" Just Me " In First Place

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As of 3am eastern standard time USA March 14, 2009 I have managed to get my one player group "Just Me " to first place in the group ranking.

If you missed it in the scores check these copies.


It took many hours of playing and alot of hard work but I made finally it.


  • to pj1114 if your scores are not cheats why would i mind ...from what you said these scores are real well done0:-)but can you fight off no cheats they are at number six and riseing
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    not even going to bother trying I have played this game way to much get to first place in the past few days. i only wanted to get there don`t care about staying there forever.
  • there all called groups the best group will stay at the top see you on the way down then
  • to pj1114 as i already said to you ..well done...cant see why you want to have a go at ance or no cheats or the people in those groups ...your the best alright at putting people down and boasting about how great you are ,i like what a.n.c.e. and no cheats stand for and still do :-(
  • I deserve a right to brag about what I did, and you are no different than I am that`s why you call yourself englandno1.
  • There is nothing wrong with any group here no matter who they are or what they stand for . and if they want to brag too that`s fine as long as they have done something to deserve it.
  • to pj1114 its there for all to read i stand by what i said you dont have to keep haveing a go like you do:-(
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    Just because someone forms a group and plays this game does not make them better, no matter what they stand for. The more players a group ends up with the better they can be expected to do even if they are not the best players. That is why the country groups do so well, more players equals more points. But that doesn`t make them better, the groups that can achieve more with less are the ones that can truely say the are better groups.
  • pj1114 great single handed job! A lot of games and time. I see you and englandno1 had a busy weekend on the boards. I've seen hockey games with less checking. :-D~ Hello englandno1. You also put alot of time and effort. Bravo.:-) On the point being disputed on how you get to number 1 it can be argued forever. You both have valid points. I must have missed something somewhere as (I should go back and find it) I thought it was suggested or made a point of, that we weren't scoring high "because" we weren't posting low scores and that we should. To do exactly whats occurring, running up the ranking. I don't play enough to be a real factor. I have always said I like the banter but we must, as both of you have written give credit where it is due.
    SOOOO Whats It Gonna Be?:-D
  • pj1114- So, I forgot Friday...

    Congrats on acheiving such a tremendous goal. :-) A true feat well done :-)
  • It's good to see everyone playing "nice" for a little while(couple of hours). I'm sure it won't last long as that would get boring quick. Pj1114 saw you were still up there last night just don't get burned out as the ants just keep coming and coming.:-O
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    Thanks everyone for you compliments on my getting to 1st place but as I said before i really don`t care about staying there. There no point in it now, I reached my goal and there is nothing else to win. There is no golden ant trophy or anything else. The only thing we get for our acccomplisment is the praise we give each other in this forum, so thanks again everybody. Now it`s your turn.;-)
  • I will bow my head when writing you in the forum oh great one. :-D We're still working on #1 Thanks
  • Whats with the negative points above? Is that Marcel? Or a real concern on someones point of view? If so discuss it. I enjoy being here but if I'm gone I'm gone so be it. can't control it nor worry about it.
  • the person that started this post is pj1114 the -points are against him not you ....just so we are clear its not me :-)
  • pj you have been an admited cheater. Unfortunately for you I can't even sincerely congratulate you knowing what you've done. Number 1 is indeed a very accomplished feat. And IF.... you had not posted cheating scores before i would give you some credence, but.... Sorry bud. No ill intentions.
  • to warfists u make a vevy good point but pj1114 has only posted low scores about 30000 or less so he could b telling the truth:-)
  • Thank You for clarifying that point englandno1.:-) Still as for the negative #'s this must not be someone who has been in on the conversations as of late. Otherwise they would realize that pj1114 made a point of trying to get there without cheating. If anything he freely admits to his cheating or not. He made a special point to get there without cheats. Going on his word since I joined the forum I believe him, as all we have in this world is our name, word and hand shake. If one breaks them then they are worthless. At this point from what I know I still give him credit.:-)
  • Englandno1 you are not totally correct about - points. Yes I can loose points because I started this discussion but only 2. Members who make comments in discussions can loose 5. So if your going to vote be sure you know what your doing.
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    Thanks england for your comment to warfists. But let me make it clear to everyone, look at my group scores 1 to 72 are old scores when I cheated. I did post a few close to 30000 but not many, my average was 25000. Any player can do that if they follow one of the good game plans here. There was no need to cheat. I have my own setup that works good for me. I played the same setup for every game, I did not change it all the time looking for new ways to get a better score. All I wanted was points and to stay out of the general ranking. For all the games I played I could have filled that too. But in my hurried play a few did end up the sorry about that. I was able to get so many points because I came up with a way to play several games at the same time and I played alot of hours.

    If you want to consider that cheating that`s up to you.
  • :-D You've got mine too :-D
    Playing a few to several games at once is a challenge in itself. Playing for many hours is also. Doing both had to take lots and lots of focus. So my hat remains off to you.
    And gene-not worried about -points. I have a couple myself. Seems like someone out there doesn't like to see pj1114 receive compliments. C'est la vive.
  • Yes I saw. Any way how did you make out last nite?
    " Any ANTS make it to your pants?"
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