New Cannon Ideas for v1.3

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Post any awesome cannon ideas here!
Here's how it works:

-name goes here-
-effect goes here-
-damage/range/frequency/speed goes here-
-cost goes here- (try to make it realistic)
-how to get the cannon (if you want)-
-list synergies-
-additional comments-

Here's my idea:

Nuke Cannon L1
Obtained the same way as Missile cannons (except you choose this obviously), but this is only level 1- much stronger than Missile L1- consider the splash damage and you've got a cannon stronger than Missile L2.


  • Used turrets:

    Theese don't always work, but they would be bought on a DIFFERENT scale as the good ones. Synergies between used and new turrets do NOT work (older models, but the old ones will synergie with them selves). Turret upgrades cost full value, but buying the base turret will be at half price, and increase at the same rate as the "good turrets" do allowing you to field alot more turrets.

    Fire rate is 75% of normal.

    Range is 75% of normal.

    Cost is 1/2 of normal for the base turret.

    No synergies between used and new.
  • er... shouldn't it be bomb? it sounds better, it think
    what do you mean, radiate the cake?
    only thirty? o.. yeah... the misiles have 32, and do like 100... still...I don't think it's worth it
    it better have good synergy bonuses
  • I would like to be able to move weapons that have already been placed. Maybe there could be a penalty associated with it, but I think that would add a lot to the game.
  • Private, you can move placed weapons, but it costs you half the value of that turret. just sell it down to scrap, and rebuild it.
  • cake cannon
    distracts ant temporarely
    ants go after the cake bullet if they are close. fires toward the hole
  • Scapegoat cannons

    These shoot robotic ants or fire ants or some rival ant or something.
    Every minute, 5 would be shot out. These scapegoat ants would have the same health as the other ants (maybe lower). They would attack other ants and defend the cake. By clicking on the ant you could select the ant for it to attack or the area it should defend.
    You would obtain it in this order:
    Double - Triple - Scapegoat Cannon

    It would have to cost maybe 1500 moneys.

  • Water Cannon
    Drown the suckers!
    $ 1098
  • Kevin: This is for ideas of a cannon you have, not to criticize other ideas.
    Private: The movable cannon idea sounds good, I sometimes regret the placement of a cannon and want to move it but can't without completely destroying that cannon.
    Madbassist: After two minutes, the scapegoats should self-destruct and stronger ants would come out, for the real ants can't defend themselves, just scurry away.

    Earthquake Cannon
    Distorts their sense of direction (for 5 seconds) and drops their cake
    Obtained in this order: Quick- Long Range- Earthquake
    Handy, like Electric, Ice, etc.

    Earthquake Cannon L2
    Distorts their sense of direction (for 15 seconds) and drops their cake
    Obtained in this order: Quick- Long Range- Earthquake L1- Earthquake L2
    Unnecessary like Sonic Pulse Cannon, but something that's coveted.
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    icelevel two:
    Ability: Deep freeze aoe around the tower in 50y range and +5 range/additional tower. Freezes the ants faster than level one tower.
    frequency: 0.5
    damage : 1
    Cost 2200

    And add additional speed to icelevel 1 per extra tower.
  • Crude: There is an Ice L2.

    Sticky Cannon
    Stops ants in their tracks for 10 seconds, and then fires at them with harmful shots (which don't stick).
    Obtained in this order: Double- Double 2- Sticky
  • rubber cannon
    bullets bounce toward the next ant within 50 range
    cost 1283

    rubber cannon2
    bullets bounce toward the next ant within 60* range(range increases by 5 per other)
    cost 1830
  • er... Alex, he modified it. he thinks maybe Marcel could change the current Ice level 2 to the one he suggested. Am I right?
    Rock Cannon
    shoots boulders at the ant and *crush* goes the ant. can hit ants along the way, which slows it, and it does less damage
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    Electric fence.

    turret does very short range high damage aoe field. (basically ajacent).

    multiple turrets will arc between themselves when within say 5 squares of eachother giveing both the standard aoe, and damage along the arc lines.

    land mine fountain

    spits out land mines randomally within it's aoe once a second or so. Landmines do 10% damage to ants makeing them more usefull in late game, less usefull early on. land mines that land on other land mines destroy eachother and cause large damage in a small aoe. Ant's would have to enter the same square a mine is in to set it off.

    Painting laser.

    last ant hit by it becomes the target. (could be double edged sword here as it will keep shooting at ants in range even if you don;t want it to). all guns get 50% increased range when attacking the target, and all shots home in on it. (no extra damage per hit, just the homeing for shots makeing slow moveing projectiles actually hit, and spread fire attacks happy) The painting laser(s) is unaffected by the painted effect, and will aim at what you've targeted. If a painted ant and an ant you target are both in range of any turret but the painting laser, that turret will shoot the painted target, and NOT what you have targeted.
  • Yeam i modded the level2 icetower.
    Seems like a very expensive upgrade for very little gain as it is now
  • random cannon
    gives a synergie bonus all towers within range and shoots random types of projectiles
    ?/150/?/?(depends on the projectile)
    any stream of gun can get this
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    Dominion, read the requirements above at the top.
    how much damage? Speed? etc.
    Also, Crude, the price is a bit big
  • 1. Crude, the value of the upgraded ice cannons is not in the damage, but in the slightly larger bolt size they toss out, and the way faster freeze rate. The slightly larger bolts will clip ants way more often, and 3-4 hits will completly turn an ant white leaveing them at .3 move for nearly 15 seconds before they start thawing (based on the slightly laggy time, it may only be 10 seconds, but it's still a very long time). Yes, 1,300 ish is whomp in the wallet for the upgrade, but it's deffinately worth it as you can cover a very large area effectively with only 2 upgraded ice turrets and freeze ants more reliably and faster than you could with 3 not upgraded ones. I usualy plant them 3 squares in form the wall, and 5 squares back form the hole. 2 upgraded ones will hit any ant going between the hole, and the cake (barring a blocker) every time.

    2. Kevin. Damage numbers are mostly illrevelant in this game. By the numbers, sniper rifles out dps the wall huggers useing my setup for cannons since all the sniers have range while only 3 quicks do, but in game play, I consistantly get 10 levels farther useing quicks over snipers. Flamers do incredible damage, but useing only flamers, I maxxed out at level 45 but can on average get farther useing basic turrets than I could with flamers.. (it's the speed boost from hot ants that causes this discrepancy). Ice cannons have the worst damage, but the slow effect amplifys other turret damage by over 200%. Impact cannons "should" be kings of dps at +3 damage synergie bonus with 2.4 shots per second passing even quicks in damage, but the reduced range keeps quicks firmly in the lead. For me to put up numbers that would "ballance" out the minimal range of the electric tower, I'd get laughed at for posting something so rediculously high. If Marcell likes any of my wierd idea, I'll be happy to do some serious number crunching, and post how much damage, and why it's not absurd.
  • I would like to see synergies applied by group on the two last levels of weapons. Each of the three basic turret groups (the three options you have when you place a new turret) would have a specific synergy effect (Range, Damage, Speed.) Any towers within the group are able to get the full synergy bonus from any other tower within the group, and all towers not in the group would get 50% synergy bonus. Upgrading from the second last to the last level of the weapon would not affect the synergies for any remaining second-last-levelers, and last levels get 50% synergy bonus from second-last levelers. So, for example, a long range cannon's bonus would extend the range of ice and quick cannons, Quick Cannon's speed bonus would be extended to long-range and ice cannons etc.

    I think that this would help diversify the game more so there is not one route to a high score.
  • -name goes here-
    -effect goes here-
    -damage/range/frequency/speed goes here-
    -cost goes here- (try to make it realistic)
    -how to get the cannon (if you want)-
    -additional comments go here-

    powder cannon
    sends ant dizzy and stays still for 0.9 seconds every time hit
    poison effect 13dmg per second lasts 25 seconds
    need to have already bought a poison cannon things the 1 for 2k
    probably take a while to be able to buy it so helps slow down and kill higher lvl ants
  • photon cannon
    as long as the ant is in range the cannon charges its shot more powerful(2/s)when the ant leaves range the cannon fires
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    kill this comment.
  • Tractor Cannon (ie: tractor beam in Star Trek)
    Tractor beam pulls ants in towards the cannon. Strong enough so one ant cannot escape, but weakened by additional ants being pulled in.
    Lvl 1- 1/75/3/5 $1600 trapping power = 1.3 in/sec
    Lvl 2- 5/100/3/6 $2400 Trapping power = 2.0 in/sec

    I don't have the foggiest idea where I would put the cannon on the tree.

    I imagine that the effect of the cannon would be based on their speed. ie: the total effect would be equivalent to 2in/s so one ant would be completely trapped, two cake-carrying ants could be completely trapped, or six fully frozen ants could be completely trapped. I also imagine that the effect would diminish over the range- ie: 2.0 in/sec within 25, down to 0.25 at 100. The cost is high because I see it as a fairly powerful weapon, especially in concert with ice cannons (an ice cannon next to this, and no ant could ever escape once caught- perhaps not what the game designer would want, but hey, it's just an idea.) But there may be a way to make it not based on speed, so that the Ice cannon/ tractor beam combo would not be so lethal.
  • super explosion cannon
    instantly explodes one ant, large aoe
    75 basic(+more, as a missile says only 32, but does 90-100)/150/0.2/10
    i agree that : ,quote from guwapoone, "I don't have the foggiest idea where I would put the cannon on the tree", though there could be four options from the basic cannon, instead of three
  • Time Distortion Generator
    One of the starting cannon upgrades
    Slows anything within it's range, does not effect instant weapons such as lasers and lightning cannons
    L1= slow any ants/ammo within range
    L2= slows stuff more, greater slowing of ants than ammo
    L3= slows stuff even more, minimal slowing of ammo (-.5 speed)
    L4= slows even more than L3, no slowing of ammo
    L5= Fully stops ants for 10 seconds upon entering/exiting time-field, ants within time-field are incredibly slow, does not affect ammo, requires a "Field Amplification Tower" that must be built adjacent to it.

    Ion Beam
    insanely powerful laser that instantly takes out anything within a one-square radius of it's impact
    fires for two seconds straight, then must recharge for 12 seconds before firing again
    $2000 upgrade to L1 laser.

    L2= fires for three seconds
    L3= recharges in 2/3 time

    RAID Artillery
    Two types, purchasable at the same time
    both have range of entire map and shoot shells filled with RAID (kills ants on contact)
    projectile can't be intercepted by other ants as it is artillery and has a high firing arc.

    --Rapid Fire
    Shots have one-square damage radius from point of impact, poor accuracy
    fires every 2.5 seconds

    --Ultra Sniper
    Shots have perfect accuracy and are homing to within 6 squares of initial target
    Shots have two-square damage radius from point of impact
    fires every 5.5 seconds

    Massive Impact Cannon
    shoots HUGE shell that moves pretty slowly (about 2/3 speed of basic cannon)
    upon contact ant drops cake and is carried with the shell until it hits a wall
    when it hits the wall ants lose 1000hp or 80% of health, whichever is greater.
    range of 200

    L2= same but shell moves faster (about speed of long-range cannon)
    L3= lose 2000hp or 90% of health
    L4= shell moves as fast as quick cannon shot and has range of entire map
    L5= shell moves as fast as L3 sniper cannon
  • Aero cannon
    damage: L 1, 5 L 2, 12, L 3, 22
    Range: L 1, 120, L 2, 150, L 3, 200
    Quickness: Level 1 2 and 3, 18
    Shots per second: L 1 2 and 3, 8.5
    Cost: L 1, 700, L 2, 1000, L 3, 1550
    Effect: The Cannons shots rip through ants so multiple hits are Available
    Added comments: This cannon is more effective near the AntHole
  • Bee Cannon

    shots per sec.:L1=0.4,L2=0.9,L3=1
    effect: lauches bees to kill ants
  • scatter cannon

    dmg>>> L1= 10dmg
    L2= 15dmg

    range>>> L1=100range

    shots per sec>>> L1 .6SPS
    L2 1sps

    cost>>> L1= 600
    L2= 1250

    Shoots in all possible dirrections simultaniously

    MIssle 3

    Insant death

    all stats other stats the same as missle2

    cost>>> 2100


    I also like teh idea of a troop creater of sorts like the bee cannon and fire ant cannon already mentioned, but i think fire ants works better, with mech ants as the lvl2
  • well, this isn't a new cannon as such. But, maybe placing cannons on the cakady-pie mat (the checkered picnic blanket)
  • Double mount.

    Lets you plant 2 identical types of guns on the same turret.

    Upgrade a basic turret to double mount for 500. Then buy your turret upgrades for 3x the normal value, but it fires at 2x the rate.

    Heavy Mount.

    Lets you plant a larger version of the gun.

    Upgrade a basic turret to heavy mount for 500. Then buy turret upgrades at 2x normal price. The upgraded weapon's range and damage are increased 20%.

    Miser Mount.

    Lets you get a FULL refund of spent cash on downgradeing enhancements (for selling off upgrades only, not includeing the base turret, or the miser mount buff).

    Lets you alter the type of gun mounted by selling off upgrades and buying new ones without the 50% penalty for selling off upgrades. Costs 750 for miser mount turret.
  • I like the above ideas by Dominion about being able to place identical guns on top of each other.

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