possibly improved sniper setup

With the classic sniper setup (9 by hole + 2 ice) i never did it past level 95.

Trying a "reverse" Setup by the cake made me beat level 100 by the first try.



  • What if Quick cannons were used? Possible improvement?
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    I'm going to try a mix of both actually, Quicks toward the cake and Snipers towards the hole, in the same square layout.

    EDIT: Failed drastically, made it to 59 before quitting.
  • If you're going to use quicks, use ONLY quicks (and of course the 2 ice turrets). Do NOT mix quicks and any other type of weapon. the loss of synergy bonus to the quicks makes them mostly useless.
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    It wasn't the lack of synergy bonuses that brought me down, I thought it was the snipers that dragged me down. I've had more success with Quicks + Ice than Snipers + Ice.
    EDIT: Sorry, I'm not fond of snipers anymore.
  • Don't feel sorry, I was stubbornly attached to quick's when I was getting in the upper 90's every gamewith them and their 108 dps each, but after only a couple games with dacian's sniper setup, and some number crunching for dps (yes, snipers do half the dps) vs range, snipers are the clear winner.

    maybe this will help you understand:

    end game of the happy quick setup is ants hugging walls and getting hit by between 1/3 and 1/2 of the quick cannons. I'll be real nice to quicks, and use a full half. This damage is applied over a distance of 1 (actually 200 pixels, but setting a range 100 weapon at a value of 1 will make the math easy and it is proportionally accurate).

    I'm going to call the dps on snipers 100 (not 108, but then the quicks will take a nerfing of about 7 out of 57 so they take a larger hit for this example). we can give the snipers a damage rateing of 100. (that would be 100 dps x range (of 1)). Now, there's usually 14 cannons out by the end game, 2 are ice, so 12 quicks of which 6 will have range., so quicks have a final damage rateing of 600.

    snipers have a 56.something dps, so we'll round down to 50. by the end game, they will have a 210 range, also rounded down to 200 (easy math) giveing them a damage rateing of also 100 (in this case, 50 dps x 2 for the range as the range is double the quicks) the cost to build snipers vs quicks in nearly identical. if only half the guns were in range, then there would be no difference between snipers and quicks; however, ALL the snipers will be in range, so that's a final damage rateing of 1200, or double the quick damage. If you do the actual math, it's closer to 2.4x the damage for snipers over quicks and if you're being truely anal, it's nearly 3x the damage since most the time the quicks are dealing with only about 1/3 in range.

    On the other hand, we have the snipers being blocked by ants more effectively than quicks getting blocked for 2 very important reasons. 1. the good quick setup spreads the quicks out around the hole, so usually only 3 max are being blocked. and 2, even when an ant is blocking, teh firepower form quicks will chew it to shreads way faster than snipers. (the total dps output of quicks is higher than the total dps putput of snipers. it's the ability to kill 1 ant (the ant with the cake) where snipers kick the snot out of quicks.

    I love quicks, but they just don't have enough range to be able to really defend the hole.
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    It depends where you put the quicks, because they lack the bark, but have the bite. Snipers with massive range do get blocked frequently- Quicks don't due to their shorter range. But with the right placement we can get more usage out of quicks. Plus I usually only get 10 or 11 cannons per game. :( If we place some near the hole and cake and place the rest across the board then we could get more usage out of quicks. But because I keep forgetting that, I lose quicker.

    I just don't like snipers, they haven't done much good for me in the past. They've failed me too many times to earn my trust. D:

    EDIT: After some number crunching, Quick cannons cost $1595 to get from Basic to Quick 4. Multiply that by 6 and I've spent $9570 on Quicks. Take off $138 and that's the cost of 6 Sniper 3's, plus half the dps and more range. Save $23 for half dps and increased range (synergies included) and speed? I'm not sure if it's worth it, if for $23 more you get double the dps and shortened range, increased frequency plus damage and speed synergies.
  • X9, I've done the same arguements for quicks stubbornly for about a month till I tried dacian's sniper setup. I hit 100+ first game with it. Yes, increased range increases the blockage by other ants. yes, once you have 10 or so cannons, the quicks do double the dps, but snipers get double the range, so do 1/2 the dps 2x as long, and all are in range while you're gimped on NOT haveing all your quicks in range. (I still love quicks, but SNIPERS ARE BETTER). I've been playing with alot of different sniper setup's, Dacian's origional placement seems to be the most efficient, it's simply a matter of where the ice cannons actually go relativve to it.
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    I tried dacian's sniper setup, and I lost a piece of cake by a level 1 ant. How shameful is that? Need I say more? Snipers fail me.
    My basic expectation of a design: If I don't lose any cake by level 50, the design is a success. If not, then to hell with it (not saying that dacian's setup sucks, it just failed me).
  • it's not teh first pice lost that matters, it's when you loose the last pice. That last pice defence is where dacian's setup rules.
  • Which cannons would you recommend to start with on dacian's setup?
  • Snipers is what I've seen him use.
  • I believe you start with the two closest 2 the hole (just quik 1s) and then set up your impact cannons (that later turn into the Ice 1 then Ice 2) then upgrade those 2 to full snipers.
  • snipers.

    you start with 2 cannons. upgrade one to a quick1, one to sniper1

    as soon as possible (around level 2) upgrade the other quick 1 to sniper 1.

    upgrade both to sniper 2's then sniper 3's.

    after you have 2 maxed snipers, build a third maxxed sniper, then 4th, and 5th sniper. maxing each new one before building a new one.

    plant your 2 ice cannon 1's, and upgrade them to ice 2.

    then keep building snipers till the game is over one at a time,a nd maxing it.
  • Yeah all I wanted to know what which ones on the diagram I should start with.
  • FoxFox
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    ...here an "alternative" sniper-setup...

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    yea this is what i've been tryin

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    Indeed I used kind of the same setup and I reached 102 without a problem, but then I lost the last cake. Nice work!!
    Below you can see the version with numbers on it:
    Hereafter is the breakdown of the actions I took
    1) I placed lvl 1 of turrets 1, 2 and 3
    2) I upgraded 1 and 2 to impact
    3) I upgraded 3 to Sniper lvl 3
    4) I built turret 4 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3
    5) I built turret 5 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3
    6) I built turret 6 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3
    7) I upgraded both 1 and 2 to Ice 1 and then to Ice 2
    8 ) I built turret 7 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3
    9) I built turret 8 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3
    10) I built turret 9 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3
    11) I built turret 10 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3
    12) I built turret 11 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3
    13) I built turret 12 and then upgraded it to Sniper lvl 3

    ... and then I lost the cake ... but I was a bit tired (almost 2 am) and I was quite lazy in "picking" ants with the crosshair, so maybe I could have got a better lvl otherwise

    Sry for the bad Paint skills, hope you'll understand well
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    It's all good, supreme paint skills don't matter as long as the gist of the message gets across. Plus, the written strategy works too. :P

    Edit: Set a new personal record: level 90. http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m168/Alex_Mins/ab-lvl90-2.png
    I now hate the number 1241.
  • http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m168/Alex_Mins/ab-lvl96-2.png
    29th in the Canadian group? I'd say that's pretty good for me. :D
  • FoxFox
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    And another one.
  • For those of you who use missiles, DON'T but if you do don't upgrade them to L2 because it is a waste
    of money as both levels of missile do the some damage.

    You are much better off with snipers and ice because i once got to level 98 with them and people are
    even getting +1008-);-)
  • what do u mean "I DIDNT FIND THAT"???????:-|
  • what part of it do u not disagree with?
  • the part i dont agree with is.............dont upgrade them its a waste of time.................:-|
  • i think that it is better to get more L1 missiles than L2 because they both do around the same damage:-(
  • first of all you said it does the same damage..........now you claim that they do around the same damage:-(do you know what you really mean.
  • in my first comment i accidentaly put they do the same damage sorry:`(

    i tried the game with L1 missiles and ice and i got to level 78
    then i tried it with L2 missiles and ice and i got to level 75 (but i
    wasn't consentrating very hard), so yes the L2 missiles are (probably) better but
    personaly i don't like missiles that much.:-)

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