when the heck do ice cannons 2 and sniper cannons 3 come?

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I just found this stupid crack like game last week and it drives me nuts, I have tried reading some of the setups you guys do. And about the most I can get it level 60ish and just over 10,000 points. What has worked best for me is 4 by the hole... changing the outside two into ice cannons and then the two middle ones to snipers... then the same set up at the cake... then i fill in the inside with snipers.
Reading other posts it appears that there is higher then the sniper 2 and higher then ice cannon 1, but when do they come? After a certain amount of points or level has been achieved?
Hopefully someone sees this as I am wasting so much time just getting to the same score and its making me nuts


  • hi danny put 2 upgraded ice at the cake ..in a way that the ants cant pass without getting caught.then in between then in 3 rows of 3 add your snipers in that order
  • thats the problem, all i can get is the normal ice, doesn't seem to upgrade to a second one. thats why im thinking maybe im not far enough in the game to get it upgraded? same with the snipers, all i can get is level 2, from reading other posts there seems to be a higher level then ice...
    i think my setup is ok cause i have copied screen shots of others but when the ants get too strong they just penetrate and its over... usually around 9-10k points

    frustrating to say the least... and i won't stop playing till i get 30,000 points like others have:)
  • hi dannyj you should be able to upgrade when you get enough money .i think thats the only problem for you:-)
  • hey england1 good to see u r still watching the input and helping everyone. THANKS;-)

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