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marcel to change general rankings scores

re email i sent marcel..thank you for a great game i dont think scores of 35000 should be added to the general rankings or anywhere they are cheat scores iam 169 in general rankings ,if all the cheat scores were removed i would be 17 in the world please help make your great game better stephen slater...... marcel reply thank you for your message i ll analyze the top scores as soon as possible .:-)this is good news indeed :-)


  • That would be cool.

    I'm actually looking forward to a newer version as well, I've only ever played this 1.2b Version, how long has it been running for? Is it time for a newer version? Or do we have to wait.

    Hey - so i tried a new set up with only Electric Cannons. No success, problem is they are so expensive, but everytime you get a new maxed out electric cannon, they increase by 2 points in damage! And of course they hit everything in their way...

    Am in a new phase where I'm trying out all different canons in the hope to find the magic combo ;) we will see.

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