Ranking Record deleted..!!!

edited December 2007 in Antbuster Web Game
Why my top ranking with lv130 is deleted????

i have played it for several hours...........
Can anyone tell me why?????????


  • I can tell you why:
    ( if you really didn't cheat )
    You are just too good for them, they think that reaching 100 lvl is almost imposible, so what about 130. they delete every record which is better than aproximetly 105 lvl.
    Who knows? maybe gameAdmin wants to be best?
  • how come they are so mean.....!!

    i really didnt cheat........

    next time....should i stop at lv 105 ??
  • I think its good idea but now they know your nick, and IP ( as i think ) so they can delete your record regardles of what level you get.


    Start playing some *.exe games not flash/website only xD
  • How did you do it because a score that high cant be done without some kind of intervention of some sort !

    So how did you get that high ? what type of cannons etc ? placement etc ?

    May have been beginners luck?

    Take a picture of your game and post it for all to see your score next time maybe ?
  • For authentification purposes, of course.
  • edited December 2007
    if you are legit, blame the hackers they brought this mess of high scores being banned. They're the reason, campaign against them with me i'll need the help.
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