Cheaters !

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Are all these super high scores all for real or what ?

Are they using cheat codes to get them ?

After spending hours on this game its a bit of a shame that if the really high scores are made with cheat codes doesnt seem right that they should be able list them. so why not have them deleted ?


  • i've tried a lot of different things and don't see how a person could possibly reach level 100.
  • If they aren't cheats then full respect. If they are cheats then they have already lost - a hollow victory is no victory. pOnk - I think level 100 is possible in normal play. I have been messing around for a while now with different strategies and have slowly increased my scores. I can pretty well guarantee level 90 now.
  • i think getting over level 100 is possible, but these super high scores that keep popping up cant be right.
  • What happens is when people play online, sometimes an ant carrying a cake gets stuck or something like that. Then the game hangs and that's it...unlimited money upwards. It happened to a friend. My record is level 89, his is 93. We downloaded the .swf file using the Firefox plugin "unplug" to make sure that we run it off our hard drive rather than play over the internet.
  • No what happens are people are using a cheat engine to change the money levels, and the lower prices on cannons. It is pretty much bullshit, as playing while cheating defeats the whole purpose of a ranking system.
  • Sadly, Adamc is dead right. Just Google "Antbuster Cheats" and all will become clear. That's the end for me - off to find a game which the morons have not found yet. I feel real sorry for Marcel.
  • looks like some of those cheat scores have been deleted???

    if so thats good !!!!!!
  • It's could got high score by non-cheating playing....
    I still online to got high score...
    now is LV165 POINT 79545
    I will fall sleep and wait it got high score XD
    You hacked into the mainframe! You fail! You ruin excellent game for us!
    Go play some WoW and get off my AntBuster!!!
    GROUP taiwan
    LEVEL 461
    POINT 629762

    say...the ants are become too powerful a bit too quick , with low earning and high price to against them...
    that crate people like this , bet they are using cheat tools ... normally level 100 is already the limit...
    up too 461 or so is crazy , see how the ant blood increase and feeble the fire power ..
  • My friend did 121 lvl with no cheats, but next day his score was deleted. He was extremly lucky because ants were going just around the whole( I think its some kind of bug in game, because even when he destroyed his cannons ( he want to end game ) they were still around the whole xD ). He played these for about 3-4 hours!
  • My longest game was Hours when i got too lvl 72.

    I hate the fact that people hack stuff, and cheat. If i get a high score by doing something like that i dont feel proud or smarrt. I cant bare the fact i did it, so i dont.
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    I messed with the calculater a few days ago, and found that the average is about:
    Country: Score Ants Killed
    Taiwan 14000 400
    Usa 13500 390
    Singapore 13500 390
    China 14100 395
    Germany 13500 385
    After this, the comparisons rapidly go down. Maybe if we teamed up, we could out do them. Really. I’m telling the truth. These are off by less than 200 for the average score and 5 for the average ants killed.
    er... actually, i just saw something... if what phantom said at the link below was true, they could be hackers. we all could have some hackers, on the info above.
  • After some observation recently, my previous comment ==> "around 40% players comes from Taiwan" is not true.

    (1) For my previous comment, I think it is because I am in the same timezone of Taiwan. Lots of players in "recent score" comes from Taiwan during 12:00 ~ 14:00, or 18:00 ~ 22:00 (GMT + 8). Of course, most of active players come from Asia during the period. But in the other time slot, most players come from other countries.

    (2) The number of players seems decline these two weeks. Just as Kevin said above, people may have the chance to outscore those group of countries if you team up for at least 7 days.

    (3) USA and China catch up rapidly. Now the top players comes from USA and China, and I believe those players do not cheat. I can reach level 85 without good luck, and even level 96 with some luck. I believe some players in the world have the ability to reach level 110.

    (4) Do cheaters exist? I believe so. Does the game have bug? Of course, the ants will circle sometimes but you must have extreme good luck to keep it. If a players reach a "reasonable" high level a few times, I'll not consider that he/she is a cheater. But for some players, they can reach 100+ level so many times in a few days, I'll not accept they are clean.
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    we gotta ban together and defeat the hackers, because isn't all we dream of a hack free inviroment? a utopia? a sancutary of people who love games, not being the best and everything no matter what it takes? post this where ever you find hackerish activity, free post and you get the chance to change a hacker. ill post it later in a sec or so
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    Below is what i made to post where ever you want to possibly get some hackers converted, or quiting.

    dudes, stop with the hacking, be fair is all we legits ask, it's a score game, so don't ruin the scoring system. if you want to go hack the game, do so on a site that doesn't offer scores, you won't ruin it for the legits, please. besides, where is the joy in a ill gotten victory, it is hollow empty and useless. It credits you for nothing and makes you a lier when you say it was a great accomplishment. Don't fool yourselves. Be legit or quit. ^^ Remember it can affect us also, and that karama will come around eventually. this is aimed at any hackers in here. im not accusing anyone ^^ dont flame me please i mean no harm
  • Hi Everyone !

    Maybe now its time to name and shame all the cheaters here!

    But maybe a few rules, before naming them ! cheaters

    1. You have to be a legit first of all yourself with a history of legit scores in your group!
    2. Those cheaters that have a couple of real high scores but no history in there groups of continuable improvement in their scores.
    3. score lvls up to about 110 I believe are possible to achieve with a history of playing the game.

    So there goes !
  • sui666:stop posting the same darn message over and over again, as we see it like a million times and it is sooooo repetitive and boring
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    yah im done with it, anyway. im getting flamed by so many noobs for it.
  • i think the AIGROUP is hacking, one guy had gotten to lvl321, completely impossible without a uber glitch but he was getting it like once per day. so...... i dunno maybe........
  • A lot of getting that high is learning how to make the ants go where you want them to go. There is also some luck invloved. Placing certain types of weapons in certain areas will cause the ants to move in different ways. They try to avoid some turrets, some turrets make them turn away when you hit them and some just cause odd behavior in the ants depending on where you put them. Ants will also try to take a path that has the least amount of weapons in firing range, so you can force them to a certain area if you know how to exploit that.

    People who get that high aren't really cheating. They are exploiting glitches in the way the ants behave and forcing them to run around like idiots and not go after the cake very often. I can play 5 matches with the same exact cannons in the same exact places. 4 of those games I will lose at level 70, and then one time I will get to 90 just because the ants sometimes go a little crazy and decide to not go after the cake. I can cause it to happen a little, but I am not too good at it yet. I imagine people who score 100 and up are good at making the ants stay away from the cake by exploiting their artificial intelligence.
  • I know how you make the ants randomly scoot around in the middl of the map. Place cannons outside the hole, Mostly Triples and quicks, and then the ants get through run for the cake... And stop. wander around gt close to a few cannons and it's health will just keep depleting as he repeat this sequence over and over.

    After this, However, An ant may (Finally) Get a cake. But once again... He just does the exact same sequence and you get up to level 100. This only works sometimes, not always.
  • haha sounds easy enough, i should try it combine what i learned from these boards into an awesome stratagy and pwn teh weak ants
  • i play fair (reached level 64)but i know what cheaters use they use cheat engine! go here:

    got it from my friend (he uses it to cheat on club pengiun)
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    haha cllub penguin sucks, all the "lil' minis*" at my school play it
    Some of the people at my school the ones who don't play normally tend to go around and screw with it. I won't becasue i still think of it as game abuse no matter how crapy of a game.

    *lil' minis is a term we say when refering to the grade 4and below my school goes from Junior Kindergarden or "preschool" as some may know it to grade 9 which here in canada is still junior high, we have 3grades for every grade class (I.E. Primary 1-2-3, elementary 4-5-6 junior high 7-8-9 high school 10-11-12 and universerity or collage after that. Yes there is a difference between the two. People tend to think of them as the same thing, dont mean to be patrinizing.)
  • So, you're being a rebel by playing this sumi?
  • ? no. AB is awesome, pretty much everyone likes it. But even if they hated it i would play.

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