Thank You

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Thanks again for the kind welcome.
I did just start playing maybe 2 weeks. My kids showed me the game. like I said alot of 50's to 73 High before I went on the forum and read someones post on the snipers and ice cannons last week. On one of the first couple of games got the 99 (lucky) as I haven't been close since. two or three 90's but mid 80's regularly. I did not post scores for the first week as I was and still am playing under my son's name. He wanted to post his scores under the USA and thats where I remain.
As for cheating, I wouldn't know how if you showed me. I respect the way your forum is run mainly the way you conduct it . (for the most part) Just tried the ice and snipers by the cake a couple of times but only got mid 80's. Will keep trying and play with the positions. Hope to join you in more discussions but this took as long as a game for me to type.


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