England No 1 30305 points my pro tips

:-)well at long last i made 30000+ tried many set ups those worth telling are already in these forums.my 30305 points and lv 103 is simple 7 snipers at the cake and three at the hole two ice at the cake all towers fully upgraded:-)


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    I've tried similar set ups, but will continue and prevail. Did you happen to get a snap shot of the set up? Additionally, what non, cake carring ant did you target when the final piece was left? For example, highest level ant on the field, the lowest level, highes energy, lowest energy or most threatening? Inquiring minds like to know. Thing is though, no two games are exactly the same. We'll see tonight.
    Low work load=quality ant destruction:-D~
    And besides, can't have you on top of No Cheats;-)
    Woot-woot to englandno1
  • hi den i have no snap shot :-(I have tried to target the high ant .......what i try to do is target the ant which i think will get the cake and yes iam top of no cheats group again anywhere in the top three is good for me.getting that 30000+ score means more my next thing is to get the 13th tower and see what score i can get .
  • just made another 30000+ score same set up:-)
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    0:-) I've tried a few set ups with extra effort this morning. Here are some of my better efforts:

    Spread Set Up:

    Box Set Up:

    Cake/hole Set Ups:

    Any of these look familar? :-O
  • hi den useing photobucket is a bit to much like hard work i think marcel should let us up load straight to antbuster.
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    I don't know how to do that. Took me long enough to figure out photobucket. I have the images on my comp, do you know how to load directly to antbuster or any other way: 8-)-not
  • i dont think you can but iam not that sure.
  • we all have account page ,and if you could thats where i would store them
  • there is a program called skype ,bit like msn....a picture could be sent that way you would just drag and drop your picture onto skype and 1 min later its done
  • Nice idea. Just need a little bit more room.
    By the way, did any of my Cake/hole set ups look similar to yours? =-)
  • sorry den i dont use photobucket i been thinking about this for a while now and its my view that marcel might not try and let use upload straight to antbuster if he sees that we are makeing do with photobucket and the like
  • All you have to do is copy the line and past it to your adress line. It'll just bring up the photo. You don't go directly to photobucket at all.
  • the first picture i not had much luck with
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    hi den i have now looked at all of your picture set ups accept the second to last it did not find for some reason.............no they are all very different from my 30000+set ups you need to bring yout towers close to the cake there to far out
  • I've tried them close to the cake before and didn't have much luck, but will keep trying something different. On those set ups, I tried to get the cake and hold to be at the max range of the upgraded/bonus snipers. That way I could get them ants coming and going as long as possible. But we'll see ;-)
  • hi den have you uploaded straight to antbuster yet..........
  • Fianlly!!!! Thanks englandno1. See our chat room for a couple. Found a way around the problem =-)
  • Terrific score Englandno1. I tip my hat to you.:-D
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