share your strategy and layout...

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best i have reached so far is lvl 98 2x. I tried several different layout and configurations but still go for the snipers fully upgraded with 3 or 4 ice. typically i'll start with 3 cannons spread out around the hole. I turn the center cannon into a sniper as soon as i can. the other 2 cannons on the edges i upgrade to heavy cannons then impact cannon as soon as money allows (at level 50 - 60 i turn these into ice cannons) my 4th cannon i place near the cake as close as possible and turn that into a sniper next. once i have those 4 cannons i turn the snipers into sniper II's then max the one closest the hole to sniper III asap followed by the one next to the cake. my 5th cannon i place as close to the sniper and cake at the bottom and upgrade it to a heavy then an impact (i will upgrade it to ice around 50-60 also). At this point i usually start placing and fully upgrading sniper 3's near the ant hole trying to pull them back a little from the hole to get maximum area of fire. It doesnt seem to make a huge difference if you split them between the cake and the holes or all near the hole or the cake as long as they are maximized for area of fire. The one i like is splitting around 3-4 up top near hole then 3-4 near bottom placing them in a line between the hole and cake so that i can take advantage of the range bonus per sniper 3 upgrade. at around level 70 i upgrade the ice cannons to level 2. I have noticed a dramatic difference between how fast an ant gets slowed with a level 1 ice and a level 2 ice. I upgrade the ice near the cake 1st always. Anyway so far you can see my top scores on the ANCE link. I would apreciate hints for getting to the oh so close level 100 and above from those of you that get it there.. Thanks.

Sorry for the lack of diagrams and pics I'm not that interent and computer savvy lol


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