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  • I do what I can. It's a bonus just sitting here in an empty building all morning ;-)
  • I'm not complaining. Just very busy. lots of work unlike a lot of poor souls. but I do miss not being able to get more than a game or two in.;-)
  • Didn't think you were complaining, you don't seem to be the type. ;-) I have a total of 3 jobs and am grateful with the way things are these days.
    Just wish my full time job paid as well as my part time jobs. 0:-)
  • :-DHey guys - - just wanted to gloat and shout out to NO CHEATS on our group's first 30,000 point (and my personal first level 100+) game. Flame Throwers and Boomerangs! :-O
  • :-)to lem i would really like to say well done really i would :-)but first i want your full set up:-(
  • i got a screen shot of this one...i will post it. it isn't really flame throwers and boomerangs...that would be sweet though. it is of course ice and snipers. and contrary to my usual guarding the hole, i guarded the cake on this one.
  • figured out photobucket! http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu315/lemtheguy/10431317.jpg hopefully that works
  • :-)hi lem would you try to say where you put your towers i think pj1114 got a score just a little better than yours some time ago but yours could well be the first 30000+ score for group no cheats and its not just a little over the 30000 its well over :-)
  • great game lem, and its not just over 30,000 its over 31,000
  • Great going LEM!!! :-)
    My 30k quest is yet uncompleted, but seeing your score might give me a little boost ;-)
  • my 27k quest is uncompleted
  • edited June 2009
    :-D~ Just keep giving them Hades :-D~ You'll get there :-D~
    As well as snipers and ice ;-)
    I've heard they make dead ants nice :-D
  • yeah cant seem to get much over 26k though
  • Gave it a good shot tonight, 27k.=-)
    Tried a pyramid stack by the cake. Ran into the good ol' pick ants :-(
  • i tried just poison and ice last night 13003 points lost with a piece of cake left i wanted to how far i could get
  • Very nice, every once in a while, I get a wild hair and try to guard the cake, it does make more sence since you can double ice the ants and in theory have them in range longer, but once they grab the cake, they are very good at getting out of range. I think the way the ants move makes it much easier for them to find the middle of the map than it is for them to find the cake, or hole.

    It's not important to keep them from getting to the cake, you can't anyway. after level 85ish, they've got too many hp for even shipers to keep them all from getting to the cake. they do tend to wander around the middle alot though wandering back into range of your cake defence (that saves me alot) but my average game does better with hole defence than it does cake. (you did beat my high level by one though, so there is always that).

    been on a boomerang kick lately, trying to make level 90 with them (and ice of course), but so far keep dying in the lower 80's with them.
  • Congrats LEM! Like Denius said gives me incentive. Thanks;-);-)
  • i've been playing antbuster off and on for a year or so now. never been over the mid 20's in points but do alright most of the time. i just recently started posting my scores to no cheats. felt like the right thing since i don't cheat and don't know how to. i enjoy reading your guys' posts here. my question is: if you get a score posted in the top 200 shouldn't it stay up until it is bumped down off the list?
  • hi ryan and a big thank you for joining group no cheats .your question..not sure i have complete answer, but we all like to see our names up there in the top 200 ...also we all know our best scores because we put them in this forum i hope that helps a little you could try asking pj1114 he has an answer for most things;-)
  • Ryan some time ago we ask that the for the ranking system to be updated because only the best players even got to be in the list. So the ranking went from the top 50 to 200 and you score stays in the group list about 2 weeks. That way more players get to be in the list.
  • this is one of the better games i've had lately. unfortunately we had a storm come through and i lost my internet for a while. i accidently closed it out before i could reconnect and send it. any suggestions from anyone would be helpful. i think my highest score ever was a little over 25000. i can't seem to go any higher no matter what i try. even before reading this forum i too found that snipers and ice seemed to work best. sometimes i like to throw a couple missiles in though. http://i687.photobucket.com/albums/vv239/ryan4175/ant6.png
  • ryan dont put the snipers that close to the edghe your just wasting the range, try putting them closer together in small groups one at each side.
  • Mikeall, i've toyed with that idea some after seeing some of your guys' boards. the only thing is i still get "thaw" zones where they hang out and rejuice. Marcel did a good enough job of setting up space/range to make it tough to cover everything and still maximize hits. i just tried the grouping again and got to level 85 i think. does anyone ever place ice near the hole? i used to always but have had my highest scores without it. only 2 ice at cake seems best but...i still can't get to lvl 100.
  • i used to put ice by hole but if you put it by cake and clump all snipers in group around it it workds really well
  • to lem i asked you for your high score set up .iam still waiting..without calling you a cheat .i have douts about your score of level 108 and points of 32059:-(
  • thanks, but dude i put a link up on the last one. i have both of my top 2 games on there.
  • see above for the first one i hit 30K on. It's been there for 2 weeks. here is the latest one:


    enjoy! :-D
  • i dont do photobucket why wont you give your set up
  • i feel the same as england no 1 why dont you give us your setup here :-*

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