The ANCE are on the move

:-D~:-D~:-D~ANCE:All Non Cheaters Everywhere:-D~:-D~:-D~

Thanks to all for posting non cheating scores, and even moving up in position.
:-D:-D:-D #18 :-D:-D:-D

Czech will be next to move under ANCE. Keep 'em coming!!!! And remember:

:-D~:-D~:-D~ ANCE make ants DIE! :-D~:-D~:-D~


  • i am playing for ance right now
  • :-D:-D:-D #16 :-D:-D:-D

    :-D~:-D~:-D~ Look out czech :-D~:-D~:-D~
  • join group ANCE now or we will anihalate you and your group we are currently #16 and only have 3-6 players when more join we will control everything even Adolf Hitler's body and all his forces
  • :-D~:-D~:-D~ Keep up keeping the ants down :-D~:-D~:-D~

    ANCE will kill the ants to over take France :-D

    Great job Michael taking #2 spot. Just one more left ;-)

    Thank You Lilly for your comments. I figured some people would like to play the right way. Cheating seems boring. Who needs that. Keep 'em posting to ANCE :-)

    BTW, I have troble with the 90's. I have a great set up, and then the cake carring ant will find soem others to use as picks to block my sniper shots. I want armor piercing rounds. Taget the cake ant, and it goes though anything in its way.

    :-D~:-D~:-D~ ANCE and ants, ants go down and so will France :-D~:-D~:-D~
  • Denius writes:
    "BTW, I have troble with the 90's. I have a great set up, and then the cake carring ant will find soem others to use as picks to block my sniper shots. I want armor piercing rounds. Taget the cake ant, and it goes though anything in its way."

    Yeah, I know that problem. Try to avoid it by spreading the cannons, but then they are relatively weak, so it didn't really work out.

    Right now I try an all quicks setup with just two icers at the cake. You'll see the result in about an hour or so ;-))

  • edited January 2009
    Good Luck Lilly. I've tried every line up I can think of. The best is 2 ice by the cake with one sniper. Then a sniper by the hole with 2 ice flanking the sniper as far out, but still covering the sniper. Then just build either in a line, load by the hole, or load by the cake. All of them in the 90's, but no level 100 :`(
    YET!!! =-)

    :-D~ Go, go ANCE :-D~
  • edited January 2009
    :-D~:-D~:-D~:-D~ Dead ants, via ANCE, down goes France :-D~:-D~:-D~:-D~


    0:-) Good job to all the non cheaters. We are showing them! 0:-)

    I hope to see #11 when I return to work tonight ;-)
  • sorry, I am a freelancer, but I have to work from time to time, too.

    The quicks setup didn't work out, btw. Best so far: Two icers at the cake, three snipers at the hole, rest of snipers near the cake or in between. though this brought me to lvl 90, only.

  • edited January 2009
    Close to #11, but no banana :-(|)

    :-D~:-D~:-D~ Go, Go ANCE, goodbye ants.
    :-D~:-D~:-D~ One small step to take Promon, one giant leap to the TOP TEN!!!

    ...and englandno1 said it couldn't be done :-O
  • edited January 2009
    Lilly, try your sniper set up with 2 more icers as far from the flanks of the hole but overlapping a center hole sniper. With the four icers, usually you only need to upgrade one to the max, near the cake. This keep 'em slow. And slow ants, are dead ants and good for ANCE :-D~

    I've been trying different cannons tonight for the Hades of it all. All will be done with 2-4 icers.
    I'll be editing this block as the week goes on :-)

    Sonics- level 46. Good to get by picks, bad range and damage
    Double IV- level 71. Good range and damage, but the double shots miss half the time
    Double Quicks- level 67. Good damage and hit ratio. Too slow to build the range up
    Long Range III- level 76. Great range. Good damage, but speed too slow to hit full speed ants
    Laser- level 75. Good damage, but range is lacking for focus fire. Once fired, passing ants are hurt too
    Electric- level 75. Good for picks, but not enough zap for the higher end ants.
    *Boomerang- level 83. Great for picks. Good damage and range. Low damage if ants are close to cannon. No compound
    effects. May tweek some more. This was my best for this cannon.
    Missiles- level 83. Decent for picks due to splash. Great range and on paper, great damage, but the frequency kills it.
    Poison- level 74. Great for picks. Higher level ants seem to ignore them.

    >When I look at cannons and stats, I look for the amount of damage done in a given amount of time. For example: missles have massive 36 damage, but multiply the frequency and you get 12 damage per second. Where as snipers have 16 damage (24 less), but multiply the frequency and you get 57.8 damage per second.

    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
  • I guess I have to work on where to place the cannons. Level 86 despite 7 fully upgraded snipers.
    didnt upgrade the icers as they covered all holes. But maybe it's worth upgrading them as they do freeze much better as Ice II.

    thanks for your trials. For quicks and long range I came to the same conclusions. I also tried poison and flamethrowers but - well, forget them. Flamethrowers have wonderful damage but so short range and as the ants quicken they're out of reach in half a second. And poison is simply way too weak.

    Keep on killing! :-D~

  • I have also joined the non cheaters, i have not and never will cheat.

    Happy dead ants.

  • awesome the more the better (players not ants) ANCE up to 11th
  • if not already ance will have cheaters in the group.
  • @evilclive: Wellcome. :-*

    @Denius: Triples lvl 72. Not bad, but rather short range and damage not good enough for the high levels.
  • @englandno1
    Well, honny soit qui mal y pense.
    up to now i can't see cheaters.

  • no cheaters are allowed in ANCE we will delete there scores (if possible)
  • :-)Lilly try keeping your snipers in groups instead of spreading them out, that way they will all be able to target the ant with your cake.

    You may not do this good, a lot depends on the order you place your cannons, how you target the ants and whether your blessed wiht a lot of stupid ants.:-)
  • what level would you start deleting score .....and how would you delet
  • edited January 2009
    :-D~:-D~:-D~:-D~ ANCE killing ants to make Brasil dance :-D~:-D~:-D~:-D~
    :-D Top 10 :-D On the horizon :-D Full speed ahead all ANCErs :-D

    -englandno1: I don't even know if scores can be deleted. Just wishful thinking to keep the ANCE ideal pure. So far, so good on the postings though. Care to post one or two of your own?

    -pj1114: Nice set up on the grouping.

    And can anyone explain to me how to get the pics to photobucket? I am not very computer savy. :`(
  • there are a few postings from me
  • there are 13 postings from me a few more than you....
  • steveslater? =-) did not know. Must have missed that one. I work too much. :-(|)

    Thanks for the help.
  • just quick question for denius styx you use anything else in your set ups ...other than ice and snipers
  • I've been using all kinds this week. I've been editting a block on this discussion on my progress. Snipers and ice seem to have the best results. I've used 1 max posion in the sniper set up and seemed to do well. Forget the level, think it was the mid 80's or so. But keep an eye on the block. I'll continue adding more when I get the chance.
  • ok thanks...what set up did you use in your highest score
  • ANCE
    Congratulation on getting as high in the ranks as you have, but how much higher do you think you are going to get? If you look at the players scores in the other groups you see that you guys don`t play any better than they do. Your score has been going up simply because you gained a few players, more players means more points even if you don`t play better than they do.
  • thank you for congrade s.not posted my best score in is proberly correct that we are moveing on up the board because ,more players are joining.but thats the same for all groups.ance was started mainly because we wanted only none cheaters in far as how much higher can i go, perhaps that might depend on if i ever find the best place for flamers they score high but are hard to control the ants

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