around 20 damage speed is 5 +1 per lawn mower l2
    price= 2680 :O

    Scatter gun

    shoots 9 bullets all directions away from the center of this gun
    -9/N/A/ 1 per 2 seconds/ 1-

    :-D yay first post
  • Why not just improve the cannons already there? I mean some are lame after 20th level such as the double cannons. Increase the range, and power. Some really increase such as the heavy cannon... :-)
  • ccfromsc ..marcel is looking to get more people to play which he is doing a good job..if you make a tower better you will only move the goal post WHAT I WANT IS A SUPER CANON WHICH YOU ONLY GET AFTER THE 10TH OR 11TH CANON is would have 50% more power and could a good insentive for players to try and further up into the game:-)
  • edited September 2009
    I've had an idea for an improved form of synergy

    standard synergy: towers of the same type with synergy enabled stats gat a slight boost to said stat

    tech tree synergy: all towers and stats have synergy even if the multiplyer is tiny, towers get effected by all towers in their tech tree worth 1 if same level or directly above (tower I gets form II ,III, IV, etc. but a basic tower wouldn't get from tower I, II, III etc.), 1/2 if level below, 1/4 if 2 levevs bellow, 1/8 if 3 levels below etc. to basic tower this would reduce the effects from upgrading to a better tower when you have a number of towers with standard synergy, as for the multiplyers these depend on the tower and which upgrade path is taken but there should be a minimum total for each level eg.. 0.001 for basic, 0.005 for level 1, 0.025 for level 2, 0.125 for level 3, 0.25 for level 4, 0.5 for level 5, 1 for level 6+. This could require a one off payment extra on each tower that can be purchased at any time

    also i had an idea for aditional wall towers

    Wall 1
    fires a constant wall in one direction
    damage 40 + 3x* per shot
    range 3 squares
    frequency 6 per second
    speed 3 squares per second
    cost 1000 (ish)
    comments upgrades 1 and 2 rotate by 90 degrees colockwise and counter clockwise cost 150

    Wall 2
    fires 2 constant walls in up/down or left/right
    damage 45 + 3x* per shot
    range 3.5 squares
    frequency 14 per second
    speed 7 squares per second
    cost 1100 (ish)
    comments upgrade 1 rotate by 90 degrees cost 150

    Wall 3
    fires 3 constant walls in 3 directions at 120 degrees to each other
    damage 50 + 3x* per shot
    range 4 squares
    frequency 24 per second
    speed 8 squares per second
    cost 1300 (ish)
    comments upgrades 1 and 2 rotate by 30 degrees colockwise and counter clockwise cost 50

    Wall 4
    fires 4 constant wall in 4 directions up/down/left/right
    damage 60 + 3x* per shot
    range 5 squares
    frequency 40 per second
    speed 10 squares per second
    cost 1500 (ish)
    comments upgrade 1 rotate by 45 degrees cost 75

    and i think someone needs to construct searchable a tech tree with all the details on them including details like how they interact because i keep getting confused over some stuff
  • -name goes here-
    -effect goes here-
    -damage/range/frequency/speed goes here-
    -cost goes here- (try to make it realistic)
    -how to get the cannon (if you want)-
    -additional comments go here-

    -Quake "cannon"
    -Shoots a full 360 ring from the base of the cannon that knocks back the ant and has less damage the farther away the ant is
    -50-20 dmg (according to range from target)/175/.25 shots per sec./.5 spd
    -how to get it? well i actually drew up a totally new scheme as an idea for Antbuster 2...
  • bump and i have a question... patar was my oldest file... and hes a beta tester... how can i retrieve said rank?
  • Gandalf Cannon !

    Positioned at the cake and shouts 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS ! ! !' and sends all of the ants on the map back to the hole so that they have to walk past all the cannons again :) Also he takes 50% or 25% of the ant's remaining health off the ant. All ants that are carrying cake at the time, lose their cake and it gets sent back to the plate. It would cost 500-1000 money as it can be very useful in later stages of the game. 500 'coins' can be very difficult and time consuming to get at levels 90+ so it would be a difficult and valuable thing to get :-) You can only deploy a 'Gandalf Cannon' once every 5 or 10 minutes so that people cant use it all the time when an ant is about to steal the last bit of cake :-)

    At first this idea was a joke because of the Gandalf and 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS' bit, but of course it doesnt have to be called the 'Gandalf Cannon' or shout out 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS' :-D and if you think about it this cannon could actually be very useful and helpful :-) Marcel I hope you're reading this :-D

    It's nice to start playing Antbuster again ;-)
  • Maybe a cannon that boosts the abilities of all other cannons in its range, maybe specific cannons that give a range boost, speed boost, damage boost or frequency boost. Or one that does all of the above, L1 would cost 1000 and L2 2000 or something along those lines. L1 would have a range of 75 and L2 would have 120

    Maybe for the next version we can place towers on the cloth that the cake is on, or a bit closer to the ant hill. 0:-)
  • :-)Sir Bobalot nice to see you playing;-)
  • Thanks :-) Nice to be back and playing :-D
  • a radar tower like in bloonstd? Great idea! But my push cannon is teh beast
  • Yeah, I play bloons td 4 on my ipod touch, its great ;D but not as good as antbuster !!!! :)
  • I GOT IT!

    Antbuster custom edition!
    Set the levels, ant types(if theyre added), money, and terrain! And share!
    But the best part...CUSTOM TOWERS!:-D~:-(|)0:-)8-):-D:-O;-)

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