whats the best turret combo!



  • Iv'e said that 50 times but, yes its sad. do you, imean, have you heard of the person,"Doubles and quicks."???? : -*
  • Thats ok. Spread the word:-|:-):-D0:-)
  • OK Patar I opened your Discussion nothing here for me to comment on Just keep after them.;-)
  • 2 ice near the hole (placement is so they will barely overlap when maxxed out, and so they barely touch the walls- maxxed out ice has the same range as the default gun, so placement is easy. the rest of the guns, use snipers in a tight box near the hole. let the ants steal all but 2 cake early so there's limited healing available to the ants. This will get you to 95+ dam near every game, and 100+ more often than any other weapon combo or cannon placement. (look up Dacian for screen shots of proper placement, this is his setup, and has been proven time and time again to be the best).

    Yes, wuicks do more dps each, but snipers have the range so that all of them will be able to hit, so overall dps is better than even quicks for killing a single ant (and killing the ant with the cake is the only target you should care about).

    general tactic is to reduce ants to below 75% health, then switch targets so when they grab cake and get 50% healed, they are still damaged and easier to kill. Kill them evenly till about level 80, then pick on the highest level ant, and keep killing it to run up your level as fast as possible. By the time you've got 9 snipers and 2 ice down, you're in a race against time jsut hopeing the high level ant doesn't grab the cake. most games, you'll get a 10th sniper, it doesn't matter where oyu plant it, the 9 should be in a 3x3 square so that all can reach the hole.

    Feel free to use stupid guns like missles, impact, electric 1, etc... (all the one people claim are the best) but extensive testing has proven time and time again that snipers are the absolute king.
  • most of what you say is good but i think you should target the ant that you think is going for the cake ,highest lv is not the important thing ,points are;-)
  • up to a point, you are right. I kill evenly till around 85 for a maximum amount of cash to get enough turrets to get to 100, then I try to go on defence by not killing ants, just wounding them.

    This method is rather booring, and I do spend alot of time with boomerangs, but they aren't any good for getting high scores. If you want your name on the top list, you should use snipers. Several other guns are way easier at lower levels (up to around 70) namely, the missles/poision/ice builds that are so popular, electric 1's (lots of them around the hole, then around the cake too when you've got 7 near the hole) gets you fairly far. Also a very easy play, but it's not going to get you to 100. Yes, a few people did get to 100 with ice/missles/poison, but either the game bugged out on them, or they've got some setup they aren't shareing that I haven't found. Missles loose effectiveness around level 83, and almost never make it to 90. Poision is fantastic till about 50, then the ants simply have too much health for a gun that effectively only does 150ish damage per ant. * I still get a wild hair sometimes and leave a poison 2 by the cake, it's got good enough range, and at the end game with 1 cake left, the ants mill about the plate waiting for their change to run* I know better, and know I should use just snipers for the extra range synergy, but sometimes you've got to be different. (unfortunately being different in this makes you do worse most the time).

    Another of my crack brain builds is to plant a pile of long range guns in the middle of the map, and use 2 ice near the hole (mainly use the impact 1's while building your first long range cannon to max) then after a few long range are made (when the next turret costs 750 ish) plant 1 ice near the cake. you'll see where based on ant movement, but it's usually above and slightly left of the cake. yes, the ants could go around it, but usualy don't. This is a hard setup to get, but will easilly get you into the 90's if you survive long enough to get 8 long range guns out. by then, they will be shooting nearly the entire board each. It's probably a waste of money, but a missle near the cake and one by the hole (instead of the ice initially) can make it easier to get at least 4 long range cannons out. Plant the long range in a cluster in the middle of the map in a 4x2 rectangle for max coverage of the game field. you will have to remove th missles and replace them with ice eventually.
  • i have gotton 93 with ice/poison/missiles, i was targetting the highest level ant though. and i have gotten 89 without targeting the highest level the rest of my poison/ice/missiles are low to mid 80's
  • Good job Mikeall. I just stick to snipers and ice. they keep the yard nice.:-D

    Excuse me Denius;-);-)
  • all i have been useing latly is ice and snipers, but thats my highest without them, with them i got level 101 twice points 26,000
  • gene- I like it, I like it :-D
  • :-DThanks Denius:-D

    Mikeall I've gotten to lvl 100 twice with more pionts but would rather have the extra levels. good going.;-)
  • i like extra levels, most of the ants were in higher 80's or low90's for levels only one level 101 ant in each game
  • good morning (midnight here) every one.

    :-D~ take a guese:-D~
  • http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=29nvzmb&s=5

    Im a master of technicques:-(|)

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