Shifting Gears- ANCE moving to new group: no cheats

edited February 2009 in Antbuster Web Game
0:-) Just past midnight here on the midcoast of Maine with the snow coming in full swing.
:-) After thinking about it, I've decided to now post my scores to "no cheats" and give that group a ride.
8-) englandno1 made the stong point of being able to reach players who do not frequent the forum.
:-D~ So to all ANCE regulars:Killer, Mulan, Sothy, Lilly, rockyroadaz, Warfists and the rest...
:-D~ Hope to see you all in no cheats and thanks for supporting the ideal of ANCE...

:-(|) no cheats, full speed ahead
:-(|) all in all to make ants dead


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