Can someone get all the lvls for the cannons and post them?

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I always forget what the highest cannons are and waste money.. or something.


  • all you need to know is the following 2 cannons:

    ice: heavy1/impact1/ice1/ice2

    those will get you to 90+ nearly every game if set up the followign way:

    fully build and upgrade 1 and 2.

    build 3,4,5 and upgrade evenly to quick3

    build 6 and 7, upgrade to impact1 (not ice yet)

    ......when you've lost 2 pices of cake, upgrade 6 and 7 to ice 1. when you're down to 2 pices left, upgrade them to ice 2.

    fully upgrade 6 and 7.

    build 8 or 9 next and fully upgrade it (build on the side the ants are comeing in on first, and build 1 and fully upgrade it before you build the other one).

    build 10 and 11 the same way as 8 and9, but after 8 and 9 are built.

    Quick cannon 4 fires 6 shots per round, with a base damage of 9, and a synergie that gives +1 damage per shot per cannon after the first (that's 17 damage per shot with the setup shown, or 114 dps per cannon in range. A fully upgraded missle launcher is about 50 dps).

    ant's that get a wild hair and try to run between the ice turrets die long before they get to the hole (all guns overlap the center, and will be doing a combined 1026 dps, so even though they only get slowed to .5, they won't live long enough to make the hole, even at 10k health. The ones that get through are the wall huggers (shown in the pic) as only 3 cannons can reach them where it is. still working on that problem...
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    Snipers do the same for you, and there is already a post with techtree
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    Go to lvl 93 with the technique used by Dominion :

    Saved to high scores as Brittany - USA

    ps. I misplaced the ice but worked out.
  • Siqq, move the ice cannons back form the hole 2 squares. keep that distance form the walls. ants trying to go between the ice turrets will get clipped when they hit the corner turret and turn. while they will usualy only get slowed to .5 or .6, that's plenty for the combined firepower of the quicks and it will drop with less distance moved than a wall hugger going .3 since the damage is about 3.5x as much against an ant moveing only 2x as fast.

    The reason for so far back is to that most of the time, the ant is going .3 beofre it's in range of the quicks to maximize the time you have to shoot it. (any will hugger will be at a full slowdown at the max range of the quicks, and will actually give you a few free shots since they git hit for the first time by the ice cannon at the max range, and the knock back effect of the slowing process will keep an ant stationary while it's hit by ice for the first 3-4 times. (so a full second of free fire from 1-2 quicks)

    I've been playing around with moveing the last 2 quicks closer to the wall to increase firepower against wall huggers, but for some reason, this seems to give me lower average levels achieved, and I simply can't figure out why. Probably something to do with extra blockers milling around instead of getting out of the way trying to advoid the extra cannons or something.
  • umm hmm i got to try this later.

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