how many accounts does pj1114 have

to pj1114 i understand why you have so many accounts to give me or others negative votes so that they cannot use the forums :-(


  • to pj1114 i will just say this if you go on the way i KNOW you have ,then i will pass on my notes to marcel ...just think about it ,how do i know its you .your smart enough to work it out 0:-)
  • to pj1114 its quiet simple ,you got to much hassle regarding your cheating ways in the main from me.your responce was to stop posting your scores to no cheats .in short you got the right ump.....:-(:-(:-(then i see a lot of -points for denius styx comment in the forum regarding his new discussion...SHIFTING GEARS-ANCE MOVING TO NEW GROUP.NO CHEATS and then i start a new discussion called,NEW GROUP CALLED NO CHEATS .this also got the same treatment do you see where iam going with this ,your just digging a bigger hole 4 yourself ,give it up you look bad enough already;-)
  • to pj1114 as i have said before you twist the truth, i wrote this in our forums just the other day,and i will quot it word for word IF YOUR SCORES ARE NOT CHEATS WHY WOULD I MIND,FROM WHAT YOU HAVE SAID THESE SCOES ARE REAL WELL DONE.but can you fight off no cheats thet are at number sis and riseing ...if thats not giveing you the benifit of the dought ,you know a second chance as you put it i dont know what is ..what u say about no cheats being at no 1 spot now if u had not left it is true but throw your toys out of the pram like a little child and left . grow up and stop lying even now i would b happy to let lies you told stay in the past and like you said have a second chance .you sound just like my moody son when cant have his own way give it a rest your getting boreing now
  • I made multiple accounts but I haven't used them since mikeall was banned. thats what i used for; throwing negative points at mikeall.

    i made a screen shot to show that i haven't used them since mikeall was banned. i made them on febuary 16th and used them until febuary 20th.

    mikeall figured out what i was doing but no one else mentioned anything so i don't know if you guys were aware.

    if you go to the top panel and click search then select the users radio button and search for the names ab1, ab2, ab3, ab4, ab5, ab6, ab7, ab8, and ab9 you'll see that none of them have been used since mikeall's ban.

    i was suprised at how quickly and cleanly doing this shut him out with practicly no attention to what i did.

    meh, now its in the open and we know what we can do with community moderation.
  • I leave you guy's alone for 1 weekend and all hell breaks loose. :-O Haven't time now to read everything, to find out whats really going, on will catch up later.;-)
  • It does make for some lovely early morning reading. Ant's own sitcom =-)
  • :-D~ Power corrupts...Absolute power corrupts absolutely :-D~
  • we just have to have faith that we can have our power and do what we feel is right with it.

    i like to think of it like a superman complex.

    superman has pretty much absolute power physically and that freaks out the government.
    even though superman has proven time and time again that he hasn't and is very conscientious about not abusing his power in the future, the government still can't get over that hypothetical that if superman goes bad than they will have absolutely no chance in surviving.

    do i feel as if what i did was abusing my power as 1 community member in this forum?


    am i sorry i did it?


    truth is every one of us has that power. we can shut every single one of eachother out within minutes if our computers allow.
    if i didn't do it someone else would have. the kid had his chance and ruined it. by the end he was cursing marcell and begging to be permanently removed.

    i have no motivation to do anything like that again. normally i would have brushed it off as a stupid noob seeking attention but he focused on something too sensitive to me. to talk so twistedly about what he talked about and it reminds me how many of my relatives died because of the things he talked about. he drove me to retaliate and when the community moderation took affect i did what had to be done.
  • perhaps community moderation would b better if we tried a one month ban first .then 3 month ban then 6 month ban then out for good0:-)
  • I have no idea what mikeall did. I've only seen what's mentioned once in a while. I can see the gradual approach in some instances but when it is clear cut deal with it directly and pointedly. People need to be held responsible for their actions not just here but all around. Stop cradling everyone for political correctness. People know what is right and wrong. It's the bad ones who use the system against itself and the weak ones who don't enforce what is right that enable them. I'm not talking Draconian, but strict and correct common sense.
  • hi gene my guess is that mikeall is only a young teenager and although i did not like some of the things that he said i think he could learn from his mistakes the new tweak that might work well would give him a second chance0:-)
  • Good Day englandno1,
    I Agree with the asecond chance but the 3rd and 4th stuff does not fly. I couldn't raise my kids like that or they would know no limits, correct? :-)
  • hi gene i understand what your saying but some people or children take longer to learn0:-)
  • :-(|) Down With P.C. :-(|)
    I tend to disagree with giving people a long learning curve. Some people take longer to learn because they are never help accountable for their actions. Somebody does something wrong and you have everyone under the sun looking for excuses for their actions instead of holding them directly responsible for them. It's a mad, mad world we live in. People can get away with murder because they were "abused" as children. A women can sue a company because she spills hot coffee on herself while driving. She was the idiot doing the action and not held responsible for her stupid actions, the company that sold her the coffee was.
    And it will only get worse. Children these days are given all the rights in the world by society, but not the responsiblity that goes along with them. Back in the day, you earned your rights and given them when you were responsible enough to have them.
    :-O Ooopps, sorry, that's may rant of the week -lol-
  • Denius the funny thing is whos more of an idiot the woman sueing or the moron s on the jury? they should have sent her packing. the fact that it even made it to a jury is beyond. Anyway lets take it out on the ANTS. At least they have a responsible To Quote Einstien: " There are only 2 thing that go on for infinity. Mans' stupidity and the universe" then added that he wasn't to sure about the latter. lol8-)
  • Nothing like early morning intellegence ;-)
    Thanks gene, ants:WATCH OUT
  • Thats all I got. My 1 line to baffle you with Bull****. lol

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