traditional defense game strategy

edited February 2009 in Antbuster Web Game
defense games usually involve a set walkway with a beginning and an end that the targets will pass on with all sorts of twists and turns.

traditionally when i play defense games i use a strategy that gets me pretty far. using bloons as my point of refrence i usually put the cannons as close to the beginning of the pathway as i can that gives me the highest aoe (area of effect) in a turny section where it would hit the most targets in the least amount of shots.
then at the end of the pathway i would put a cannon that can hit a single target very quickly and hard that will weed out the few survivors from my aoe cannons in the front.

even though i know antbuster is just as much of a defense game as any other i have never really thought about trying to transpose this obvious traditional defense game strategy onto antbuster.

well... off to experiment.


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