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Snipers - part 2 :)

edited January 2008 in Antbuster Web Game
Hello guys,

I've been playing with various bits of setups and I think I found another winner, however I got sloppy again (1 am here) and I got only to lvl 93, but I think it's possible to get it to a higher lvl without a problem (also I think it's possible to add another turret to this setup (the last one place it near the cake, as it will have more coverage and you won't have money to upgrade it to the max anyway).

The whole setup is based on the late lvls, so the first lvls will be a bit hard (try not to lose any cake in the early lvls - it's hard but possible). The idea was to maximize the coverage of the cannons by placing them a bit farther from the hole, as at higher lvls snipers lvl 3 get a WIDE range, so they can all shoot at an incoming ant in almost any position when they get near the hole

So here is the setup when I lost the first slice of cake

and my last show was:

well, starting with this setup is set 1 cannon (the nearest one to the whole); upgrade it instantly to sniper 1
then build the two impact cannons
then focus on building the 4 cannons (in rectangle near the hole), then upgrade the impacts to ice lvl 2
then just put more cannons :)

with this setup, once you have the 1st lvl 3 sniper the ants will start dieing like they have the plague :) lol
in the late game I noticed that ants tend to go towards the whole in like :
1) 25% of the times towards the left of the group
2) 30% of the times towards the middle of the group
3) 40% of the times towards the upper part of the group (that's why the last cannon I put was more to the upper part than in a balanced manner)
4) 5% of the times they just swing around and go nowhere when they got slowed to .3 speed

So, have fun and let me know what you can do using this setup


  • edited January 2008
    Daican, you probably saw this already, but this was my first attempt at cake defence with long range. I tried it with snipers, but they lacked the range to successfully defend once I was getting my 10th or so cannon. There may be something worth testing here....

    Start out with the 2 ice cannons built to impact 1 before the ants get there. (that's heavy/impact) leave them impacts till youve got 2-3 fully upgraded long range guns. when you place the long range, start with the lower right one first. proper placement for it is easy, jsut have the circle showing it's long range half over both of the impact cannons. The rest of the cannons are built from that lower right corner working on the squar leaving the upper left corner for last. by the time you are makeing that one, it will have enough range to reach the cake easiely. (+10 range per cannon, and +1 speed per cannon starting with a range of 180, and speed of 10) Standard rules of pick on one ant to up your level quickly applies once you hit around level 75. Long range cannons are slightly more expensive than snipers, and do less damage, but the combination of super range, and the cake defence where an ant will only get 50% of it's health back may let them out damage snipers when placed here.

    oh, and I like your first box setup better. keeping the cannons tightly packed seems to have a better chance to get 100 than spreading them out.

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