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Forum Group Anybody?

edited January 2008 in Antbuster Web Game
I dont really have a group right now, and I was wondering if anybody here would like to form a group, or if anyone would let me join their preexisting group


  • hey shaggy if you want join Stratigist i got a chat here in the forums for it too, i play hardly at all with mid terms and stuff but feel free to join^^. here is the chat
  • edited February 2008
    ya go stratigist!
  • wo0t shaggy you joined, hope you like it! ^^
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  • edited February 2013
    I just started Gh0stbust. Already in the Top25, I started it this morning.

    EDIT: If nothing changes, we'll be in the Top 20 after the recal. :-D
  • 3l3tric come to no cheats we are in 12th and need help:-);-)

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