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I dont know how some people get so many points, the best i can do is 13,203 pts. Lvl 69. With $34 left. I had, 7 missile launchers lvl 1, 2 ice cannons lvl 2, 1 ice cannon lvl 1, 1 heavy cannon lvl 3.
Any help in better combonations with the cannons would be appriecated!!!:-|


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    hi to warnpeace there are many ways to try ..but you could start of with two ice at cake 4 snipers at cake 4 snipers at hole all upgraded this will get you into the 80 s:-)p.s you are welcome to join OUR group called no cheat we are in the top ten in the world rankings but would like to get back to no1 spot again your points would b very welcome:-):-):-)
  • Thanks englandno1,
    I will try your combo, i did alittle better this time. I got 14491 pts, Lvl 71, $544 left, 8 missile launchers lvl 1, (3 at ant hole, 3 mid field, 2 at cake.) 2 ice cannons at anthole lvl 2. Im not %100 positive, but the missile launchers lvl 2 do the about the same amount of damage as the missile launchers lvl 1.
  • hi again most players get there best score useing 2 or 3 ice and the rest snipers fully up graded0:-)
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    Ok , I got a new high score, 15339 pts, lvl 73, $720, 3 missile launchers lvl1 at ant hole, with 2 ice cannons lvl2 at ant hole. 2 ML lvl1 at mid field, and 2 Ice cannons lvl2 and 1 ML at Cake. im going to try the sniper cannon combo now.
  • hi mate feel free to try combo set ups but if you want your highest score snipers and ice are best good luck with what ever you try its all fun go get em:-)
  • WarNPeace if you had bothered to read the forum before writing about how bad you play you would have done better there are many good setups here and some even have pictures for you in case you can`t understand.
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    for me its not just being able to post the highest score ,iam trying to keep group no cheats in the top ten or higher .and thats how its done,you play two games at once and end games at 10000 approx .this only takes 10 mins compared to about an hour for 2800 ;-)
  • how are you getting on with your high scores have you posted any yet or are you just intersted in haveing a dig at people in this forum :-(
  • Something else to keep in mind is without cheating the highest level i have seen is about 100 give or take a few. The highest scores without cheating i have seen were just at 30,000 give or take a few.

    I hope that puts it in perspective a bit too. you are doing pretty good.
  • to mikey2 you i think are quite close to the truth my best was just under your guess of 30000 at 29803 den did lv 104 and ive done lv 103 but with less points
  • I posted 99 at 26433 to japan .

    So you don`t try to be good players you just want it to appear that way, since scores that low will only show a few minutes in recent games. A top level team should play at their best and not decieve everyone. You may not cheat to get better game game scores but your the biggest bunch of cheaters here.
  • aww, lets not make generalizatons.
  • you got a long long way to go to beat my score if you ever do seems your best tool is your mouth ..we in group no cheats play by the rules we dont use codes or other did you get that score or did your nice little daddy do it for you;-)
  • There are may ways of cheating which includes deception, trying to appear as something you are not.
  • Can`t even think up your own replies enlandno1 you have to copy some of mine, what a loser.
  • and while were on topic of cheating have you had an account here on antbuster before .because i note that you only joined 2 days ago an yet you get a score of :-(26433 at lv 99
  • Don`t need to be a forum member to play the game, and I have played at other sites before I found this one. So you don`t know as much as you think you do.
  • i ll tell you what i think i know since you been here on this forum ..all :-* you have done is try and find fault so why dont you just nip back to where you came from:-*
  • Me again, Ive been trying your ice cannon and sniper combos:-) i now can get 16428, $123, lvl 75. Thanks for the advice:-D Is there any way i can post a screen shot of my game? I have Fraps, but cant seem to get it to take a screenshot of my game.
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    Englandno1 I just posted level 101 at 29901 points I even posted it to your group so you can`t help but see it and remember it , but it will be the last points I give your group unless I need to show you up again !!!!!!!!! :-D~
  • You tell me not to make generalizatons but that is what you are doing, mikey1 and englangno1, you say 30000 is the max score with out cheating but it is really just your opinion. There is really no way to tell for sure because you can`t watch anyone as they play. Just because some one does better than you does not mean the cheated, alot of people can`t get over 25000 so in their eyes we are cheaters. The more we play the better we get, (that is if you are actually trying to play better ) and sometimes you get lucky, someday we might get 31 or 32000 or even more

  • I said as did mikey2 about 30000 and lv 100 give or take few ;-)so long as posts are real i dont care...thats all we at group no cheats want;-)you will need to post better than 29901 TO REALY show me up because my best score was just below that at 29803 thats like just one ant different big deal but thanks for the points though;-)
  • I'm not sure how to take your response to my posts about me cringing from your generalizing and my response to warnpeace to give him perspective on what the real high scores are helen.

    england saw that in my high score explanation i used the phrase "give or take a few" which means its around that number so i'll just respond to your post.

    It is not my opinion that the highest scores i have seen that were not made through the known cheating methods are about 30,000. it is a matter of statistics. It is an observation.
    I have said before that there are 2 ways of playing antbuster and i will tell it again. The noncheater method is to get the highest score you can wich as i can see now is just around 30,000 and we are ofcourse always trying to get higher.
    the cheater method is to get a score just under 38500. 38499 is the highest before the board won't accept your score.

    now you refered to me as mikey1. i am mikey2 because my email also uses a 2. do not confuse me with englandno1 who's name is obviously refering to his number oneness in england. just call me mikey.

    we're always striving for higher scores. i don't care what score anyone gets. i don't care about showing anyone up.

    and on another note, you're getting really good really fast warnpeace. be creative, you'll find setups that work best for you.
  • Hello again, i got a new high score!!! 17,104 with $424, and lvl 78. Still trying to get to the top 200. One day :-|
  • to warnpeace get a better score with snipers and ice :-)
  • sniper is the easiest way to get highest scores but there are other ways.

    keep experimenting!
  • Thanks for the help guys...I had never used that ice gun before...helps alot. Before was maxing out at level 68 with around 15000 pts.:-)
  • and that was just using rocket launchers and strategic planning on placement...not bad huh?
  • Hello again!!! I got a new high score, 18,962 - $691 - Lvl 81!!! getting better!!! I tried the ice and sniper combo, they are great to start off with and get $$$, the snipes are fast but they dont seem to do much damage. So I tried ice and missile launchers, 2 ice at the anthill and 2 ice at the cake fully upgraded. 3 missile launchers at the anthill, 2 mid field, and 2 at the cake, (only level 1, but they do about 80-100 points of damage each hit!!!) i hope to get in the top 200 soon!!! Thanks for all the help!!!

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