Impact Cannons, Unseen Potential?

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While some people say that the Sniper and Quick cannons are the most useful (I agree, they are quite useful) I think that the Impact Cannon 2 may also be as useful. It has a damage synergy bonus, and it costs only $230. Sniper and Quick cannons don't get a synergy bonus until they're at the highest they can go (except Quicks which get a speed bonus at L3). I shall try a game utilizing the use of Impact Cannon 2 instead of electric cannons.


  • I finished my test. The Impact Cannon 2 is ineffective unless aided by an Ice Cannon. Try it if you want, but otherwise, it's not recommended unless demand for easy synergy damage is high.
  • i tried this before imapcts are innacurate i don't like them much
  • Yeah, I only tried this because it has a cheap and easy synergy bonus involved. Otherwise, there's no point in getting them unless you're getting an Ice Cannon.
  • it's not the inaccuracy, they do hit just fine, it's the extra 1,200 ish you spend per cannon over what it takes to make a quick4, or sniper3 that makes it junk. yes, cannon for cannon, it does MORE than snipers or quicks, but on a damage per dollar spent, you're better off with snipers or quicks since you will be waiting so much longer for the next cannon. toss in the pathetic range, and you've got a sure looser. the range is what's letting snipers beat quicks even though you get way more damage per quick, the simple fact that at best half your quicks are hitting while ALL the snipers are hitting is what lets snipers take the narrow lead in best gun.
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    Just leaving the Impact Cannon at level 2 is what I tried. It's an early synergy bonus, but it's worthless because they can't hit too well. It's like a deaf guy going to a concert; it's pointless.
    Oh, I'll also try replacing all other cannons (except Ice) with quicks and leave the snipers as they are. I'll hopefully see better results.

    Edit: Try-out run with no snipers and all quicks gave me better results than normal. I got to level 82 (an ant made it to the nest with only 45HP) instead of the normal late-70-something.
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    Actually I retried the Impact 2 test just for the hell of it, and actually I've set a personal record for no cake lost.
    If that isn't proof for cutting this cannon some slack, I don't know what is.
    Edit: Level 77, one piece of cake. Oh shi-
    Level 82- on the verge of setting a new personal record. Next cannon costs $5743. The ants seem to be avoiding the cake though. Suicidal perhaps?
    Lost on level 83. Not record-setting stuff, but definitely proof that Impact cannons are capable of miracles. And these Impacts weren't upgraded fully, but if they were, I could've set a new personal record.
  • impact cannons do have the highest damage potential, but they have no range, and are psychotically expensive. you can field more dps in snipers or quicks for the same price as impact cannons.
  • Impact 3 is psychotically expensive, but otherwise just using impact 2 got me to level 83. I've tried using Impact 3, but yeah, really expensive, early loss of cake- knowing me, I prefer not to lose cake before level 50.
  • I've lost 6 pices by level 10 and still made level 103 with dacian's sniper setup.

    when you loose the first pice makes no difference in the game. you do not get more money for haveing more cake. There's no reason to protect any of it beyond the last pice, or two pices since blockers can sometimes end a game early.

    Haveing more pices of cake means that more ants can heal at the same time by picking them up. I like looseing alot of cake early on.

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