The Perfect Game

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If you look at idefix`s scores for today ( group name top ) you will see that he just posted a perfect score. What do I mean by a perfect score, a level 101 game with 30,300point. Impossible I say without cheating. To get this score you have to kill every ant up to and including level 100 without killing a level 101 ant . The odds of doing that have got to be out of the world. Has any of you ever come close to killing every ant at any level.

But it can be done by cheating, it`s difficult but it can be done if your persistant. It works like this, you have to play a game for real or cheating to get to level 100. Then your level 100 ant has to be the next ant that is going to die. Just before he dies pause the game, change the game score to 30200 then unpause game. As soon as the level 100 ant dies stop the game the score will be level 101 with 30,300points , then send the score.

The regular members here know that I also cheat sometimes, I post those cheating scores to my own group the same as idefix does. I doubt that many scores are sent in this way , it`s tough to do, I think idefix did just to see if he could. He posted it to his group so there`s no harm done.

One more thing although it is possible to change scores, a score can`t be posted that`s wrong meaning you could not change the score to 30,300 if you had level 95 the score would be invalid. Levels can not be changed.

idefix if you actually got this score without cheating I congratulate you but really don`t think it`s possible.


  • level 100 score 29000+ thats the score that did not post not as good as idefix but close 0:-)
  • level 105 with 2992# score. I still had ants in the mid 90's
    i'll do the math later and figure it out
    if you want to it can be done this way
    lvl1 = 1 x 6 = 6
    lvl2 = 2 x 6 + 6 (previous score total) = 18
    lvl3 = 3 x 6 + 18 = 36
    lvl4 = 4 x 6 + 36 = 60 you get the idea.. will do excel sheet later.
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    Your formula is nearly perfect. To make it perfect let me correct it just in one detail:

    X * (X+1) / 2 * 6

    and so we get for level 105

    105 * 106 / 2 * 6 = 33 390
  • pj1114, I rather was sure yesterday that you will demand the brackets.;-)

    But as a matter of fact they are not necessary. Neither within a mathematical term nor for Google or another calculator or even Excel. Anyway the brackets are not wrong.
  • pj1114 you may be right regarding "man kind won't be able to wipe it's own ..." but you obviously have not a clue about math. A notation is correct or not and brackets are necessary or not. That’s not depending on a time frame. It may perhaps depend on a personal style: One who knows math off pat would use the brackets which are necessary and one who does not know much about math will use all brackets which are possible or as much as he believes that are sufficient. (I’m sure you know the difference in math between “necessary” and “sufficient”).

    BTW, I would like to see the mechanical device which will solve a complicate set of equations. Even in those days you will do it with a pen and a sheet of paper - just as it was usual years ago.
  • Isn't it a matter of writing for your audiance?

    I know that some calculators don't take into account of order of operations: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.

    Then if you expect a person to be using the formula manually without just plugging it in to program you can be a little more lenient.

    I don't think i added any more info than what you guys have already said.

    i remember order of operations by the phrase Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.
  • Who's Aunt Sally?? Does she live nearby? ;-) lol You guy's are way ahead of me. I'll just let Marcel take care of it for me.:-D

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