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I have seem to have reached a roadblock somewhere around the levels 80-85. I have tried the different strategies mentioned in the forums, quick cannons, and sniper cannons, etc.

What i think I am doing wrong is as the level of the ants get as high the 80s it gets so much more important to target single ants and i am just not fast enough to get them. I have also tried to keep as many ants as I can at a very low amount of energy.

Does anyone have any advice to get a guy who is on the top of his medium difficulty skill level advance to playing on hard with the top leagures?


  • no, i'm getting well into the 80s without ice.
    ofcourse i'm using ice.
  • there's 2 ways guaranteed to get you to 90+ every game, both involve 2 ice turrets (with at least one upgraded to ice 2) and snipers.

    the setups are identical.

    place a cannon 8 squares in from both sides useing either the ant hill (My perferred setup) or the cake as the corner. (so for ant hill, it's 8 squares off the left side, and 8 squares down from the top), for the cake, use the other two sides).

    place 2 more turrets to cover the gaps, 3 squares in from the walls forming a right triangle with the first cannon. (theese two will be sold off later).

    upgrade the two temp ones to sniper 1's.

    upgrade the corner one to sniper3.

    sell off the 2 sniper 1's.

    the remaining cannon is a corner of a 3x3 square of snipers that will be the closest one to either the hole, or the cake depending on which side you choose.

    start building away from your side of choce keeping the 3x3 square of cannons as tightly packed as possible.

    build 1 cannon at a time, and fully upgrade it.

    after you have 4 sniper 3's (fully upgraded), plant 2 ice cannons off the center squares of the eventual 3x3 grid. (jsut make them ice 1 for now).

    continue makieng sniper3's.

    when you're down to 2 pices of cake, upgrade the ice cannon on the side the ants perfer to ice 2.

    if the ants keep staying on only one side, you can go back to snipers.

    if they change and start in on the side with the ice 1, you'll have to upgrade it.

    upgradeing away from the side you want them going generally keeps them where you want them.

    (so for cake defence, if you want them comeing accrost the top side tot he cake, build on the left side of your 3x3 grid of snipers).

    ants like going to the side with less guns, and snipers have plenty of range. abuse it.

    ant hill defence is better for keeping most ants with very little health, and is a faster game. cake defence lets the ants be frozen and in range of your snipers for a longer time. it's a trade off.

    when you have enough to build a 12th tower,place it on the opposite side of the cluster you have. (so cake defence, plant it near the ant hill, for hill defence, let it reach the cake).

    if you click on build a tower, then click on a sniper, it will show you the range of the sniper when it's fully upgraded (close enough, it will actually be bigger because of synergy bonuses) use this to get it as far as possible from the cake, or ant hill, but still be able to reach it.

    as far as strategy, that chages from game to game depending on what the ants do, the only constant is that the ONLY pice of cake that matters is the last pice. I often let the ants steal all but 2 before level 5-just to keep them from regenning so much.
  • i just made it to lvl 77 using a killer stratige! i put 5 cannons up by the hole and the one in the middle i changed to a poisen spray and the other ones i upgraded to triple cannon 2. then i put three missle launchers in a line from the hole to the cake and the one closest to the cake i upgraded it to missle launcher 2.then just target the ants carefully and youl make it really far. i would of made it farther but when my last peice of cake was an milemeter away from the hole i killed it but it still said cake over.
  • dominion's strategy is actually pretty close to what i've been using. i can get my cannons going without making the two sniper1s then selling them. i always upgrade my 2 ice cannons to ice 2 after i've built 4 sniper3s in a square. i wonder if the speed of my computer affects how well my cannons do with killing the ants. still stuck in the 80s.
  • i found that i can get a greater score. (into the 90s) with long range cannons and ofcourse the 2 ice cannons (fully upgraded) than what i can ever do with snipers.
  • try 3 upgrade ice and 8 or 9 sniper to b placed 1 at the top 1 at the middle and 1 at the bottom..not near hole or cake bur like the middle if u get what mean got level 100 the other day ..and to day level 99 and points about 28150
  • i'm getting scores like you these days with quicks and snipers. i can't quite get it that high with long range cannons like i was trying earlier. this thread helped me out. lets keep it going for those who don't post but ask the same questions.
  • unless long range cannons are hiting ants straight on or they are iced .they miss a fair bit
  • anti virus programes use plenty of computer resorce .if you dare ture off your anti virus program and c if antbuster runs better

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