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when you buy electric towers they give a group bonus to all other electric towers "of same tech" now the tower upgrade cost 16xx and it counts as a new class tower so you lose your bonus to all the other electric (tech 1)

you need to fix that with a group setup so all electiric towers are one group or lowerig the cost for an upgrade by 80% since 16xx is way to much if you lose 7 damage from towers around you and gain 7 from the upgrade.


  • It is true for all towers with similarity bonus, not only electric ones.
    And I agree with you, An electirc tower level 2 should give similarity bonus to the electric level 1 (for example), Maybe the opposity shouldn't be true.

    Or, even better, in the opposite case the higher level tower shoud receiver a minor bonus when together with a lower level tower and a major bonus with a same level/higher level tower.

    And it would be cool if more tower received bonus by similarity (Or/and you could make something like a complementarity bonus with different towers giving bonus to other towers.
  • Electric tower have a bonus?


    Will they get me to 100? I've only gotten to 83 with my mixxles and ice cannons .
  • I don't think so, Ampbuster,
    Try it with Roket-Towers.
    Put them infront of the spawningzone of
    the Ants, and put 2 ice-towers around the rocket-towers ;)
  • Yes, electric towers have bonus and other towers two, but not all towers.
    Missile Towers and Ice Towers, for example, Doesnt have bonus.
  • Ok, Level 86 with Big Ol' Rockets and some ice cannons! Wooohhhooooooo

    I'm going to try the electric towers meow thanks for the comments Basher and bahalus ;)
  • Level 90. 10 electric towers (the first level, not the second) and two upgraded ice towers.

    Once you have 2 ice and 9 electric towers it costs almost the same for the new level 1 electric tower than to upgrade two of the l1 to l2 and you get more benefit. The problem with this is that you have to accumulate a lot of cash and upgrade at least 3 towers at the same time so you don't fall behind when you upgrade, but accumulating that much cash is quite hard.
  • It really does cost loads dosent it. I've usually experimented with Electricand ice towers by putting them in different places on the thing. This way i know where they are most effective
  • I'd agree that that is a good idea but why waste all that time?
  • I think it works fine as it is.

    The game mechanics prevent you from spamming loads of low level towers all over the map.
    It is not the game that has a problem it is your tactic that sucks :D
    If this change would be implemented Impact tower 2 would become the superior tower of the game.
  • I agree with Lil Lewis. This game is way too long and takes an hour or two if your good.
  • Nah there is most deffinately something wrong with electric towers, and that's mainly to do with the way synergies work (or specifically don't work).

    when you've got 6 level 1 towers out, they add 5 to the damage of each electric tower. when you upgrade one of them to a level 2, you loose out on one of the synergies lowering the damage of the other 5 towers by 1 each and loose the synergie damage you had on the tower. base damage for level 1 electric is 5. with 6 towers, they do 10 damage. a level 2 electric does 12. to upgrade one of 6 towers to a level 2 costs about 1,700. this will give it 2 more damage, and lower the damage of the other 5 by 1 each, net gain here is -3 dps. a second level 2 tower will decrease the other 4 by one each, add 3 damage (it was down to 9) so it's 12 now, with + 2 synergie bonus on each level 2 tower (llevel 2's add 2 damage per extra tower) so you're up 5 total on that one tower, up 2 on the other, for a gain of 7 dps and a loss of 4 dps on the remaining 4 towers. This is brek even where you are now doing as much as you did before you sunk in nearly 3,400. you will need a third upgraded electic tower to actually increase your damage, but it will be by 13 dps. a 4th tower will add another 26 dps. It's just not worth it to upgrade your electric towers between the incredible cost of doing it, and the loss od damage at the first upgrade (and 6 is a small number of electrics to have, it's not hard to get 9-10 of them with 2 ice towers around the hole....)
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    I can see your numbers, but really, you can reach the same amount of damage by upgrading the one by one, and your argument of the money doesn't add up is bogus, or rather it is not, cause ALL towers suffers with this problem and it really surfaces around 6th-7th tower. Find the tower that doesn't end up suffering with range, speed, money or dmg problems later in the game and you have found the towers that beats the game.
    Surely i don't believe this tower exists and i do not think the game is meant to be beaten, but rather who can get furthest, and it as been obvious to me for a long time that electric towers weren't going to bring you furthest.

    If money are not the problem it is the hit points of the ants, the towers as such work okay.
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    Thankyou! The ants have way too many hitpoints as you reach the late stages and it takes so much to kill them! That has really annoyed me in the past because the ants are scurrying back to their hole with some cake and they have like, say 10 different bullets being shot at them, Per second, and they survive... Strong ants if you ask me
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    Crude, the other towers with synergies mostly (except for impact cannons) only loose speed or range ont he upgrade, not dps. The electric upgrades also cost pretty close to the most of any upgrade. Finding the funds to upgrade enough of them to make it worthwile while the ants are getting progressively stronger is not within the realm of do-able even if you advoid shooting the highest level ants to farm cash early on. Electric level 1 cannons are good, but they won't get you to level 100. I can see them possibly getting to 90 with alot of luck, but it won't be reliable.
  • Yeah a lot of towers suffers this fate, and it is part of a tower defense like i said earlier, you're not suppose to just take any one tower and massproduce them and win the game, wouldn't it be a tad too easy?

    But most of all i do not think the game was meant to be beat but rather a competition of who an get furthest with the means available, coming down to the fact that the ants always win and it is a never ending battle.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there is a way to beat the game and there always were, and these new bonuses only were made to confuse us even more.
    Just maybe it is not a matter of dps and damage, but rather a matter of figuring out the pattern of the ants and braking it and then controlling the ants rather than containing them and by this gaining control.

    But it is just guesses, it might as well be a game that can not be beaten, but there is no doubt if you were meant to get to level 1078 to beat the game, you'd have to use at least a week or so to get there :D
    So we're back at getting furthest with the means available, and some towers just wont get you as far as others.
  • Right, thre is no 1 tower to mass produce, you have to have some (one?) cold tower to keep the ant within range of the turrets your are mass produceing. IF there was a second cannon that wasn't under the effects of a synergy that would work with missles, then I could see not basically mass produceing one type after you planted 2-3 ice towers for speed controll. As it is, I've gotten farthest with 2 ice towers, and either mass produceing missles, or quick cannons. simply mass produceing one type of gun is suicide without the slow effect of ice turrets.

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