Antbuster Numerical Coincidences

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It's so weird. Sometimes I'll be playing Antbuster when something weird like this happens:
Or this:
Sometimes this:

Somehow I think these ants are linked to the devil in some way, either by: giving us a sum of money equal to $666, having 9/11 HP, giving us 11111 pts. or by having 69HP. Are these coincidences? I think not. :P


  • ?YES,
    I always laugh when I see the 666 also the 999 comes up just about as many times.
    I see a lot of 888s but not sure if it has any demonic meaning.
    Have not noticed the 9/11 but will now I’m sure LOL.
    A great amount of thought has gone in to the math of this program.
    Kudos to Marcel
  • I hear they invented murder...THEM ANTS
  • I had $420 for a moment on level 81, shortly before losing. Damn pothead ants.
    Also, $690 on level 69?
  • Things that make you go hum
    shortly after this thread started the high score table went down
    about 3 days after i made my post
    oh yea you know it’s all about me “LOL”
    just when i was making a run for the big one laughing again
    this game is only fun if you can post your score,, bragging rights and all
    oh yes the demonic numbers all aside the best is when you are ready to upgrade and are one
    money point away and need an another kill to get it lol
    again kudos to marcel.
    Hope to see the score record back up=-)
  • i get 111 333 666 888 999 alot for my money

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