Best turret to turn ants away?

Ive tried the flame thrower, its alright, but I'm looking for one that is bombtastic. Btw is there a website where I have unlimited money and I can unofficially try theories out?


  • yes, just search for antbuster hack
  • The only one I've heard of using is the flame thrower, nothing else seems to repel the ants at a higher level. But I'm going to experiment with flame throwers.
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    I like poison sprays because they confused and disorietent the ants as well as repel them. I can't say they work better than flamethrowers, because I have never used a flamethrower. Also, I have found that when you place your target on an ant, it runs away (most of the time) which is useful if one has a piece of cake. ;-) btw, double cannon 3 does major damage and is quite effective for me. :-(|)
  • I have experimented ALOT with all of the cannons. Flame throwers consistantly make you loose faster than just useing the default cannons you have when you plant one. They are by far the worst cannon in the game.

    As far as the best goes, snipers seem to be the winners even though other cannons do more damage.

    the most damageing cannon is the impact 3, but it's high cost and low range make it a very bad choice.

    Quick cannons and flamers tie for second for damage, but flamers incredibly short range and the speed boost ants get when hot make them worse than useless. Quicks therefore do the most damage period. Unfortunately, they lack the range needed to put up a proper defence, and you end up with ants hugging a wall and only getting hit with half the cannons at best.

    upgraded electric towers also do alot of damage, but are very expensive to build. this is slightly made up for by their ability to do blow through and hit lots of ants at the same time. short range once again reduces the effective of theese.

    snipers have plenty of range, and enough damge that a pile of them will chew throuh an ant as fast as half your quick cannons (since they do about half the damage of a quick cannon at the end game) cost the same low amount as a wuick and can get nearly double the range letting their half damage be applied twice as long and with 2x as many guns letting the actual damage to 1 ant be higher with a wimpy weapon than with the much better dps quicks. This is why the most successfull tactics use snipers. The only down side to it is that other ants often wander around blocking shots from the snipers so the ant you want to hit is shielded.

    missles are a looseing case. They cause alot of lag, and don't do enough damage to justify the use.

    Lasers can do blowthrough, but stop at the targeted ant, so to get multiple ants damaged at once, you have to target the one farthest away-and they do too little damage.

    double/tripple cannons simply don't do enough damage to jsutify the pathetic range. Even with all bullets from each shot hitting, they do less dps than quicks, snipers, impact or electric cannons.

    sonic cannons suck. too expensive for too little damage. nice blowthrough though.

    machine guns have deffinate potential, but the spread ont hem is way too bad to be useable. most of the time, 50% or more miss from the spread, and they are only really effective if the ant is ajacant to the gun.

    Long range cannons do the same damage per shot that snipers do and at way longer ranges, but just seem to be missing something. I can hit high 90's with them most of the time (planting them all int he middle of the screen with 2 ice cannons at the hole, and 2 more at the cake) letting the long range cannons shoot constantly, but the slow rate of fire jsut ruins the effectiveness.

    ice is manditory. not for the damage, but for the slow down. you HAVE to have 2 upgraded ice cannons to be competative. yes, you "can" slow an ant all the way down with ice1, but you'll have to try both out to really understand. you won't notice the difference when moveing form ice 1 to ice 2's, but after a few games of ice 2, try one with ice 1's instead, and you will NEVER go back too not upgradeing your ice towers. the ice 2's simply hit more often and freeze faster.

    bariers are almost as much of a waste as flamers, but at least barriers can kill an ant that's past level 1.

    Boomerangs... I've been playing around alot with theese and getting in the upper 70's with them. I'm fairly sure that once I figure out the right setup, they can hit 100+ liek missles, they lie about the damage done with hitting. they seem to do their listed damage every frame that the ant is in contact with the boomerang. if I can get the ants to go in a clockwise circle from the hole to the cake and back, I'm sure the boomerangs can out damage quicks as the path of the projectile will match the path of the ant, and stay on the ant for a longer time. do NOT build a boomerang ajacent to a wall, the shots are lost when launching the wrong direction.

    Poison cannons do nice damage (about 100 damage) to ants with alot of it being dmaage over time. multiple poison cannons only will re poison the ants, so it's good to ONLY use 1 poison cannon at the hole, and one poison cannon near the cake. they do blow through. Theese work well with missle/ice or boomerang/ice setups, not so well with sniper, or any other cannons with synergies as the loss of 1-2 cannons worth of synergies usually costs more in synergy damage/range than you get for 100-200 damage per ant. For any guns that don't get synergy damage/range bonuses, go ahead and use a poison turret or two, but make sure that you plant the base turrets for other guns BEFORE you upgrade your poison cannon as it will poison the ground preventing you from being able to make new turrets within the range of the poison turret.
  • Nice analysis, Dominion. Tks!
  • good analysis but i got lvl 94 with missiles
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    although upgraded missiles say only 32 damage they realy do 100 i have tested this . bacause of this my dad and me always use lots of them .they have good range to but they lag the computer A LOT.:-(|)

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