How are people getting to lvl 125....I mean, seriously.

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I've tried tons of different strats and spent countless hours playing and the highest level I ever made was 93. I don't know what these guys are doing but I know I've tried just about everything except it. Anyways, If you have some GOOD tips/build strats I'd appreciate it.


  • Lvl 104 here, but i think they are cheating! :-(
  • example look

    i thought what a great game because 1st cake lost on lvl 87 but...

    < 2 mins later:

    the and:
  • Guys i got some hints.. sure im no good and every now and then i just get bored waiting to upgrade/buy a cannon so i just leave the game. But if u want to get really high what you should do is as soon as you start playing buy as many cannons as you can and just place them near the hole where the ants come out. spread them out a bit and just let that go until you can get another and another cannon.. when you get to the point where the ants are getting stronger start upgrading your cannons then. By near the end you should have the whole area with cannons... when they are all to the best they can be then just leave them and sooner or later you will get really high in your levels. This took my sister hours to get and a long time to acturlly suceed but im sure you will live 8-) :-) :-D~ ;-) :-(|) :-* =-) 0:-)
  • i was lucky and got them stuck in one place all time and...look at picture :)))
  • To Cvrle
    I tried, but i dont can to get to lvl 122.
    What the order of positioning the canons?
    Thanks in advance
  • As far as I can tell what courses this AI flaw is that getting damage seems to have a big chance of making the ants move in opposite direction. Maybe a certain amount of dmg is needed before they want to run away, which in his case and my case(Flamers ftw!).

    Maybe the way to get to this point with the greatest chance is one maxed upgraded poison and one maxed upgraded ice tower. (Is what I had and what I seen everyone else that incounted this AI flaw got) Now that I only have flamers I noticed that if I target ONE ant the others start to bounce around a bit. once I untarget I assume my damage are evently hitting all the ants.. Now that I reached quite a high level the ants startet bouncing all of a sudden... the hp also went up to around 100k!! which makes me assume that how much dmg you deal to an ant have a huge impact on making it move away from your tower!

    (when they bounce a bit they get within range of some more of my Flamers so they tend to fall back in place for now...)

    Anyway I will have to post this game up within an hour anyway so even if I dont die you should see my score in about an hour ^^ (tomorrow I will attempt to get this flaw again and see if I can run it a full day and make a truelly crazy highscore :P)
  • Gesuma, how did you manage to get that built? I know that if you can hit a critical level of flamers, thy stop being the worst gun in the game and get godly, but durring the build up, they are counter productive and get you killed because of their amazeing ant speed up ability.

    What guns did you build to get enough cash together to make enough flamers at 1 time to make it feasable? (the only way I ever managed to get enough flamers was to go to a cheat site and spend a frigging ton of money on them to get soemthing like what you've got).
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    Urgh... sorry I just noticed how UNREADABLE my msg was -_-

    Anyway what I meant to say is that the AI of the ant patch finding has some flaws. depending on where, when you place your cannons and just how the random of the ant movement act they can end up with a insane big chance of staying in place.

    I had roughly covered the ant hole with the 5 cannons closes to the hole, with the top one and bottom left one being top upgraded freeze towers and the one I have tagged on the picture was upgraded to max poison(first I build all 5 non upgraded towers. Then I upgraded the poison tower to max then the two freeze towers). Somehow the ants, during these upgrades, got stuck in that one place you can see ant in the image. And they NEVER moved more than a few inches from that place.

    With that my poison tower simply killed them while my top freeze tower keept them slow for all the way up to level 102 or so.. Then I had finally earned enough money for my fire towers to reach the ants. I experiemented with removing the freeze towers first making them into fire, and later the poison tower since the poison towers dmg was way to slow...

    The Ants never did break their stuck movement.

    I wish I could had done more testing but from what I have seen I actually think that the only think that affect the ants chance to change movement is how many times an ant have moved in a specific direction from the square they are moving from. Which means if by some strange luck they keep picking the same route the greater the chance of them picking that route will be untill they have no choice... having a 0,0001 chance to move in another range when then instanttly after that again have to to breake 0,0001 chance not to get back into the stuck path... well it is very unlikely.

    How to get there is practicly impossible to frabricated on your own. You need LUCK! (or bad luck however you look at it). But one idea could be to build a way to kill specific ants fast! and kill ants that move away from a path most of them seem to follow around the hole untill they all simply move around that one place!

    A way to FIX this bug would be to have the ants path finding reset at points or simply to put in a max limit for the chance of guiding the ants. (Should not be HARD to implement but I guess the coder is busy with other things....)

    btw, notice how I have some odd holes in my line of towers in the image? Well that is the curse of the poison tower bug... luckly poison ants didnt die allover the place so I would not have been able to use fire towers with their short range.

  • thats is one hell of a strategy!:-D~
  • I mean Lv. 95 is the end, to get higher you need very, very luck or cheat.
  • some times luck can give u a higher score .but if you dont have skill all the luck in the world wont get you to englands no 1.thats me by the way.
  • I see in score you are a little good in this game, you have trained your skill, setup and strategy in a lot of matches.
    I play the game about a week, take tips from Forum (Thanks people like you) and get Lv. 93 1X.
    Most matches ends at Lv. 8+ for me, but hope get No. 1 in Austria, like you in england.
    The reasen for me: learn from good gamers, tips from forum and sometimes make it like the grabbling beasts,
    have a K-Bong and Piece of cake.;-)
  • hi luis did u no all score of 3800 or over are most likely to b cheats .i c someone called idefix is in top place in austria u r 3rd how does this make u feel
  • There are not so much Players in group Austria, so i think is no grade for me, idefix is cheating, so stan is in moment the challenge,but i say it befor, gaming is fun for myself.

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