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    here's Dacian's setup. it works better than anything I've tried so far:

    CommentAuthordacian CommentTimeDec 31st 2007
    ok, so here are the pictures, however, I was not able to get to 100+ lvl as I got sloppy and I started watching a movie on TV :) lol

    1) 1st step - 2 Quick Cannon I

    2) 2nd step - 1st Impact Cannon I (Heavy + Impact)

    3) 3rd step - 2nd Impact Cannon (Heavy+Impact)

    4) 4th step - Upgrade the quicks to Sniper Cannons lvl 1

    5) 5th step - upgrade the 2 centered cannons to sniper lvl 2

    6) 6th step - upgrade the centered two cannons to lvl 3 sniper

    7) 7th step build another sniper cannon between the two and upgrade it to lvl 3

    8) 8th step - build another sniper lvl 3 cannon to the right of the group

    9) 9th step - build the 5th sniper lvl 3 cannon - don't forget to select the ant carrying cake from far, as the cannons have now a WIDE range

    10) 10th step - upgrade the impact cannons to Ice lvl 1

    11) 11th step - upgrade the cannons to ice lvl 2 (Yeah, lvl 66 without a cake slice lost)

    12) 12th step - build another sniper lvl 3 cannon

    13) 13th step - remember - when no cake ant available to be selected, select the highest lvl ant - now ALWAYS have an ant selected

    14) 14th step - by killing the highest lvl ants you're actually killing the smartest ants - that's good for you - keep it up

    15) 15th build another lvl 3 sniper cannon (yeah, lvl 78 without a slice of cake lost)

    16) 16th build another lvl 3 sniper cannon towards the center of the board (yeah, lost the first cake slice)

    17) 17th step start building another sniper cannon - again look for cake ants carefully and select the ones which are more dangerous in case there are more than one

    from now on try to build another sniper lvl 3 cannon - if you focus enough you should be able to upgrade it and reach lvl 100+

    good luck.

    most of the good strategys can be found starting about 3/4 the way down the first page of the 80+ section on to the last postings. (the earlier 80+ stuff was beaten out by later refinements/incorporation of the 2 good strategys-Dacian's sniper setup, and my quick setup. Dacian's snipers do work better than my quicks, so I support his setup as the currently best posted strategy;however, it was a fun fight back and forth with us stealing ideas off eachother till he beat me in the end...)
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    k i just got the chance to test my funnel idea . it floped at level 55 or so with snipers:`(. i havnt had the chance to upload pics yet... il get them up asap

    edit* picture of end result
  • yeah i meant to post that here too, i tried his funnel idea a while back, in lost a few pieces of cake early but after that you can hold them till about 60
  • funneling is building turrets in such a way that the ants will take a route that looks open, but lets you hit them with more total turrets. Like planting all your turrets in a vertical collum to the right side of the hole heading south. the theory is that the ants will see the oppening to the south, and head south instead of going east through the turrets. This lets all your turrets shoot at the ants instead of only some of them.

    For snipers, funneling is pointless. building them in a tight cluster near the hole lets the range increase synergy have all the turrets in range. Quicks and other higher damage guns lack the range to be able to really have them all hammering on the same ant at the same time, so a strategy where the ants have to go through a long killing zone is necessary to let most/all of the guns actually hit an ant.
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    made it to 77 with quicks with he funnel design
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    I would like to first thank my buddy robby for sending me a link to one more level.com where i stumbled onto this addiction called Antbuster.

    Secondly, to all of you who posted strategy. I was an "in the closet" ant buster for a couple weeks trying to squeak out a number one in the "last matches" each time played, hoping to get a higher score and level each time i played. I quickly figured out that the missile and laser were the higest and adding the ice to it helped me get to the 70's every game. below is a SS of the way i lay out my gunz:

    it gets tough at this point im just trying to save the last slice:

    this is the last slice going down the tubes also i added the order of the turret distribution.

    After reading the tips it dawned on me that the quick cannons can do much more damage since they fire faster even though they cause less than the 30 and 36 a laser and missle will. And pilling them up on top of each other increase the power. so i placed 2 of them near the hole and backed them up with the ice and add 5 quicks more as i could and got to level 84 on my first attempt!!
    im gonna work with the quiks for a while and see where i maxx out.

    Are there any other turrets that get stronger when teamed up?
    madd props to dominion and shaggy

    my name is gabriel and i am an antbusteraholic.;-)
  • yea, dacian has a sniper cannon setup (search the 80+ section) that averages about 5 levels higher than my quicks do. but quicks and snipers seem to be the best guns for getting 100+ games with.

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