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do you think there will be a ant buster version 2.0

type what you think


  • There's going to be a v2.0 sooner or later, but first there has to be 1.3-1.9, and then 2.0, and then the pattern continues...
  • hey can i join this group:-D:-)
  • i know they should be:-D~:-D~:-D~:-D~:-):-):-):-):-D:-D:-D:-D:-O:-O:-O:-O;-);-);-);-)
  • i say there should be another antbuster. it was a fairly original td and a lot more can be done wit it. the multiplier effect was a great idea that they added since the first antbuster. the barrier was a good attempt, it just needs more tuning for it to be liked. also i am wondering if the maker could give us a clue to how the ants move or if their is some way we can manipulate these ants path even a little it could help a lot. i dunno, more towers would be great or maybe there could be a shop for overall upgrades like they do in other td's. i don't have any really original ideas except ones that they have used in other td's. however i strongly suggest it. quality is very good and the idea is pretty damn original. 0:-):`(:-D~:-(|):-|:-(:-)8-):-D:-*=-):-O;-)
  • yah! please let there be 2.0, but like what # X9319 said, there should be 1.3 and so on..:-D
  • can you even play ant buster on this website? all you do is talk about it. :-(
  • go to the home page of the website then scroll down
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