Got to lvl 1387

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I was reading to see if this had happened to anyone else but it appeared as if I was the only one to get this far. Their was one complaint about a guy getting to 381 and how he hacked but maybe the same thing happened to him. Basically my setup (around the ant hole clockwise) was a Quickcannon, Ice, Quick Cannon, Poision, Ice, Quickcannon. And I believe at level 80 or something they stopped leaving. I am not joking they stopped leaving. When one would finally die (their life got up to 44 thousand) the new, unfrozen, one would run to the edge of the hol get frozen and promtply run back. With my extra cash I made a bunch of snipers around them and let the game sit overnight after watching for 6 hours and being content that they weren't getting out. When I woke up the game was going incredibly slow so I lowered the quality and went to work. When I came back I had an error and the game had frozen at lvl 1387. I believe the ants life reset at some point because there is no way I could accumulate that amount of kills in 6 hours.

Anyway I have tried to recreate this set-up several times now and although I get rather good containment I have never achieved the same bone-chilling effect as I did in the previous game. A possible problem with this being the fact that I haven't made it to the high 80's in my renactments. It appears as if the AI of the ants gets worse as the game progresses. I will update if I have an more news on this.


  • Post a screen shot. It would be more believable. If you don't know how, just hit "Print Screen" and then open Microsoft Word or whatever and paste.
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    Well I don't have a screenshot of that but I have contained them again in the same fashion. I took a screenshot of it when it first happened and I will take a new one of where I am now.
    That was when the containment was complete. They hadn't left for maybe 5-15 minutes and they haven't left since.
    Level 140. Check out that HP!
  • i don't know about anyone else, but i am getting a little tired of these people thikning that they are hot $h1t because they found, manipulated and controlled a freaking glitch, so a few people have done the same basic thing, but no one has ever been able to completely recreate their success stories, if you can consistently do it, then fine but be a pal and don't start bogus threads about glitches
  • A glitch? I thought it was just manipulating their "Fear Factor". Anyway I will let you know if I can do it consistently which was still a question in my mind.
  • no, the ants should not be running away from all cannons at all times, occasionally the ants might run away, but not all of them. Eventually the AI of the ants will realize that it has massively over powered your cannons and so it could walk right by you but it doesn't
  • ....... no real comment this is pretty freirce though. this high awesome
  • Well when I have tried to achieve containment my sucess rate so far (between a friend and I) is about 15%. I have achieved it as low as lvl 61 and never past lvl 74. Something I have noticed about the ants is their consistent stupidity between the high 60's through the low 70's. Even without containment, they develop a pattern of movement that makes no sense to me. It will usually consist of a route: out of the hole; to my guns; weave through the guns; travel south; veer east around the middle of the map; travel to the cake; move around the cloth counter cockwise; back up the north side; veer west; straight back into my guns. I probably see that movement pattern 25% of the time.

    Generally their movement patter (without any guns placed) is a path straight to the cake with jukes and jives (they always seem to have an inate dodge function). An experiment of placing two guns by the cloth led to them consistently avoiding the radius of one in favor of being shot by one gun rather then two (AI worked). An experiment of placing one gun by the cloth (only tried twice) led to the random result of them avoiding it at first but later proceeding to moving through it's radius for the rest of the game (AI failed).

    I am never quite certain whether the ants do actually "learn" or they merely follow random paths with a sense to avoid the radiuses of guns. I have seen them learn quite often while others they just don't care. They do seem to respond differently to different guns (I belive it is only how many shots being fired per second that causes this difference in reaction). I wish whoever made the game would make a forum topic explaining these ants because they drive me crazy. And they're not even in my pants!

    Quote from tubaking : "no, the ants should not be running away from all cannons at all times, occasionally the ants might run away, but not all of them. Eventually the AI of the ants will realize that it has massively over powered your cannons and so it could walk right by you but it doesn't"

    If that is actually how they are supposed to function it might explain their irratic behavior except for the consistent stupidity between those levels I talked about earlier. My only thought on achieving containment is over loading their "fear factor". I have never achieved containment without ice cannons or the poison spray. The reason for the ice cannons being the fact they slow them down when they reach the perimter of the ant hole so they can soak up "extra fear" before they make it out (might also be because I hardly go a game without using them). The poison spray (which I use 75% of the time probably) I belive is completely neccesary to achieve the "fear overload" response from the ants. It fires twice per second hitting every ant. In the end that is twelve shots per second. No gun can match that. I also usually use quickcannons but I have had it happen while using snipers. I never really try anything else so other options could be available as well.

    I don't believe you can achieve this consistenly and it is definetly possible this is just a random error that pops up in their AI to repeatedly follow the same script instead of following an exception and moving on to a different function (possible being the on tubaking spoke of where they ignore the shots realizing their to powerful.)
  • "It fires twice per second hitting every ant. In the end that is twelve shots per second. No gun can match that."

    that's wrong. flamers fire 12 times a second, so do machine guns (though I don't use either one more than about 5% of the time from their sucking so bad...).

    and if you're includeing aoe's as part of the criteria for 12 per second, electric cannons fire 3x a second with blowthrough to hit multiple ants, sonic cannons fire pulses that are just as large as the poison pulses, but they fire 4x a second... and jsut to really drive it home, the idiotic flamers (my most despised guns) fire 12 shots per second with aoe blowthrough hits that can hit every ant same as your poison to put poison damage to shame.

    you may have something with the containment issue with poison cannons though, the ants do like to advoid poison cannons alot more than other cannon types.
  • yes this could be useful. You definatly thought it through but could you please try it with some flamers and say the results (if you can even get the containment senario with flamers) because the main problem with poison is that it damages the ground it literally poisons the soil so you can't place turrets there. Maybe flamers won't (never used them) adn myabe the do more consitant damage the poison effect (like a burn effect) I will also check the diffrence from two.
  • I definetly have a lot to try out these next couple of days. I will probably post on Friday or Saturday with some results.

    The reason I have used poison so much to date is because you can get to level 40 without even thinking or spending money on anything besides this: place three cannons as close to the SE corner of the anthole, make the middle one a triple shot (you can afford that before the game starts), by level 15 you should be able to turn into poison (they only have 16 heatlh), by level 31 you should be able to upgrade it to level 2, and you won't need to worry until 40 (by which point you should have about 1600). Slightly off-topic but does anyone know the actual DPS of the Poison Spray? I belive the rank II has a DPS of about 20-30.
  • Well I was hoping to report back with groundbreaking information on "containing" the ants. . . But nothing has changed. No other staple guns have worked for me besides the quickcannons and snipers (although I haven't tried long-range cannons enough and I still think they would work). Machine guns are a joke (literally they make me laugh because they are so stupid), Flamers are a joke (but they're aren't funny), the sonic pulse doesn't do anything and the electric shock cannon, albeit interesting, didn't scare them. I still have never achieved containment without using the poison spray and the ice cannons and it only happens maybe 1/8 trys. So topic closed in my opinion. Although you can assist the ants to "glitch" and increase the chances of it happening it is still to random to say you can get it consistently. If anyone else has different results while trying this I would like to hear them.
  • is it really 1387 or 138?

    1387 is ridiculaous, and i could NEVER beklieve, unless hacked
  • wow! I would never get that far!:-0
  • wow! I would never get that far!:-O
  • O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But how, please post screens of ur 9432 score PLEASE or else I will dominate your soul:-D~:-(|)8-):-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*
  • i am testing the trapping method posted above and the ants fisrt broke through my containment area at lvl 45 when they finally had enough heaith to walk through it
    first i placed the 5 basic cannons and upgraded them each twice then upgraded to poisin 1 then the 2 quicks to first lvl each then to the second lvl and upgrade to ice 1's on each of those then a ice 2 working on upgrading to second ice 2 then to the poison 2 on the poison
  • just finished upgrading the original 5 cannons all the way and containment is not working
    nothing wheatsolo said is happening
  • level 64 containment is failing
    i got more money and am building extra quicks around first cannons ants seem to ignore cannons and go straight at first then just as they get outside the cannons and get poisoned and frozen they walk in little circles slowly dieing
  • level 66 ants seem to be getting stupid
    they get past my defences go straight to picnic area then go just to the left of it and 3-4 of them will play follow the leader going in little random circles staying just to left of cake and completly avoiding all damage
  • lvl 69
    ants seem to be walking in small random circles everywhere
    1-3 ants follow 1 other "leader ant"
  • level 71
    when "leader ant" dies or takes masive damage ants seem to wander amlessly them another "leader ant" takes over
  • level 75
    ants have stopped making circles and are now forming lines
    ground severly poisoned cant build anything within 5-6 blocks of poison cannon
  • level 76
    it seems as though poisoned ants poison ground behind them for 1-5 seconds and you cant build anything there during that time period
    ants have last piece of cake all hope may be lost
  • level 76
    just died 16875 points, containment mission completly; failed, scent analysis theory failed, fear factor theory undecided
    total 10 cannons
  • i tried this again and on lvl 75 i contained the ants for about 3 mins then it stopped working
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