Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!

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Not only broke 100 but made it to level 105, 29915. Worst part is the lvl 99 that took my cake had 4 life left ..4, thats it.


  • well done with your new best score of lv 105 my best was only lv103 with just over 2800 many ice towers did you have and where etc
  • 3 ice II's rest snipers upgraded. 2 ice on each side of cake barely overlapping and the other right at the hole.
    The snipers I started right at center between 2 ice at the cake then fully upgraded that one. The next 3 snipers were in a small square formation spread out by maybe one square each from there. The 5th sniper was placed so that it covered the hole at its edge. the next 3 snipers were placed in a square with that sniper and again with a space of about 1 square between them all. after that i placed next snipers as they came close to the cake's edge. I was able to demolish the ants at level 100 even as they came out of the hole and went for the cake. The pathing was great for the setup as they were froze instantly. Once they hit the middle all the snipers were able to hit the target. blockers were not much help with this setup. The ice II's were the real key to the high score as they stayed nice and slow for the snipers to hit them. The last ant went in the hole with only 4 health because i was still targeting other ants to get higher score else I would probably have went a couple more levels.
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    :-D~ WOOT WOOT :-D~
    Great job warfists! Shattered both my highest level and points. Killed 2 birds (or should we say ants =-)) with one swoop
    I see #2 for no cheats. I'll just have to find a way to get to 30K;-)
    By the way, did you focus your targetting on the highest level ants or the weakest? Inquirering minds want to know.

    :-(|) And there is warfists on the go
    :-(|) Dealing the ants a major blow
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    :-(|) Close this morning, but no banana :-(|) Level:102 with 28,240 points. Maybe next week ;-)
  • to denius styx great score what set up did you choose0:-)
  • By the cake:1 max ice (second white tablecloth square from the left) with four snipers. #1 closest and centered to cake and 3 others in a diagonal line behind it.
    By the hole: same sniper set up (in reverse) with 2 max icers. Icers set high and left, and as far out as you can go while guarding up and right and have an overlap freeze zone.
    It was a focused game today :-D
    Wish I knew how to use photo options :`( I really have to learn that trick sometime...
  • Hey Denius, first congrats on new high game !!
    I targeted all of the ants evenly until I hit level 99 then I targeted the high ant when I could. Same setup basically you used as explained earlier.
  • to warfists i didnt do quiet as well as you did but iam getting there i made my highest score to date of 28721 at lv 100:-D:-D:-D
  • still useing your set up its a slower game but got my best score that way
  • Just did lvl 102 with roughly 28,9(89?) points. It didnt post to board :-( but was same setup as before. It has alot to do with luck of ant pathing also.
  • Just starting to understand the stratagy of the game. got an lvl 84 with lasers before i saw there even was ice. have been using 3 ice and snipers since. got a 99 once and a couple of other 90's. now i'm hooked. Still playing with placement.
    Is it better by the cake or the hole?
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    Good job StevenM. Another ant killer addict on the loose ;-)
    BTW, where are you posting your scores. no cheats could use a few good ant haters.
    My opinion on placement is splitting up your forces. Some by the cake and some by the hole. That way ants are almost getting hit by something while waliking around aimlessly.
    :-D~ I hate when ants walk around and not get shot :-D~
    I also think about later in the game, and set things up to defend the hole on the ant's return trip from with the cake.
    Good luck and hope to see you in no cheats=-)
  • hi stevenm great scores good luck in posting to no cheats0:-)
  • to warfists not far behind you now lv 101 and score of 29214 ..i had another 29000+ but it didnt post but that was not quite as high as your lv 105 and 299150:-)
  • :-D~ Let's go -no cheats-
    I put up 55,000 points in 30 minutes of play using 3-4 tabs. 8-)
    Went for quantity and no quality 8-)
  • that gets the thumbs up from :-)
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    :-D New personal best ***LEVEL 104*** 0:-)

    :-D~ Next, work on best personal score :-D~
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    :-D Tied highest level, NEW HIGH SCORE: 28,254 0:-)

    :-D~ K.A.T.N. :-D~
  • Way to go Denius:-):-):-) Who"s greedy now???:-D~:-D~
  • KGHTBJVDG ,M6WS43 ,UMYG452WSMYG54SV BNMTY64 564re yt


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