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Does anyone have a setup without using snipers all the time that can possibly hit 95 Plus with ?

Quicks and Snipers seem to be random as the ants either get too smart and evade or they seem to get super fast as you target them or some sort of unbeatable armor for a short period of time in the more advanced levels.

Its like a hit or miss to get past 93.

Any ideas out there ?



  • i use missiles and ice and usually reach the 90s. have hit 100 a few times.
  • Barnie, can you show me your screen shot? I tried 8 snipers and 3 ice. I got level 91. Ponk, how did you deploy your cannons? :-)
  • 8-)How do you post a screen shot here? I dont have a webpage to link a link.

    Ive gotton up to 9 cannons and 3 ice to level 95 and 96, but lately its not even been working. I put in launchers to sub for some of the cannons and it gets worse at level 90 91 the ants just get furious and head directly for the hole. Especially as you approach a new gun amount like the 2253 price or the3 1700 price or 1100 price. Even when you get to upgrade a ice cannon at a price of 1300. Its like they are anticipating the new money amount, and than they all swarm the cake and change the route they were taking prior to the level ups.

    Without using the Trainer, the Money Cheat hack or having access to the programing the from the website the game is used to track the scores, i really dont see how someone is not somehow manipulating the game to get over level 96.

    Quick cannons, snipers and launchers seem to be the only effective weapons, even repositioning them at the later levels to trick the ants into a different path makes the ants get super aggressive and hard shelled on the next round they come out of the hole.

    Unless there is a specific path the ants follow with exact gun placements, the only conclusion i have for the over 100s is they are being allowed to cheat the game and get away with it.

    Whats a good way to screen shot the photo for you ?8-)
  • this is a 100 lvl game that i captured a screen shot of...
  • Thank you Barnie and p0nk. I don't know how to post the screen shot. p0nk, can you help us to know how to post a screen shot? Can I use google blog? Today I tried with quick cannon and ice, I got level 94. Thank you very much.:-)
  • I found a way to make the ants move up the map from the cake untill the 11th gun goes to full power. The ant travels up to the right corner, than back down towards the cake than up again to the middle of the map than to the hole.

    Positioning the guns to bombard the path works till level 88 to 92 depending on when you upgrade your guns.

    Im trying to reposition guns as the AI takes over.

    Also the ants do always path the same, however, they become smart at a power up or as it gets within 200 cash of the next power up.

    Would be nice if others out there know of paths ants take based on weapons positions and types.

    Could be the level 100s have figured out pathing, but dunno, takes 45 mins to play a game to 95, im sure the tongue is not loose if that amount of game time is invested.

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    Heres one that is a challenge but is fun. You start with Snipers at the cake and transition to FIRE !!!

    Its fun and requires you to target multiple targets quickly to confuse the ants that are aggressive.

    This is the one i use to Snipe:

    http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk284/BrewskieGuzzler/ants20.jpg :-*

    http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk284/BrewskieGuzzler/ants2-1.jpg :-D~

    http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk284/BrewskieGuzzler/ants1-3.jpg :-D~

  • for posting screenshots, you can use one of the free image hosting services like http:\\www.photobucket.com to store your images.
  • I've just got 80, and the last match only 79 ! :`(
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v168/pchown2001/level100.jpg <<<<< So imagine ! But I think that its too risky ! :-| 'cause maybe ants can get away from the direct way from hole to cake, how about the right and left side ? :-O
  • http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk284/BrewskieGuzzler/ants2-1.jpg <<<<< I'm trying this strategy ! Its seem to be work well ! Thanks Brewskie ! :-D~
  • i have money hack i have to lvl i think it is 102 101 or 103
  • http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/3878/antbusterlvl99gl5.jpg
  • desert said: "i have money hack i have to lvl i think it is 102 101 or 103"

    So there's a money hack, eh? We've always called those cheats, and that certainly explains why there are so many over level 100 in this game. :P
  • Been working on this layout. Still may need some tweeking. What I do is start with 2 cannons by the cake and watch the pattern of the ants. I try to build these cannons to their max (if the ants allow) then place and build in the areas the ants are choosing for their path. This was the first time I got to 12 maxed cannons/ice.

    ant.jpg 94.6K
  • Kupk, your setup is just another variation of the setup I tried here http://rstein.org/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=77&page=1#Item_19
  • ok guys....you want to know the secret????????????????????????????????????

    Here it is............................

    the taiwanese are very clever, they new about this and didn't share, but I'm going to let the cat out of the bag.........

    to move up levels quickly...target the highest level ant on the board. Make sure you don't lose your last piece of cake.:-*
  • what do the taiwanese have to do with antbuster?:-(
  • is there going to be an antbuster 2? that would be sick!!!!!!!!!:-D~:-D:-);-)=-)0:-)
  • am i the only one on??!!!!!!!!!!!!

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