Lambda Chi's Call For Greatness

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If you are a Lambda Chi supporter, then don't quit on us now!!. We are quickly moving up the ranks, but we cannot overtake Taiwan without you! If you play for us, time to put on your game face. Lets overthrow these guys!!!

We would especially like to thank:

rawwr, mitchell morgan, Nashco, LilNicky, for all your support.


  • Youre Obsessed with Boobies!

  • "boobies?" the taiwanese are HACKERS for gods sake. perhaps you guys are too, but overtrow taiwan? your CRAZY if we don't actually quit whatever we're supporting now and join one thing together. otherwise, you have no hope of overthrowing taiwan. Sorry
  • If they're hackers, then boobies should make them want to get off the computer since pretty much all hackers have a desire for boobies- no matter how small it is. Pun not intended.
  • Taiwan are cheating Craps and no one on earth can stop them unless we form a giant guy out of bodyparts and peanut butter reinforced with steel that is as smart as Einstein and can measure whether or not a strategy will work. Then we have a chance.
  • edited December 2007
    your right kevin, but i think the will power of some can over thro the mass of many, just look at the ranks, some of those people are getting 60s 70s and 80s and soloing it, getting that far, well, thats proves it, if you have great will power, team up. Maybe make a new group full of determined people who have no life and can play 24/7. That's it we need a uber nerd group =D like mine lol (i'm not sugesting that you join, only if you have nothing better to do)
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