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How I got to lvl 82 is I had my first 4 cannons around the hole, but do not put one of the cannons in the center of around the hole. That will be your 5th cannon. Upgrade the middle one to poison,the top and bottom quick cannons, and the ones that are left will be ice. Keep on upgrading until they get to maxium or ants get through. When they are maxium, you do not worry about them no more. If ants get through, put 2 cannons in the middle and upgrade them to maxium sniper. If they STILL get through, put 3 cannons around the cake. Make the middle one ice. And the other ones sniper. Then upgrade them all to maxium. Finally do what ever you want. Put cannons all over the place and make them ice, snipers,lasers, and the impact cannon is my best advice. Hope this helps!!!!:-D8-):-);-)


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    Impacts, poison and lasers aren't that great- lots of money for little good done. Snipers, Ice and Quicks are the best combo. Ice slows them down, snipers have the punch, and quicks take them down a notch. The system works- give it a try and you will get better results. :-D
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    @ crapdragon123: No I'll stay in regular school thanks (idiot). If telling the truth gets that sort of reaction from an idiot, then you should go to the International Hall of Idiots. I looked it up. There is such a thing. Talk with your fellow idiots there, idiot.

    @ Katiegiant: snipers, ice, and quicks work without the impacts, poison and lasers- results will improve- and cost less. MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET IS GOOD TO KILL TEH ANTZ!
    EDIT: Snipers are optional, but Quicks should be used in combination with Ice- refer to this image:

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