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Ok, been playing this for a little while. I can around to level 72 ok. Really pushing it after level 82. Then disaster. How do some of you get to level 100? Also how do you cheat?


  • snipers and ice should get you to lv 88+ as far as cheating goes its not encouraged the group we send our scores to is called no cheats ...feel free to use it :-)
  • Hello ccfromsc, Englandno1 is correct. I've gotten to the 100 lvl without cheating. and still don't get what they do to cheat.;-) If you put the work in you'll get there and appreciate it much more.:-D
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    ccfromsc- most of agree on snipers and ice. 2-3 ice and all the rest snipers. To start, I do 2 icers by the cake and 3-5 snipers. Get those fully upgraded and then add one at a time to fully upgrade. I don't worry about targeting until the last piece of cake is left. If you go to the discussions: "Screenshots of your Game" to view some pics of set ups.
    A picture is worth a thousand words 8-)
    Good Luck =-)

    gene- any luck trying to paste your set ups? I routing for you ;-)
  • cheating is done by going to certain websites that host antbusters where you get a ton of money, or by pauseing the game repeatedly. The pauseing alot will eventually show a typeing in box (it's there the first time, but each pause adds some to opasity so it takes several before you can see it show up). I have no clue what to type in there or even if there is a "cheat code" that works, but I do know there is a place to type in stuff in antbuster, so it just makes sence that there is....
  • that box is for cheating i dont know what to put in it, but if you watch the last matches alot every once in a while you will see a score of invalid which means the person used the cheats, they dont come up very often. i have no clue how to cheat and get points though
  • me neither. do people find this stuff just by luck?
  • i think they are like really smart people and hack the game to find them or something
  • I think they all work at it. In a way, cheating is a form of competition and takes work and research.
  • there all competeing to see who can get in the high scores the most
  • Mikall i`m glad that you seam to have a better attitude her now. You are right about the game having a cheat box but as far as I know no one knows what to put in it. It would one be for fun any way , They were mentioned in the forums a long time ago. A game played that way will not send in a score. The ways to cheat are done by changing prices in the game so you can buy more cannons and upgrades. Some changes work and some don`t so you get an invalid score . The ones that work will allow you to get basicly any score you want up to 38499. Cheating is a good way to practice though. Because you have more money you can place all your upgrade canons by level 30 or so, you can sell them and replace them a much as you want to practice different setups. In a lot less time.
  • Mikeall you have not been watching good enough, I have had more than 5 invalid scores idefix has had a few and so have a few others. None of mine was from using a code, all was from changing the rules of the game as I explained. Marcel does have a system in place to catch cheaters, but it is limited in it`s abilities. If it catches you , you get an invalid score. Just as I told you.

    This is what Marcel said about the cheat box in the discussion " Antbuster Bug Report "

    "When you use a cheat code in a cheat box, the ranking don´t accept the score..."

    So Mikeall if you would take the time to read the forums instead of just trying to draw attention you might learn something !!!!!!!!

  • to pj1114 i would like more people to use this forum ,your style is unduly exacting,and will put some people off:-(
  • I am not stopping any one from using the forum, just trying to keep the facts straight. People should do that you know.
  • Thanks pj1114 for making the cheating aspect a little clearer for the inept (myself). I see the advantage of the qucker set-ups and fast games for new stratagies but if the max score is 38499 and you all know it or can attain it whats the further challenge in it?
    Hello englandno1
  • hi gene i like the point your makeing ,i will continue this topic in the ANTBUSTER 1 DISCUSSION because marcel wants us to help make antbuster better,;-) and i feel if marcel will stop cheat scores being posted every where that would make antbuster a better game:-)
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    Englandno1 you seam to think Marcel can can just wave a majic wand and the will be no more cheaters. Well you are wrong there are many so ways to to cheat and he would never be able to stop them all. Let me try and explain it . First the game does know some ways to cheat that is why you see some invalid scores, and some cheated game will not send a score all . So lets say the game knows 10 ways people cheat and can catch all of them . Now some one comes up with 5 more ways that the game doesn`t know, to even figure out that they cheated you would have to take the time to examine a complete record of the game to see if you can figure out what they did. Complete records are not sent in with your score, they would be huge considering how long it takes to play the game. Next for every new cheat found the game code has to be rewritten to handle it. Just like you need updates for your antivirus program. Do you really think Marcel has the time and resources to handle that, unlikely he is not the Microsoft corporation, and even they can`t keep up.

    I hope this helps you understand what it would take to stop cheating, and why it would be impossible to do.
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    Gene 38499 is the highest score you can post it is not the end of the game, the game is unending. I have been over level 160 others have been higher. But I don`t try for that any more it takes to long to kill a 200,000 plus health ant. Actually I don`t play much anymore . The game is designed to end around level 100 to 110 ( ant heath compared to canon power ) . I can do that the same as you and some of the other players so there is no point in playing until Marcel come up with something new. However I don`t see version 1.5 being much diferent than this one without some drastic changes that don`t appear to be forth coming. The new look is nice but the new canons are just for looks too as they have no power advantage over existing ones.
  • hi pj1114 thank you for your concidered thoughts much of what you say i fully understand allready but i thank you none the less.marcel is asking us for ways to make antbuster better thats what i did.....its up to him now
  • I think the final hope is that Marcel can find that balance, that fine line, the golden bullet. How do you attract new players and keep them playing. The input given has been how to make the game more challenging for seasoned players (to keep them playing) and easier for newbies (so they don't get quickly discouraged) . I've already put my two cents worth in the mix, so I won't repeat it. I think Marcel has been a great host and open to all input. The Beta-Tester group is a great mix and feel most have provided their opinions on how they feel would be the best options to take care of those 2 key factors. And finally, three chears for Antbuster and the next generation Antbuster:
    =-) hip-hip-horay hip-hip-horay hip-hip-horay =-)
  • why would anyone feel the need to give all these -points :-(
  • i dont know but i gave pj1114 2 -points out of the 9 or how ever many there are now

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